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A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
4,822 backers pledged $103,058 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Slamdoku

Posted by Sam Farmer (Creator)


Hello all!

It's been a pretty intense year for Rocket Science Amusements so please read through to the end of the update to get the full story.

Here are the main points...

  • I pitched Last Life to publishers, but they passed on the project for various reasons.
  • I moved to Chicago to explore the mid-west indie scene and escape the soaring rent prices of LA.
  • I took on a bunch of contract work, which mostly went toward paying down credit card debt.  Unfortunately, contract work alone can't raise nearly enough money to finish a game of this size.
  • I tried to turn Last Life into an interactive streaming web series for, but they ultimately couldn't provide finishing funds.  Check out my pitch demo here (password: forbackers).
  • I started prototyping a new (small) game idea, which I'm calling Slamdoku!
  • I decided to get creative and take a new approach for finishing Last Life!

Interview with Unwinnable

This summer, I had the opportunity to speak with Davis Cox about my experience working on Last Life and it's current "on hold" status. Check out the article here.

So what comes next?

Here's my new plan for Last Life:

Since the scope of finishing a fully mo-capped and voice acted cinematic animated movie/game is just too large for a now-one-man team to finish, I've considered abandoning the mo-cap animations and refocusing my efforts on telling the story through the game's audio.

In 2015, I actually created a fully playable version of the game that worked like this, where the camera didn't cut in for close ups and the characters didn't emote during conversation, but the character interactions felt too stilted and inhuman, so I scrapped it and decided to pursue a more cinematic mo-capped experience.

Now, in 2018, I'm looking back on that early version of the game and wondering if I can take some of the cinematic lessons I've learned along the way and apply them to that more static dialogue system to get this game finished in a more affordable way that doesn't use mo-cap.  Mo-cap data is a real hassle (aka expensive) to work with, btw, and I'm only talking about after it's been recorded.

Now, even with this cost savings, the game will still require some sort of funding to finish, albeit less.

Since it seems like I can't raise money without having released a successful game and I can't release this game without raising money, I've been in a bind that's felt more than a little uncomfortable. But that's when I had a new idea:

  • What if I could create and release a much smaller (but super polished) game that I could use as a launching board for Last Life?
  • That's when I came up with Slamdoku--a game that could break me out of that aforementioned bind and give Rocket Science Amusements the win that it needs to get a partner interested in Last Life.

Introducing Slamdoku


The Pitch

  • Slamdoku is a creative re-imagining of Sudoku as a competitive local multiplayer fighting game.
  • Feel the physicality as you slam numbers onto the board. Bash your opponent out of the way to secure your victory.
  • Don’t just be the best at Sudoku, be the best at Slamdoku.



I see Slamdoku's release as a step towards Last Life's eventual completion and I hope you will too.  I understand the tremendous risk involved in making another indie game, but this time I've constrained the scope of the project and I've taken the risk on by myself.  Right now this looks like the best option to break me out of that bind I mentioned earlier and get Last Life back on track.  I need to do this.

I'm incredibly excited about Slamdoku and can't wait to share it with you all very soon.



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    1. sammo21

      So it has been 4 months since this update and we haven't even heard anything about Slamdoku.

      What a scamdoku

    2. sammo21

      I think the thing that actively rubs me the wrong way is he is still taking pre-orders on his website and not updated anything to say production has stalled/not taken place in a long time. The fact he's still taking unknowing people's money for a game that will literally never finish seems...criminal to me.

    3. pharmac on

      Last Life? I wish this zombie would just die and quit the lies, just lies, and more lies.

    4. Jacob Ludriks on

      im so glad that i only spent US$15 on this train wreck. ill be actively avoiding any game with your name on it from now on pal. learn to communicate.

    5. Russell Deitch on

      I vote for a "Dislike" button.

    6. Russell Deitch on

      I'll add this to my "dead" pile. It's another reason why I stopped backing KSs.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam M on

      Sam, refund my money mate ( and everyone else for that matter ) and shut this train-wreck down. Purely from a mental heath perspective it's the best thing you can do at this point.

      I hadn't checked on this project in awhile, so I was certainly surprised to see a completely different game being promoted ( Sudoku...who the hell cares? ) to raise money for a project that's already years late and never getting finished no matter how much you keep telling us ( and yourself ) that it is.

