Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force One

by Jamie Anderson

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    1. The MOSEPH!! on

      Awesome!! Financial limitations prevent me from doing so, but I wish I could help out more than I am, not for additional perks, but just to help even more to carry on Gerry's legacy. His shows meant so much to me and still do! I love sharing those with my kids now!

    2. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @The MOSEPH!!:

      Thanks so much! :)

    3. Austin Tate on

      Go For It... well done.

    4. Duncan Willis on

      A simply BRILLIANT campaign Jamie and a well-deserved achievement of your goals. Congratulations to you and to MG on a job well done, and of course to Gerry for a concept that is his wonderful legacy for countless fans - both old and new - all over the world.

    5. Paul Colbeck on

      The idea of the stretch has made me return to add a little more so the level 1 and 2 was a great idea, but could we have reached an even higher level? This is an adventure story in itself as we head towards zero hour.