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A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
4,822 backers pledged $103,058 to help bring this project to life.

Episode 1 FUNDED--Stretch Goals REVEALED

Posted by Sam Farmer (Creator)

Thankyouthankyouthankyou all so much for helping us bring Episode 1 of Jack Parker’s story out of the darkness and into the light! You backers are going to get it, play it, sway to the music, and question your identity as human beings. Fun!

But right now, our team at Rocket Science Amusements is equal parts shocked, elated, and--especially--grateful. While we’re putting ourselves back together, please feel free to check out the shiny new STRETCH GOALS below:

With our first funding goal met, we will create a full episode of LAST LIFE, complete with a satisfying reveal of who actually murdered Parker.

If we hit our stretch goals, we’ll be able to vastly improve the game by adding voice over, creating more believable cutscenes, and best of all--give you more episodes.

And just to spell that out in writing...

  • $100,000 - VO added for all speaking characters. Expanded cutscenes. Interactive flashbacks of Parker's life on Earth up to the day the planet is destroyed, including the actual disaster.
  • $125,000 - Interactive map of MarsTopia explorable in-game. Large scale animated chase sequence through Dead Man’s Party Parade in the streets of a MarsTopian marketplace.
  • $150,000 - Episode Two – to be delivered to all Kickstarter Backers.

Parker’s Theme

In high contrast to the buzz we’re feeling at Rocket Science Amusements today, The Tone Ranger has crafted a new track to remind us of the dark, desolate sci-fi noir journey Parker is now, officially, about to embark on.

T-Shirt Reward

DISCLAIMER: This is a prototype design. We’re still working on it and would love to hear your feedback.

SECOND DISCLAIMER: Anyone seen wearing our Backer t-shirt should brace themselves for a big hug. You may even be bowed down to. We couldn’t fit that into the tier description, but that’s how much we appreciate your support.


It goes without saying, huge thanks are in order. But we’re saying it. And in THIS order:

  • You, our backers. You span the globe, from the UK to NZ. You are awesome.
  • Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, Greg Rice, and Justin Bailey for being the coolest and most generous first believers in LAST LIFE.
  • My family: Jerrilyn, Chris, and Nick Farmer for their love, dinners, and of course the amazing MarsTopian world, script, and music too.
  • LAST LIFE’s incredible team of collaborators, advisors, and friends + Glitch City + USC IMGD + a special shout out to Adam Howard (Parker’s Voice) and our friends at Kickstarter.
  • The fabulous game journalists who helped us spread the word.

Countdown: 11 Days to go 

Get ready to gun the engines. Post our Kickstarter to your FB page, or tweet about us, or stand on a box in your favorite park and chant: “LAST LIFE needs us, LAST LIFE needs us…” That is, if that is actually legal in your area...

With your help, we would love to complete the LAST LIFE trilogy. All backers who sign on, as this Kickstarter is still up and running, get every funded episode. Let’s fund them all!

Thank you, a million times over, for all of your support so far. I'm so excited to start this new journey with you all, and I look forward to seeing where these next 11 days take us.

Love you all,

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    1. Esteri on

      Oh man, I am loving Parker's theme. It could be that I've been out ranging in field school all day but those lonely slightly twangy chords are hitting me perfectly right now.

      It was a little hard to make out the design with the small picture. I finally figured out it was earth shattering - my brain kept wanting to interpret it as Jack Parker getting flung out the window.

      Looking forward to more updates and the funding of those stretch goals!

    2. Sam Farmer Creator on

      @Derek, sorry if that was a bit unclear. I meant "Interactive" as in "Not Cutscenes."

    3. Tracy Fullerton on

      Congrats on getting funded, Sam and team!! Can't wait to play :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      'Interactive' flashbacks?

    5. yama on

      There, I've upped my pledge to T-shirt from soundtrack level because of the picture. Congrats on getting 100% funded. Now let's try for a stretch goal or three.

    6. Asa on

      Noir movies are famous for their narration, so I'm hoping that the campaign can get to $100,000 so we can hear what Parker sounds like. And it would be cool to get more flashbacks about what Earth was like before it was destroyed, I think it would really help to add more digital reward levels, say at the $50 and $200, and $500 levels. I know it's more work for you, but I think you could get more people to raise their pledges if you had digital rewards at more regular intervals.