      I feel at this point, even if you do release something, in whatever form it comes out's never going to be what you originally pitched anyway ( as per your own comments ) so why bother?

      Just end it.

    8. sammo21

      @Christopher Nelles: Yeah, I know, but it helps remind me what I have and haven't got. I wish there was a second box for "I'm probably never getting this, huh?"

    9. Cam on

      Zero apologies or explanation on the radio silence. Have a long, hard think about how you communicate with and treat the people who believed in you, dude.

      I wish you success in finding someone to financially back this because your proposed solution isn't the game I backed nor does it sound like one I want to play.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! I still believe in this project! You can do it man. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      @sammo21 That box is just a reminder for yourself. I asked kickstarter some time ago if the the project owner can see which backer marked the rewards a received or if kickstarter is tracking this field. And the answer was "nope" to both. I am getting more and more disappointed by kickstarter.

      Back to "Low Life of Sam Farmer": Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! I hope nobody will get fooled by this slamdoku.

    12. sammo21

      Kickstarter needs a checkbox for "I'm never getting this" next to "completed"

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      @The Patron Saint Of Spitting In The Wind

      I agree that it would be fantastic if Sam sat down with at least a few backers, or even just posted a backer FAQ answer update. However, based on the minimal communication he's given on this project, that seems highly unlikely.

      In fact, in that article linked in this update, his quotes all paint himself as "misunderstood", and hounded by fans who just "don't understand the process". He even says:

      "My feeling is that if people knew the real numbers, things would be better. Maybe fewer risks would be taken, maybe fewer Kickstarters would get funded"

      Sam, *tell us about the process* then! Tell us "the real numbers"! Spend some time *actually communicating* with your backers, answer their real questions, and make them feel like they're actually involved in this project - because we *are* involved. We're involved to the tune of $100k+.

      Sadly, Sam instead seems content to let us sit in the dark, only reaching out when he has a new half-finished project to try and sell us.

      Incredibly frustrating, and incredibly unprofessional.

    14. Antony Stevens on

      live and learn. best of luck with your endeavours.

    15. The Patron Saint Of Spitting In The Wind on

      Side-point first: Is that music for the Slamdoku trailer lifted from one of the first music-related reveals for Last Life? It sounds eerily familiar.

      I've always tried to be reasonable and diplomatic when writing responses, from the time when the community at large first had reservations about the change in art direction, through to some of the very sparse updates where I'm pretty sure I'm not being read by a developer and silly things like tact probably don't matter. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to keep at least trying to balance disappointment with some understanding and constructive thought.

      I'm still not convinced that Sam is a scammer as some say. I can't believe that a scammer would knowingly advertise a new project to a large group of people already aware of said scam, and who are capable of carpet-bombing the new project anywhere it appears online with the hypercautionary story-so-far of Last Life. Surely you'd want to go under the radar, and not plaster your own name all over the project as well.

      Also, from my understanding of the article, Sam isn't asking for financial support to produce Slamdoku. Someone who's in a new city and presumably paying rent, and probably isn't receiving substantial royalties or whatever due to not being a prolific creator of games, almost certainly does have a day job. I am guessing that Slamdoku has been a "spare time" project.

      The first question from the above is "why Slamdoku or anything other than Last Life?" As others have suggested, it's unlikely to be a feasible way of raising capital, as Sam's explanation goes. Also, if there is a day job to support Sam's way of life in Chicago while he's churning out Slamdoku, surely there'll be a day job to support his way of life while he's working on Last Life to the sort of scope that a one-man team can produce.

      And why not a one-man team? Remember the project that we actually backed? The one where pretty much everyone in the game was just a few blocks, and we had a bit of animation and lighting and recorded dialogue? People backed that! People backed just one episode of that, for $15! $100,000+ was raised for some vaguely humanoid cuboids with moody lighting telling a cool story. My interpretation of "refocusing my efforts on telling the story through the game's audio" suggests that the audio's there, so no need for anyone to be paid to talk or provide more music. Peeling away all the layers of aspirations of grandeur and bells and whistles that no one asked for, there isn't that much that Sam can't do himself, in his spare time, is there? Yes, it involves "dropping" a lot of legit content in favour of producing a more basic game, but, you know, that's all we paid for, I think.

