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Have you ever wanted to be the pilot and the commander? A space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid.
Have you ever wanted to be the pilot and the commander? A space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid.
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Personal news and new trailer for Void Destroyer 2

Posted by Paul Zakrzewski (Creator)

Hey guys!

A bit of personal news, I'm now the sleep deprived father of a boy - Noah!

When I first started working on Void Destroyer (before it was that) part of the dream of going "indie" was that maybe one day I could be a stay at home dad and have an income source. That day is now here! In large part thanks to your support back in 2013. Speaking of which - tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary! Can you believe it?! It's still a bit unbelievable to me that a group of people would be crazy enough to fund my crazy dreams, but here we are.

So as always - thank you for your support!  

On the Void Destroyer 2 side, there is now a new trailer - 


The new trailer showcases a new look and feel for Void Destroyer 2, hope you enjoy.

If you'd like to see what's been happening on that front, check out this Steam Announcement that has an update wrap up.  

Hope you guys are having a great day!  


Interested in game development? You might be interested in Game Dev Paradise.

Posted by Paul Zakrzewski (Creator)

Hey guys - hope you are doing well.

If you remember... way back during the Kickstarter days - I tended to do video updates showing/discussing game development - so I've decided to continue that as a hobby and combine it with my job/passion of game development.

Since I received positive feedback on those Kickstarter updates - I hope that some of you might be interested in hearing about the video series.

You can check it out here - YouTube - Game Dev Paradise

Some of the topics are - 

  • What is programming?
  • How to learn programming?
  • What is a game engine?
  • What is a game loop?

I hope to add many more videos as time permits, hope you guys get a chance to check em out.

Hope you are having a great day and as always thank you for your incredible support!


Void Destroyer 2 - News

Posted by Paul Zakrzewski (Creator)

Hey guys - hope you are all well - since the Steam Summer sale is going on I thought I'd be nice to update to those wondering about Void Destroyer 2 - and thinking about potentially picking it up during the summer sale.

Since launching on Early Access here's what's been going on:

  • Capturing bases (including a blockade mechanic)
  • Owned base management, building ships and defense platforms
  • Mobile bases
  • Asteroid field "ownership"
  • Capturing ships
  • Black Market bases and indie factions
  • Fuel system (speedier travel and refueling)
  • Gates and gate travel
  • Tons of other updates, additions, fixes and improvements

For more details check out the news section on Steam.

A great thank you - for supporting Void Destroyer and I hope you have a great day!


Void Destroyer 2 - Early Access is a Go! :)

Posted by Paul Zakrzewski (Creator)

Hey guys!

Turned out that this is a particularly good week for me to launch so I decided to launch the game on Steam's Early Access.



In case you haven't seen the latest trailer here it is:


And as a bonus I also put together a "Unofficial Trailer" - to help you guys feel like me when playing the game.

As always, thanks for the amazing support you have shown me - without you backing Void Destroyer, I wouldn't be here, making my 7 year old self proud.



PS: If you have friends that might be interested, if you are part of forum/online communities, if you have twitter, please consider using it to help spread the word.

Void Destroyer 2 - New Trailer and Early Access news

Posted by Paul Zakrzewski (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Another Void Destroyer 2 update. 

The goal is to release on Early Access the week of the 26th. Most likely on Thursday the 29th. 

I'm going to spend the next week on marketing. Sending out Steam codes to YouTubers and gaming websites, in hopes of getting some pre-launch exposure and hopefully some launch exposure. 

A game's launch (even Early Access) is a nerve wracking moment where all the hard work and investment might pay off, or you might find out that you've been delusional. The gaming market is constantly changing, there's a mass of great and horrible games out there for you (and me) to chose from, hopefully at the very least players will be aware of the game to make a choice, versus not even knowing about it. 

To go along with the launch here's a new trailer:

YouTube Link

As far as what's been going on behind the scenes, here's another dev update vid:

YouTube Link

To summarize - preparation for Early Access, including tons of polish, bug fixes, issues, and secondary weapons. 

I've also prepared a few vids to introduce new and potential players to the project (you guys are most likely already aware of these elements of Void Destroyer 1 and 2): 

Early Access - What is Void Destroyer 2 Explainer:

YouTube Link

Early Access - Flight Controls Basics:

YouTube Link

Thanks for all of your support - I hope that you guys will be enjoying the game soon.


PS: Any help with the marketing effort is greatly appreciated! :)