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A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
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Howdy! Long time no chat.

Posted by Sam Farmer (Creator)

We don’t want to be that friend who sends too many texts, emails, FB links to puppies chasing tulips. Instead, we’ll try to send no more than two updates per week. But I’m going to try to be more available to answer questions and schmooze in the Comments section now that I’m back home in L.A. Why do I/we keep switching between first person singular and first person plural pronouns? Because sometimes I speak for myself, but mostly I speak for our Rocket Science Amusements team. In this Update, you’ll find out more about all of us. But first…

I just got an email from a terrific guy from STEAM who officially confirmed that if we reach our first goal, you’ll have the option to get a STEAM key for LAST LIFE if you prefer it over the DRM-free copy. Huge news!!

And in just one short week, we are 73% FUNDED. Sincere thanks for all your help in getting us this far. This has been an amazing experience and I’m grateful for your support.

The Rocket Science Family

Creator/Writer/Game Designer/Programmer/Animator/Artist: Sam Farmer

I created a bunch of very different games, on a ton of platforms when I studied Interactive Media at USC’s film school.  I also made a lot of student films, and even took a semester to study art in Italy. And then I got to help write and design Blink, a really cool AAA-style stealth-action game along with Mihir Sheth’s awesome team. I think a big portion of the energy I bring to this LAST LIFE project stems from those great creative opportunities.

After graduation, I sold a mobile 3D puzzle game to a startup. Then I watched my original idea get altered. It was disappointing that I never got to see how that novel design, had it been produced, would have been received. I also worked at BBC Worldwide’s office in L.A., designing games for some of their TV series. In the process, I became even more convinced I needed to do a project on my own. I knew I could get a lot more done, and much faster, working with a streamlined team. And that led me to starting Rocket Science Amusements and joining the creative collective called Glitch City! I am so lucky to be working among this great group of entrepreneurs/game creators/friends. Most days and nights, that’s where you can find me…usually Skyping with the rest of our team, which happens to be my immediate family.

So how is it working with my family? We’ve been collaborating on projects my whole life, so it feels really natural. My mom’s got a professional writer’s ability to focus completely on the work, offering me a large array of creative solutions to every small issue that crops up. My dad is also amazing about re-doing any of the songs that might need some tweaking. Their years in their fields give this project an amazing depth of experience to mine. I really can’t thank them enough for putting aside their own projects to focus solely on this one. Frankly, it’s why we can aim for the high production values we admire in bigger budget games at such a relatively low cost. They’re great. They’re freakishly affordable. What’s not to love?

PAX East redux, Fans!, and Cake:

Part of what made PAX East the best experience was meeting adventure game fans and watching them play the prototype I brought. Not only that, I was blown away to get this first ever fan art based off the opening trailer. So cool. Here’s J.M. Johnson’s inspired interpretation of Parker’s death.

Not to be outdone, the beautiful Tanya Huang also prepared an art tribute to Jack Parker, P.I. Her choice of art medium is, sadly, under-recognized by the stuffy art establishment, but she is a rebel!

For more real-time pictures, updates, and droll commentary about LAST LIFE, I invite you to follow me on Twitter.

If you’d like to get a sense for what it was like play the demo of LAST LIFE at PAX, check out this terrific article on

Okay. We’re up to date. Thanks for being part of our incredible journey. I brought nothing home from PAX East for my small Rocket Science team but the best gift in the world: you guys. Let’s get to 3000 backers. Let’s reach our funding goal. Let’s take LAST LIFE even further!

Thank you.


Friends of Rocket Science

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    1. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Cool, look forward to my Steam version :)

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      Andrew Barton


      er...I mean...wooo Steam!

    3. metsallica on

      May you be a worthy successor to the previous Rocket Science Games, the illustrious developers of the amazing (and seriously underrated) ROCKET JOCKEY!

    4. Matt Lohkamp on

      let's not be coy... we all know what that cake is decorated with.