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$1,580 pledged of $14,000 goal
$1,580 pledged of $14,000 goal

Hello Backers!

Thank you all for your support of The Goodbye Song!  It means so much to each of us.  However I have some news and some bad news.

The good news, we have discovered that we will be able to afford the airfare, which is the most expensive part of the trip.

However since the money for the plane tickets cannot be pledged through kickstarter, and because kickstarter only exchanges money as long as the goal is met or surpassed, I need to cancel this current kickstarter and restart it with a lower goal to help pay for the other expenses.

So I will be setting up the new kickstarter within the week. If you are still interested in helping us out, please pledge on the new kickstarter.  Your help is very much appreciated.


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