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From Shire Post Mint, these new brass coins are made to emulate gold coins. We'd like to raise enough money to do some sets in 22k gold
From Shire Post Mint, these new brass coins are made to emulate gold coins. We'd like to raise enough money to do some sets in 22k gold
From Shire Post Mint, these new brass coins are made to emulate gold coins. We'd like to raise enough money to do some sets in 22k gold
361 backers pledged $20,794 to help bring this project to life.

New Project: The Lord of the Rings™ Coins!

Hey backers! We know a lot of you are already backing it, but in case you haven't heard, we have launched a new Kickstarter that we are really excited about:

Licensed Coins from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit™!

As you may or may not know, reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time was what put the idea of coinage from fantasy worlds into Tom's head. Many years later it led to Shire Post Mint. We are ecstatic that we are able to offer these coins!

As of the time of this update, this new project has been fully funded, and we have also reached our first stretch goal, which was to include an extra brass Shire Post Mint Dragon coin in every backer's package. Our stretch goals are set up so that you could get 10 extra coins with your reward! Or more! If we go past our highest stretch goal, we'll just make more with more free stuff. Plus, we are offering shipping by Christmas to the first 300 US backers to return their surveys within a week.

Thank you again for your support of this project and of all the cool stuff we get to do here at Shire Post Mint.

A Game of Thrones Gaming Coins! New Kickstarter


Hello! You backed us on an earlier Kickstarter for our Golden Dragon coins, and we thought you might be interested to know that we've just launched a new Kickstarter featuring a new series of Gaming Coins from A GAME OF THRONES! We make them exactly the same way as our collector coins, but in larger numbers, and packaged in bulk so as to keep the price low enough for gamers to actually use them in RPGs, board games, LCGs, or LARPs. Here's a link to the new one!

It is scheduled to end on Saturday, April 18, 2015, the day before the second episode of the new 5th season of the HBO show airs. Please support us and tell all your friends! The new season looks like it's going to be full of surprises, and there are some very exclusive stretch goals in this Kickstarter that will be available ONLY to the backers of this campaign!

Have fun!

from all of us at: Shire Post Mint

Upcoming kickstarter: gaming coin sets


We at shire post mint wanted to inform our previous backers that we have another kickstarter in the works. Mainly focused on gaming coin sets. We have 6 different 1/2 penny sized coins offered currently in 20x sets. We are expanding the sets to include 8 new 1/2 dragon sized coins. 7 of these we are releasing through the kickstarter. We are planning to have this kickstarter available during February 2015.

Also, our faceless man chocolate coins are currently on sale at Enter VALAR VALENTINE at checkout to recieve 20% off of chocolate coins.
Thanks, The Shire Post Mint Team

Shire Post Mint, new project for the Holidays.


Holiday News From Shire Post Mint, November 13, 2014

Many thanks again to all our backers from the Dragon Coins of Westeros campaign last year! We don't do very many Kickstarters as most of our products are produced in-house and go right up on our online store:  This is only our second one! The project this time is to make a special holiday edition of CHOCOLATE coins of the Faceless Man!

Here's the Kickstarter link:

It's a simple project and has already successfully funded after just one day. Woody has already hand-cut the oversized dies (they're 39mm, 1 1/2" in diameter) and we just need to order enough silver AND gold foil-wrapped chocolate blanks to make them! The reward levels are very simple and don't require any decision-responses to the surveys, so that we can have everything made and packed and ready to ship the moment the Kickstarter ends (which will end the morning after Cyber-Monday... December 2nd. That way there is a very good chance that most of the domestic parcels will be delivered in time to be stocking stuffers!

Chocolate Coin of the Faceless Man!
Chocolate Coin of the Faceless Man!

If there are any other special reward levels anyone would like to suggest, please let me know.

Be Well! Have Fun! Be Excellent to Each Other, Get Enough Sleep.... and... Don't Leave the Path!

Tom Maringer,

Last of the rewards have been shipped!


Many thanks to all the participants! I think at this time we can safely say the project is finished. All the rewards have been shipped, including the 22k gold ones. There are just two people who paid for their rewards but never responded to the survey nor to direct emails, which is the only contact information I have. I do not have their mailing addresses, and cannot ship their rewards.  Matt Clooney and Christopher Harwood. If anybody out there knows these people, please whack them on the head with a wet noodle and tell them to get in touch with me. If they don't... well then there's nothing else I can do except donate their rewards to a charity fundraiser or something. 

And here's a shout-out about another fantasy coining project going on that I think is very cool.  I'm not a gamer so the gaming aspect is not big for me... I'm into the craft of coinmaking, which Osborn Mint certainly has well in-hand. The artwork on this project is exceptionally fine and I especially like the fact that the rewards include cards of the graphic artwork before it's converted to 3d CAD, which is a nice illustration of the modern die-creation technique. 

Whatever you do, do it well, and 

Have fun with it!

Tom Maringer