      If we did get a basic complete game and the KS was effectively met, would that not make it possible to work on securing funding for a sort of "remastered" version that might serve to match Sam's ambitions? I mean, it sounds dumb to me given that backers aren't really going to go for an improved version of the game en masse, especially given the experience that's been had. But at least Sam would have an actual game as his pitch rather than some demo. Would he be beholden to backers with a remastered version after having met the original criteria of the whole thing? I would guess not, although maybe giving away something digital beyond the basic game would be a small step on the road to repairing a fractured reputation in the gaming community.

      I don't know that this is possible anyway, and I could certainly understand other backers simply saying "no dice", but what I would really like is for perhaps a small number of backers to be able to engage in a calm, constructive conversion with Sam, and find out what his goals are. Not just with this game, but in a broader sense. Eg is Slamdoku an attempt to prove to himself that he can finish something on his own, is it something he's using to widen his array of skills so that he can perhaps do more of Last Life on his own, is it to make a product to establish a portfolio, is it to try and build a reputation on a good personal product to try and counterbalance a sagging personal reputation? I understand that a reason is given in the post, but there's usually more to things than a single reason to justify doing something. Then perhaps we could discuss ways in which Last Life might fit in with those goals. Whether that leads to success is a fair question, but I would posit that finding a way for the project to come to fruition will be the only way of developer and backer alike finding closure. I don't see that a refund will happen, given this quote from, the Last Life entry currently states "Kickstarted original concept with Double Fine Presents. Co-wrote interactive script. Produced original art, design & code. (UE4) Directed team of 19 external animators, architects, musicians, and voice actors. Playtested gameplay & story for accessibility and emotional impact." That's a lot of people who will mostly want paying, and it's fair to imagine that a fair amount of money goes into paying living costs that allowed for not having to work another job while developing, so I really believe the money simply isn't there to be refunded. I'm certainly not going to stand in the way of those who call for refunds and call foul play, given the experience we've had, I've certainly been tempted to give up on the project. Despite being a perennial cynic, I would still like to see the best possible outcome, which may not be wonderful given the situation that we're all in, but it's still something. If Sam were to get on board with that, and some of us were to get on board with that, who knows? Something may then happen. If not, then it's really, really hard to see anything happening.

    16. Matt Combes on

      Heh. The brutal comments alone are probably worth the $15 I pledged.

    17. Sebastian on

      Well there's my 15$ down the drain. Don't know what I expected, after all, it was Tim "not-even-close-to-on-time-nor-on-budget" Schafer who endorsed this game.

    18. Sean

      Well f you too buddy.

    19. Audric Gueidan / Takopix on

      I don't play sudoku, i'm not a fan. So... it's just a sad news for us.

    20. diego reig on

      I think my other co-backers already expressed what I could write down in words now, if I've cared enough. I doubt you deserve comments for this unrespectful "update".

    21. Kevin V. on

      Man, I really wanted Last Life to release. Maybe try releasing a smaller version of the game with no voice recording whatsoever. Make the users read, f it.

      I'm not interested in that other game, I would almost rather you just do a gofundme page or something to try and get more money to finish Last Life with no voice acting and basically bare minimum to at least get the game out. Good luck.

    22. Greg Ellis on

      The title of this update, an update for a game that failed miserably and was not properly address is called "introducing slamdoku". Introducing a different game that none of us give a shit about. That pretty much says it all for me. What an arrogant man.

    23. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      I was quite surprised to see an update to this abandoned project.

      Last Life was interesting to back because the concept and idea looked incredibly interesting.

      Shame that it revealed to be so that Sam Farmer is just a thief. One of the few KS projects where creator just stole people's money like L.A. Game Space did.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joshua Stoltz on

      Honestly I’m just enjoying reading the comments. I’ve been a part of a few Kickstarter projects that I would consider failures, but this may be the cautionary tale that anyone considering Kickstarter should see. At least I only backed at $15 and can get some value from seeing others comment on this trainwreck.

    25. Daniel Otterholm on

      I have to agree with the spirit of most previous comments. You should have communicate better, and if all else failed release a bad game and apologized for it. Starting a new indie project, hoping for it to fund the failed kickstarter game, is disrespectful. I understand scope creep, and difficulties, making a game is hard. I hope that you sincerely tried your best to create the game while living of our money, and not just slacking. However, don't expect to see any money from me before you either refund or redeem yourself by releasing a GREAT Last Life game. At this point it's too late to release a crappy game. In my mind you got two options: Struggle in whatever way you need to and somehow release the Last Life game you feel proud of, or refund us. If you opt for the refund because you don't want to release a game you don't feel proud of I will respect that, even if it takes years. If you release some broken game you will not redeem yourself.

