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A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
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The Fun Begins


Howdy folks!

Long time no chat. Let me catch you up on what’s happening with LAST LIFE and what’s new with my own life. I believe we left off with talking about stretch goals...

If you recall, the $125k stretch goal would have added an interactive map to the experience, where stories could be explored between the major scenes of the game. I’m still really excited about that idea and want to add it to the game anyway, given enough time. Is that cool with you? No promises yet--I’ll keep you posted.

On another note, the T-Shirt and MarsTopia Patch orders are being finalized.

In the meantime, I did a 1.5" test run of patches with my company logo. Check out this before/after shot to get a sense for how the patch embroidery process improves the look: 

The MarsTopia Resident Patches will be 2.5" in diameter to get us clearer details.


All that I have to say about this event has already been said by Matt Duhamel on Unwinnable. Go forth and read it.


Last November I snuck into an after party called The MIX at GDC Next. I met some awesome people there, including Greg Rice from Double Fine. He was showing off the Cloud Colony level of Broken Age and I was just a DF fan at the time. LAST LIFE was merely a thought in my head. I think told him, “I’ve got an idea for a sci-fi adventure game!” To which he politely responded, “Well, we love adventure games.” I shook his hand and made way for the journalist behind me who was about to interview him.

Now, less than a year later, I was officially invited to show off LAST LIFE at The MIX at E3! I presented alongside Greg (who was there with Costume Quest 2) and such Glitch City comrades as Asher Vollmer, Teddy Diefenbach, and Brendon Chung. So surreal.


In the past few months, running this Kickstarter campaign has been one of my peak life experiences and also my greatest source of anxiety.

The truth is that Kickstarter is a pretty intense process for the people going through it, but creators often internalize these feelings instead of sharing them because it is honestly tough to relate. When I started my campaign, all I could feel was hope and anticipation. But once I realized I’d actually get funded, there was suddenly this burden of responsibility over me. Add to that the fact that I’d been marketing my campaign and doing biz dev stuff instead of hands-on game production for the past few months and self-doubt began to set in.

Thankfully, I found that the best way to renew my confidence was to rediscover my inspiration and get back to work!

Check out this 5 minute talk I gave at Glitch City’s Demo Night to see what I’m talking about. I come on at 43:00.

Now that I'm re-energized and filled to the brim with existential dread, I’m excited to be drafting out the first episode. Check out my progress!


Thanks again for all your support and talk to you again soon!

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    1. Russell Deitch on July 11, 2014

      I agree with Herm - the interactive map would make great DLC later. Since you didn't meet the $125k stretch goal I don't feel you're obliged to deliver the map.

    2. Collyn DeWitt on June 27, 2014

      I lament my inability to obtain a marstopia resident patch and t-shirt :( any chance they could be added on at a later date? for the update!

    3. Herm on June 27, 2014

      If the map is content you love and really want to put in, I say go for it - passion is good - but schedule it in as a reward period for yourselves towards the end, and focus first of all on getting the basics down. It can double as contingency time. If you plan from the start with half an eye on making it DLC to add later, then you can lose it if you have to.

    4. Kyle Norton on June 27, 2014

      Don't get bogged down, just stay focused on your milestone goals. Keep moving forward and you'll do fine.

    5. Missing avatar

      Henry Smelser on June 27, 2014

      I love how you put yourself out there to spread the message of your project. As for that event and crowd of people, it was perhaps the most sickening display of political correctness that has ever taken place.

    6. Asa on June 26, 2014

      Thanks for the update. I appreciate you taking the time to tell us about how development is going. Am I'm excited that you'd like to possibly add an interactive map to the game someday. We have faith you'll make a great game!