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Children love the elegantly simple illustrations, while those who read to them enjoy the profound and multi-faceted storyline.

We are so, so close to our...


Based on the excitement for this first book, I am announcing a new goal of $10,000 to pay for an editor and a babysitter to help me develop the second book in the Dark & Light series. Backers at the $35 level and up will still get a sneak preview of that book before anyone else, but if we make this new goal ALL backers above $15 will get the ebook version for FREE. This is my way of saying thank you for your continued support! The more we grow this pot, the more benefit we all get from it!

Please don't forget to tell your friends, remind your family, and accost strangers on the street about this project! Your support at this early juncture is critical to my dream of building this into a perpetual income source for Malachi's needs.

So, what is Dark & Light?

Dark & Light: A love story for babies is an elegantly simple board book aimed at very young children. The pictures are straight-forward enough that babies can follow along while adults can consider the wider implications of the story's metaphors.

Why is Dark & Light more compelling than most other baby books?

The concept for this book began as I read dull children's book after dull children's book to my twin boys, Jaden and Malachi. (You can read a whole lot more about us and our journey with Malachi's disability at 

I noticed that my babies favored simple pictures — black and white silhouettes, for example, were much more appealing to them than watercolor paintings.

Based on Malachi's primary form of treatment (the Anat Baniel Method), I knew that all people learn best when simple concepts are introduced and then made more complex with variations on the theme added in. I wondered if this concept could be applied to a story that would captivate both the young and the old and it wasn't too long before I was struck with the inspiration for this book, Dark & Light: A love story for babies.

What's the story about?

My original concept was much longer, but after I started designing, I realized what I actually had was a series of three board books. In the first — the one this Kickstarter project will fund — black and white are personified as Dark and Light. They then "draw" on each other, creating a moon, a crescent moon, lightning, and finally, day and night. But, as the book concludes: "Their favorite time was when they lingered together. Thus came shades of gray." (Please watch the video for the complete story; skip to 1:30 if you don't care about my intro.)

But do kids like the book?

Mine do! They love it! They often want me to read it, even now that they are almost 2. (You can see Malachi signing his form of "again" in the video.) From it they have already learned the words "moon," "sun," "stars," and that lightning is a super-fun sound to imitate! 

What are the specs on the book?

Dark & Light will be a 6-inch by 6-inch, 16-page board book printed on non-toxic, thick greyboard printed in China. The book will have an ISBN and barcode from Bowker and can be sold in bookstores. (Vendors or distributors, please write me directly if you want several copies.)

Will the book look exactly how it appears in the video?

No. It will be a lot better. The book in the video is one I made myself by pasting computer-printed pages to a board book. That's why a discerning eye will notice the unsightly ink smudges — the real version will be just like every other board book you've seen. Your copy will also have two more pages, including a back cover with a barcode.

What are the other books in the series about? 

In the second volume, the shades of gray create color by playing together, teaching children the beautiful things that can happen when they put aside their differences. In the third volume, the color blue tries to be more like the color yellow, but ends up turning green, teaching children that it's better to be themselves. Donors of more than $35 will get to see the first drafts of those books. UPDATE: If we reach our new goal of $10,000 ALL backers above $15 will receive an ebook copy of the second book when it is ready.

What's your novella about and why do I want to donate more to get it? 

A Twist of Fate (available as an eBook and in print here) is a very different project from Dark & Light: A love story for babies but one that people from many walks of life have enjoyed. The story is about three women — a Manhattan stripper, an Orange County gold merchant’s daughter, and a slumdog in Mumbai — who shift into each others’ lives. They find the personalities and skills that were getting them into trouble in their own lives are remarkably better suited to their counterpart’s life. But a second rotation shows how those same traits can lead them straight to death’s door. Patrons who give $35 and up will receive a copy of this book!

Anything else?

Get a great book for you. Give a great book to a friend. Help a child in need.

Win.                                                 Win.                                                  Win.


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