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Comedy sci-fi adventure. Two office workers face aliens, pirates and space squid to save the company, get the girl and maybe a raise.

7 Page Preview

Cubicles is my new graphic novel. Through this website you can pre-order it for only $10 (includes shipping/handling). Along the right of the screen are some other rewards available as well. They include stuff like sketchbooks, bookmarks, commissions.

The Basics

Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic Novel is complete. All the art, lettering, covers, and extras are in the can. Now I just need to get it printed.

It is a 92 page graphic novel. Humorous, sci-fi adventure. Color covers and grayscale interior. 6 chapters and additional bonus material.

It tells the story of Wally and Ost, mild mannered office workers who get sucked into a corporate takeover. They are dragged across the galaxy and come face to face with aliens, pirates, and space squid all in an effort to save the company, get the girl, and maybe even get a raise.

Original Cover

The Plan

The money I raise through Kickstarter will be used to cover printing cost, advertising and comic conventions. The plan right now is to get 100 copies printed, if there are enough funds I will print more. Once printed I want to pitch it around, maybe get a publisher to pick it up.

I also want to show it around at conventions. I am attending two Florida conventions. The MegaCon in Orlando and Wizard Con in Miami. However I would really like to expand out of Florida. I have my eyes set on Heroes in North Carolina and New York Comic Con. Let's add Emerald City in Seattle to the list. Why not San Diego as well. The more money I can raise, the more cons I will be able to attend.

So what is Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic Novel?

First off, let's call it CTMTGN or just Cubicles. I have been working on various incarnations of Cubicles for 2 years. The two main characters, Wally and Ost, are the core of the story. They've had a few different looks, but they've always represented me. Well at least the two sides of my personality.

Ost is the crazy, goofy, seat of his pants type guy. I based Ost's look off of me and how I would like to act.

Wally is the more down trodden, shy and insecure part of me. I made him look how I feel on the inside.

The next major element of Cubicles is, well, Cubicles. Cubicles is the company that Wally and Ost work for. Did I mention it is set in the future? Think Spaceballs mixed with Office Space.

Now comes the idea of CTMTGN. I decided Wally and Ost had a larger story to tell. So I wanted to take them out of the office and put this on this big adventure. This made me think of TV shows when they become movies. So that is what I did, I treated the web strip like it was a TV show and the graphic novel like it was a movie. I put my duo in all kinds of crazy situations that had nothing to do with the office building they had previously been stuck in.

More Info - Preview, Art, Tutorials, Rewards

Commissions $15+

Cubicles: Stripped. Original web strip version $30+

Sketchbook $30+

Bookmarks 30+

Check out the CTMTGN website for more information regarding rewards and also a 7 page preview.

Cubicles Site
7 Page Preview

Please check back often as I will add some process videos and tutorials.

For more information and samples of the rewards, please visit this site.

All rewards include Shipping and Handling for the US. If you are outside of the US, please include a little more to cover the costs.


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    Taster's Choice - PDF of the first chapter of Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic Novel. 17 pages of goodness.

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    Save The Planet - Get a PDF copy of the entire novel. 94 pages.

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    Mail Room - Signed, print copy of CubiclesTMTGN. Includes shipping/handling (please add more if outside US). You get the book for the print cost only. A sweet discount as my way of saying thank you for your support. PDF copy as a bonus.

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    Bonus - Same as 'Mail Room' with an original pencil sketch on the inside cover. Single character sketch. You name them, I draw them.

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    Executive Perks - Signed copy of CTMTGN with a sketch. A signed copy of my first sketchbook with a sketch on the back, inside cover. A signed copy of Cubicles: Stripped. As an added bonus, one of my bookmarks. Plus PDF Copy.

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    Executive Upgrade - Everything from 'Executive Perks' with an original 8.5x11 commission. Inks, marker, watercolor. Single character, no background.

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    Page From My Book - Everything from 'Executive Perks' plus a signed, original page from CTMTGN. 78 pages available. First backer, first pick. So act quick.

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    Spread It Out - Everything from 'Executive Perks' plus one of the six chapter covers. 6 page spread I show in the video. 6 11x16 bristol pages, ink washed and water colored. Only 6 of these. First backer, first pick. If you are the first backer, you can pledge $480 and get them all.

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    Front Page - Everything from 'Executive Perks' plus the signed, original cover to the graphic novel. 11x17 bristol, ink washed and colored.

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    Insanity - Everything from 'Executive Perks' plus an original commission on 11x17, drawn to your specifications (ink, markers, watercolor, characters, background, spaceships!?!). I will go to your closest, major Comic Convention (US only), invite you to sit next to me for the entire event while I draw the commission in front of your eyes. You will also get a signed copy of the first test print of CTMTGN and printed script pages. Read the story in the original incarnation before edits.

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