    26. Missing avatar

      Cardlinger on

      Ah well, you can lay claim to being the only thing I've backed on Kickstarter which has singularly failed to deliver. And bilking me out of $15 isn't going to ruin me, although you must have had a wild ride on other people's $100k in the process.

      I'm massively disappointed in you, but it seems you can't be in yourself, so that'll have to do. May you live in interesting times.

    27. ET3D on

      I tend to agree with Glenn McMath.

      First, let me say that the idea of Slamdoku looks interesting, but, like Glenn, I'm not all that hopeful that it would be a success. That's doubly true if the game is purely co-op.

      And like others have said, I'd expect at this point that you'd at least tell us about the current state of Last Life, and what the money went into.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on

      I'd still like to know more about Double Fine backing out. Their endorsement was a big deal for the campaign, and I feel like they share responsibility for how things have turned out.

    29. Florent C. on

      So "Now, even with this cost savings, the game will still require some sort of funding to finish, albeit less."... sorry I'm not a game dev but an accountant, but maybe you're aware of terms like budget, balance, Profit and loss ?
      I'd like to see were exactly gone the 100 k$, and what (how much) is meaning "some sort of funding".
      Strictly no communication for more than a year, no contact, no update, no answer to our legitimate requests, and your only post is about make a sudoku game and even maybe in some years finishing what we've paid for ?
      Like the others, I still saw on your LastLife site preorder for a game you confess you probably never deliver, not really business friendly, and not sure it's compliant with Paypal tos.

    30. Pogopuschel on

      Normally I don't chime in when negative feedback is so abundant because I believe that releasing a game is not an easy task to accomplish an unforseen things happen.
      But this time I really am annoyed that, after such a long absence, your first update is basically about another game using your kickstarter campaign as an advertising platform. Instead you should at first open up about what happened in more detail (so many unanswered questions).

      I wish you luck, because I would like to see last life happen. But to be honest I am not very optimisitc about that.

    31. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      I was originally going to write a skeptical but diplomatic reply to this update. Game development is hard, and I'm sure this project didn't go the way you wanted. I was going to wish you luck on your new project. Then, in reading the comments, I was reminded that you'd been given over $100k, and only updated us on about a yearly basis. So fuck that.

      This isn't going to go well. Your new plan is a bad one.

      I've seen it a few times before with other KS projects that failed to deliver. It never works. Ever.

      Why? The days of indie games being easy hits are done. Waaaaay too many people are making games now, since the barrier of entry has dropped dramatically. The statistical odds of your new game even making back its own budget is maybe 1 in 10... and that's pretty generous. That has nothing to do with quality or polish or anything else. There are good indie games released every day that die in obscurity. Dozens of them. If you were hoping to bring an existing audience to your new project, I hope the comments below will wake you up from that fantasy. The notion that a project you can just slam out in a few months will be a hit big enough to fund your dream game is optimism on the verge of delusion.

      You would be far better off trying to salvage whatever scraps you can from this project. As others have suggested, you should polish up your "fully playable" version of the game and release that. At least fulfill this project to that extent. You literally owe people at least that much (technically a lot more, but that's never stopped you in the past).

      And before you start making excuses for yourself, you need to accept that you literally did this to yourself. I've backed almost 200 Kickstarter projects, and not all of them have been able to reach a completed state. This project could have gone exactly the same, and failed just as badly, and the backers could have still been on your side, and willing (maybe even eager!) to support your new project. All it would have taken is for you to just keep us honestly informed throughout the process. Apologize when things don't work out. The fact that this update doesn't include a single apology is baffling. It's almost like you want to sow bad will toward your future works. That's what you're doing.

      Get your head on strait, man. Give us something. Even if it's only an apology, that's more than you've given us so far.

    32. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      Usually with these "well it was nice blowing all your money, but now all my customers can go screw themselves" posts there are a bunch of schmucks saying "oh no! you poor thing!" and "Kickstarter's not a store!" and other retard stuff. In this case the only 3 people who aren't making angry comments are people from his local indie scene (i.e. his friends or people who are trying to 'network' with other scammers). I've never seen such universal anger over a Kickstarter update before. Rethink your life Sam.

