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Awesome science fiction from Gerry Anderson: the creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, UFO, Space 1999 and many more
Awesome science fiction from Gerry Anderson: the creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, UFO, Space 1999 and many more
Awesome science fiction from Gerry Anderson: the creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, UFO, Space 1999 and many more
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    1. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Hi Jamie, will do, that's brill, thank you.....

    2. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @John A - the ebooks have been emailed. If you didn't receive it, send an email to

      The audiobook hasn't been recorded yet - but as soon as it's ready, we'll get it to those of you who backed for it.

    3. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Hi Jamie, any update on the Joshua Files ebook and the audiobook?

    4. Mark River Lawrence on

      The only thing I did not get is the Joshua files ebook. Very happy with everything else. What do I need to do to get the other book? Thanks. Mark

    5. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      Robert! That's a bit of a spoiler for anyone that hasn't read it yet... Everything is going well with the 2nd book. The 2nd draft is brilliant, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Vasey on

      Well, I've read the book. Was sad to have seen Caroline die in the book. I certainly know what to get for Christmas, the second book and the Gemini Force One Jacket.

      Looking forward to the second book. What's the progress? Still publishing?

    7. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on


      If you email we'll email you the ePub file Dennis! :)

    8. denise on

      I still have no ePub or what not...
      Bit disappointing after following the instruction on e-mail to the dot and got only few kilobyte file? And can't seem to open either?

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      Hi Jamie - in all fairness I have to tell the community that you have mailed me the ePub within minutes, if not seconds, It converted easily into Mobi, Amazon converted it into AZW and it is already on my Kindle. Eat this, Netgalley!

    10. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      Hi Christian - I've replied to all your comments on here and via a message - we can fix all the things you're worried about.

      There's no direct correlation between paying more and waiting longer at all. Unfortunately production of the paperbacks was completed the day after MG was due to travel abroad, so we weren't able to get together to sign them for everyone until she came back. After her return we signed and shipped within 72 hours.

      If your book hasn't arrived by the end of the week please let me know and we'll send out another by tracked shipping.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      Well, Jamie, no need to send another copy, thank you. It will eventually arrive. Just do not understand why those backing at a higher level have to wait longer. It is a bit unfair, isn't it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      Finally, the book download (Adobe acsm, ugh!) did not work in my case as well! My file size is even smaller, 1.4 kb. This is quite a broken website! Next thing I tried was sending it to my kindle. It claimed to work, but nothing ever showed up on my kindle. What a broken website this Netgalley is!

    13. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      Hi Christian, I've replied to your comments elsewhere, but obviously I'm really sorry you're unhappy. We've had problems along the way, and the publishing game is new to me in many ways - that said everything has now been shipped. We've had about a 3% loss on products shipped, and now I know you've not had your book I will get a new one sent straight away. I also have a solution for your ebook issue if you'd be so good to email me via the address. Thank you

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      The "postcards" were very disappointing. Bad quality photos printed in bad quality on bad quality cards. No lines or whatsoever on the back side (why did you call them "postcards" in the fist place?). Mind you, they did not save printing on the backside, cause advertising is there! I got much better stuff from other, much cheaper projects!

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      I am very dissatisfied about this Kickstarter in many ways. first we got extensive silence, then bombarded with address & shipment related updates. I really got tired of this constant "we'll ship soon", "really soon", "honestly soon" instead of simply shipping the books. Mind you, haven't got mine yet

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      I have not seen any PDF option on Netgalley. Only Kindle or Adobe. in other words, DRM or DRM! If you want to build your business around DRM, Kickstarter is not really the place to go.

      At least other projects are straightforward about the DRM issue and enable possible (non)-backers to stay away!

    17. denise on


      Yep. As per instruction I signed up with Netgalley and click the image which open the page with Kindle/Download/etc. option. When I clicked on the Download it saked to save a file but the download finished in less than a second with around 14kB file?

    18. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Dennis - it's about 55,000 words Dennis. Where did you download it from? Netgalley?

    19. denise on

      I signed up and downloaded the PDF copy but it's only 14kB file.
      Is this correct? Could the Gemini Force One that short???


    20. Styggron on

      Thank you Jamie. My signed hardcover arrived today and the padded bag ensured it was all undamaged. Thank you so much. Going to start reading it shortly.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean Huxter on

      I'm in the US. Eastern part. Got my packet on Friday. Post-cards and Gemini Force 1 patch. (I know the paperback is delayed, and I eagerly await it.) Just thought I'd send a progress report to let people know that in the US, the stuff's beginning to arrive. Many thanks to the GF1 Kickstarter peeps!

    22. Missing avatar

      Antony Blunt on

      Hi Jamie, had the paperback copy and everything else arrive in the week, thanks for that. Also got a copy of the Black Horizon ebook, but I picked Joshua Files Pack 1 and haven't seen anything about the Descendant ebook from that. Just wondering if this was a problem anyone else has had or if it should have been available with the GF1 ebook? Getting through the book and really enjoying it so far :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Sean Huxter on

      Thanks, Jamie. That's all I could ask for! I'm VERY glad to get the signed paperback (and I do NOT mind the wait) and I will be over the moon to get the hardcover, especially now that I see how beautifully it turned out.

