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Children love the elegantly simple illustrations, while those who read to them enjoy the profound and multi-faceted storyline.
Children love the elegantly simple illustrations, while those who read to them enjoy the profound and multi-faceted storyline.
260 backers pledged $10,100 to help bring this project to life.

eBook is here and Dark & Light II is almost done! (REWARD ENCLOSED!)


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Dark & Light on TV, a *discount code* and progress reports!

It's the season of giving and gratitude, and thanks to all of you, our family has a whole lot to be grateful for this year.

A very exciting recent development is that we were on local TV! Kickstarter won't let me embed the video in this post, but just click over to watch it here!

Malachi is doing well after his latest Anat Baniel Method (ABM) series at home this past week. He has been asking for help to "sit up straight!" in his stroller and highchair instead of slumped back, which we take as a very good sign that he is learning more about his pelvis and lower back and how they can work together to sit. He continues to crawl and there is exciting talk about a couple mobility devices coming down the pipe. Be sure to subscribe to my blog,, to keep updated on his progress.

As for Dark & Light, we have made about $3,000 in profits since getting the books in mid-October! That's enough for a trip to the ABM center in California for Malachi! Without your kick-start, we never would have come so far so fast and Dark & Light would still be collecting dust on my laptop. Thank you!

Almost all of these sales have been direct, which is wonderful, but I have dreams of going even bigger! If you know of organizations, schools, special needs programs, etc., who might be interested in buying this book in bulk, PLEASE send them my way and/or tell me about them. I can offer wholesale discounts for large purchases. 

Speaking of discounts.... As we near the end (yes, already!) of the Christmas shopping season, I'm offering 20 percent off! Just enter code HOLIDAY2 until this Sunday, Dec. 16. ACT NOW to ensure your shipments arrive before Christmas!

Thank you so much everybody! And a very happy holidays to you all!

Shasta Kearns Moore

SKM Publishing 

The Beginning!

Whew! What a busy few days of sorting, signing, packaging and shipping books it's been. I know I'm going to sound like Michael Scott from The Office when I say this, but mass shipping and inventory management are not for the faint of heart!

The vast majority of your more than 220 orders are on their way to you along with a little extra love. In each package, you'll find a postcard with an image from the book. Think of it as an excuse to write that friend you've fallen out of touch with, or to let your mom know about a cool thing you did today. Call it old-fashioned social networking. You certainly don't have to mention Dark & Light at all, but as a bonus, each postcard includes a coupon code that you and your card recipient can use to take $2 off any purchase at before Jan. 1, 2013.

For example, if you are secretly Ryan Gosling, I would advise writing the following on your postcard:

Hey girl. I was thinking about you today. Also, here's $2. Go buy yourself a really awesome book for a really great cause. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to get that in the mail, right?

Anyway, I expect that most people will receive their books by the end of the week. Many people in Eugene and Portland will get theirs hand-delivered so we can put that much more money into Malachi's medical account. 

Speaking of Malachi's medical account, NOW the real fun starts! All of your fabulous and generous donations have made it possible for us to design, edit and print this book, not to mention pay for all of the other parts of starting a business. Though we are nearing the end of our Kickstarter effort (ebooks and sequel previews are still pending), it is really only the beginning of the road for Dark & Light. Feel free to brag to your friends about your pivotal role in launching our business and encourage them to pick up a copy for the little people in their lives. We are officially OPEN for business, and just in time for the holiday shopping season too!

By the way, I would LOVE to hear from you when you get your package or see a picture of the book in your house! Just seeing all these labels to far-away places makes me feel so amazed at the places Dark & Light will go!

So keep in touch, OK? Good!


P.S. Here's a few pictures of the shipping party! Special thanks to my husband, his brother and my good friend Jenelle for helping out!

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Book release party! This is getting real, folks!

Things are chugging along here in the Dark & Light universe!

First things first!

That's right, we are having a book release party on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. at Annie Bloom's Books here in Portland! If you are in town that day, be sure to write it down on your calendar! And then RSVP on the event page!

Otherwise, things are slowly but surely moving along in the production and business ends of things. The books have been printed and are waiting for die-cutting and to be shipped. I still anticipate their arrival in October, but we might be cutting it close! You will get your books thereafter as soon as I can ship them. So you can check off at least one person on your Christmas list, right? :D

Which brings me to another matter, which is your addresses. Very soon I will be sending out what Kickstarter calls a "survey" to collect your addresses into an Excel document. PLEASE BE SURE TO FILL THAT OUT ASAP. I do not have access to your billing information through Kickstarter so this is the only way I can get your books to you. Again, this will be in the form of a survey (questionnaire) that will come to you in the same place you are receiving this message and will arrive within the next two weeks. 

As always (and to receive more updated information!), you can like Dark & Light on Facebook, follow Shasta on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter at

Exciting developments!

Hello everyone!

I have just returned from two weeks at the Anat Baniel Method Center in San Rafael, California — a therapy trip we could afford due to your generous contributions! Malachi made fabulous progress, including rolling onto his tummy and CRAWLING!! You can hear much more about this as well as watch a video at my blog And hey, while you're there, become a subscriber to keep up-to-date on Malachi's progress. You helped make it happen!

Secondly, I want to report that is now up and running! This exciting development is due to an unsolicited donation of time and services by All Media Bainbridge who helped design and operate the website.

Thirdly, Dark & Light now has a Facebook page! Feel free to "like" it by following this link:

But I've saved the best for last!! Look what came in the mail!! The proof copy is here! And it's beautiful! (Even my son JJ agrees! He found it this evening and brought it to me to read!)

After a few minor modifications, the final version has been sent to the printer and as soon as Tuesday the final order will be placed! We still look to be on track for an October delivery, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

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