    33. Missing avatar

      nottoobadthanks on

      Ha ha! I bet you weren't expecting that reaction when you posted your "update" but you should read every comment so you can hopefully understand the justifiable anger (hints: communication is key and an apology would help).

      Ignore any 'false positive' comments from your friends/family like "prove them wrong" (there are 103058 reasons you haven't done already).

      Also, the "pre-order" payment options still seem to be active - unbelievable!…

    34. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      Can't fund this one with Kickstarter : "We don’t permit running multiple projects at the same time, or launching a second project before fulfilling your first one. "

    35. joshua may on

      oh wow! I played Slamdoku at Bit Bash a couple of weeks ago. I'd have given you a hug and a high five if I knew it was you. I suppose from the comments you're probably not feeling great, but hang in there and prove them wrong. you've got this. looking forward to a release! :)

    36. Missing avatar


      Well, I don’t think I can improve on anything that’s already been said. I will not ever give you one more dime. Please refund my pledge.

    37. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      “I found that over the course of Last Life’s development, the tone on Kickstarter changed to this preorder-type vibe, to the point where you even got a button on the page that links you to where you can ‘preorder the project.’ That didn’t exist [when we started]. There was no concept of this being a store that was that was still selling things, or it was routing you to a place where you can buy them,” says Sam.

      Meanwhile on his OWN webpage:
      [Paypal button] Pre-order LAST LIFE. Upon release you'll get all Kickstarter funded episodes DRM-free for Win/Mac/Linux + a Steam key. Select one of the payment options below to complete your purchase.

      You were selling the game as a "pre-order" yourself from day one. You total, total lying bastard.

    38. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      NO! NO NO NO NO NO! You idiot.

      I bet you're planning a new Kickstarter project to coincide with the Steam Early Access launch of this awful sounding game right? You can't make a new Kickstarter to provide funds to finish an unfulfilled one. That never works. We are going to review bomb the shit out of anything you make until we get what we paid for or refunds.

      God damn some of you Kickstarter creators are bastards. You didn't ask us for donations. You didn't offer us equity in an uncertain business venture. You didn't apply for an arts grant with us. YOU SOLD US A PRODUCT. That means you owe us the product, or a refund. Nothing else. There is no other alternative under the consumer protection laws of any country I've heard of. Seriously. You took $100k in orders and you never bothered to look up contract law did you? You made us an offer, which was a game in return for $x. We accepted your offer. What you think the "spirit of crowdfunding" is has NOTHING to do with the laws involved in that transaction. You can even learn about this shit from Youtube lawyers for fuck's sake. Shit, even if you did have a leg to stand on, and all that "it's not a store" crap was true, you would STILL owe us a breakdown of where the money went. And as much of the project as you had completed (like that non animated fully playable version you said exists). But nah, you treat this whole thing like a for-profit business (choosing when and what to release) and a communal art project (the $100k was "donations") as it suits you. If you got $100k from a publisher to make the game and just decided to stop development like this they would at least have a contract in place meaning you had to hand over all the assets and code you had so they could get someone competent to finish it. What do we get though? An advertisement for your new scam. You'll never see a cent from a publisher for the rest of your life.

      What do you mean the assets you have are too expensive to work with? Do you mean you don't know anything about 3D animation and mo-cap data? So you need to hire someone? Just go learn it in the evenings. You've had long enough. Yeah it'll be hard work but you know, you owe people hard work for the $100k you took off them. But you'd never do that. You can't even be bothered updating us about where our money went until you want something more from us. You suck. Like, really. You're a terrible person. Good people don't take money from customers and run and act like they have nothing to answer for. You're not that kind of person. You're a terrible person.

    39. Mellefly on

      Lol I couldn't believe it when it saw a new update after all this time! And after reading it, I'm like ROFL seriously?!

      Do you really think we are going to support you with your new project? We don't give a **** about your new project! We were (yes I say "were" because most of us are no longer that interested by it, thanks to your attitude) interested by Last Life.

      What happened to our 103k? That's a lot of money in case you didn't notice it. A lot of people would have spent it better and be able to release a full game instead of keeping these dollars for their own use (because obviously that's how you used them, admit it).