    24. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Hi @Jamie - Any news from Orion regarding ePub availability?

    25. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Sean Yes, hopefully Sean. If we have any extra stock then we'll offer it to Kickstarter backers before offering it to the public.

    26. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Damien We're there from 18:15 until 20:45 as far as I know! See you there! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Damien Cheetham

      Looking forward to this evening's signing, is there a schedule / time you guy's will be there?

      I had a quick look at the book store lastnight after work ... its going to be an intimate event. I was warmed when I saw the GF-1 logo's in the window.

      Once again, well done for realising another universe from your dad's creative mind.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sean Huxter on

      Is there any way to kick in a bit more to get the hard cover? (from 35 to 50? Since there appear to be some 50 level rewards left?) The hardcover looks beautiful! (Not that I will dislike the paperback...)

    29. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Sean Huxter:

      Sean - the trailer is being used to reveal the mass market public release which happens in April next year.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Huxter on

      Couple of questions: (Got the eBook. Am about 1/3 of the way through) The trailer looks good. But the cover shown is different. A figure appears on it. Also it says something about beginning in 2015. Is that the public publication cover? And is that when it will be released to the general public? Or is this something else?

    31. Missing avatar

      Lin D. on

      Got my book today and its amazing. I have looked at it so carefully as I dont want to get it dirty!! Managed to get my download sorted out - courtesy of my son - so I will read it that way. Love the patch and pin too. Will we be advised when the next books are coming out or is this going to be crowd-funded too - if so I'm in for backing parts 2 and 3. Also loved the trailer. Thank you for taking your dad's dream forward - I hope you will go from strength to strength and will get a whole new generation interested in what your dad started. All the very best. Lin x

    32. Missing avatar

      Damien Cheetham

      Excellent Trailer !!!! Well done for capturing what many of us are enjoying on the e-readers with GF1.
      (Reminds me of the good old days in the stanley kubrick building all over again!)
      Tickets for the Book signing tomorrow have been suspended via the website, but you can show up on the night and pick up a ticket.
      Great work to all involved !!

    33. Alan C. Martin on

      Yeah, I'm a signed pb. Thanks for the swift reply. Great job on the patch by the way, love it! Cheers, Alan

    34. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Alan - if your reward level included a SIGNED paperback then these are being sent later. MG is away and the books only arrived last week - so we're getting together to sign and ship them later this week/early next :)

    35. Alan C. Martin on

      Hi Jamie,
      Got my fab patch and postcards this morning, just wanted to check - is the book being sent out separately?
      Big cheers, Alan

    36. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Tim Pollard - thanks for letting us know Tim, and for the kind words. With all that packing some items are bound to have been missed out. We'll be setting up a special email address soon which will allow backers to report missing items and packages. We'll make sure anything that is missing is sent as soon as possible! Thanks :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Tim Pollard on

      Hi Jamie!

      Thank you so much for my GF-1 KS backer postcard and patch package which arrived today - sadly I've only received 4 of the 5 cards (missing #3) and as I backed at £35 I thought I got the full set? The other cards - and especially the patch - are quite awesome though! I'm not annoyed or shoutey, I know these things happen but it might be something for you to check on it it's happening a lot...

      And the book is great, thank you again - you've done your Dad proud.

    38. Elliott on

      Already blasted past the halfway point, loving the Ebook so far. Can't wait to receive my physical copy of the book, but just wondering, will we get a chance to see sketches of Andrew Probert's vehicle designs any time soon? Obviously it's not a huge deal, but it'd be nice to compare the images of the vehicles in my head with what's actually trying to be put across on the page.

      @Paul Welsby Have you tried the Kindle app? Took me less than 5 mins to set up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Paul Welsby on

      Spent ages and jumped through many hoops downloading stuff I won't use again and still can't open my digital copy of the book - V.dissapointed.

    40. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Hi @Jamie, I've just read the newsletter, and there's mention that work on the second book has started. Apologies if you've answered this before, but is there going to be an option for backers to purchase the remaining books in the series with covers in keeping with this one?

    41. Simon Newton on

      It's all gone a bit quiet! Can we have a quick update? You teased us with treats, and more on Probert's designs... but that was nearly 4 weeks ago. Impatient, me? Of course! Just don't disturb MG from writing up a storm...

    42. Jamie Anderson 2-time creator on

      @Samuel Erskine:
      Hi Sam! The plan right now is that we're going to fund our travel and attendance at some festivals, conventions and bookstore events, so that we can do a GF1 roadshow!

    43. Missing avatar

      Samuel Erskine on

      Since the funding have gone over by £1,463 what will this go towards? Will it go to Marketing to boost the books publicity?

    44. Styggron on

      Just wondering if the chapter 1 preview will go back up ? I was overseas at the time it went up. Jaime mentioned he will put it back up for people as there are a few people asking about it.

    45. Styggron on

      Fantastic work everyone! :-)

    46. Diane Sharrock on

      Well done, exciting times!!!

    47. Austin Tate on

      Satisfactory, most satisfactory.

    48. Missing avatar


      We are all happy. I bet Gerry is smiling too...

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