      So here we have another useless update, with no explanation and no apologies of course.
      I won't even bother looking at the medias concerning your new project. I don't care! Just releasing the 2015 version of Last Life since it was apparently fully playable would have calmed down most of us, seeing that we would have something in exchange for all the money we gave you. Or is it a scam too? Is this version even exist?

      I hereby invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.


    40. Matt Shortess on

      I'm surprised that you think this project is still alive.

      And I want a refund.

    41. Peter Gervai on

      Why do I have the strange feeling that You didn't quite get the part about COMMUNICATION? Or in this case the lack of? This is not a nice-to-have thingy, it's actually a contractual obligation between you and us, read the ToS of Kickstarter. You basically keep violating our agreement, and you neglect to offer even an apology, not to mention any promise to change your bad habit and make a monthly update?

      You also super ignoring people telling you for, um, 2 years now, that you should release pre-pre-alpha code to backers. Or anything but youtube animations. Something which interact with us, actually. To show it's not all vapor.

      I am pretty sure your non-communication came into its fruition and some people around here will steadily follow you wherver you go and they kindly point the crowds and publishers to these comment sections to read about your, well, absolute non-reaction to the questions of your backers (they guys paid you for that, remember)? I'm not quite sure you would be able to start a new project without pulling your very bad fame by any of these angry messengers. I happen not to want to offer you any more money unless you deliver something which already have been paid.

      I don't ask for a refund since there's no money to refund from. I actually *demand* monthly updates, I have already paid for it. It would be neat to even hear about progress, but if not, at least to see there's nothing happening.

    42. John Flynn on

      Yeah, this is garbage. At least be kind of apologetic that you colossally messed this up. Also, blocking your backers on Twitter for calling you out is a bad look.

    43. Michel Cardoso Teixeira on

      Dude, just release the 2015 version! Do it and release any potential future improvements as updates later on. You don’t have any goodwill left with us backers, so ignore your ego and/or unrealistic ideas about the scope of the game and just release it already!

    44. Ashish Kasturia on

      I have long given up hope for my money's worth. To be honest, it wasn't that much money, so I'm not sad either. But I'm totally amazed by how you keep missing the mark, and refuse to apologize.

      If you'd said "I'm sorry, we eff-ed up, and now we don't have anything to show for the money" we'd understand. It's not the first time a KS campaign failed. But this is ridiculous.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I'm all for ditching the mo-cap.

    46. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Well, another entry on the "Kickstarter losses" spreadsheet, then.

    47. Missing avatar

      JoeX111 on

      If you thought the narcissim and lack of repentence in this update was bad, you should check out that Unwinnable article. It's an astonishing piece of self-wankery where Sam continues to abdicate any responsibility for this mess.

      The author paints him as a victim of Kickstarter's changing policies and a suffering artist who has been hounded by those who do not understand the burden of creative expression.

      "As consumers of media, we don’t really know how our stuff is made. And so, we kind of take a lot of the suffering that has gone into these projects for granted [...] I would also say that in another medium, you don’t have to spend three to five years to get the thing out and even know if it’s going to be received well or not. Stakes are thus very, very high.”

      Seriously, it's nauseating.

      The author doesn't bother asking any of the tough questions, like "Where did all that money go? Why did you leave everyone in silence? At what point did Double Fine leave the project, and why? If building everything from the ground up proved so difficult, why did you expand the scope of the project? And why, if Kickstarter is to blame for the preorder button showing up, did the option -also- appear on the Last Life website, complete with a Paypal option to give money immediately?"

      Instead, the whole thing reads like a puff piece put out by a public relations firm.

      “My feeling is that if people knew the real numbers, things would be better [...] For the people making games, I think it would be better to be realistic rather than live in a lie that games are so effortless for a brilliant bedroom programmer to create.”

      I seriously wonder what your definition of "being realistic" is. After stringing people along with scant information and no results for almost four years, were you "being realistic" when you wrote that update and thought we'd all be cool with your plan? A plan all but that admits that you don't have the time or finances to finish a game that's 80 percent done, but you can build a completely new game from the ground up, including coding multiplayer, no problem?

      Well, best of luck with that.

    48. Marcin Segit on

      Refund please! Just give me back my money.

    49. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      I kept reading down waiting for an apology and/or a revised estimate of when you might finally finish the game we backed, but I was disappointed.

      You had a great idea for a game, but a very unrealistic idea of what would be involved, and you kept adding bells and whistles most of us did not really want. This project has changed almost unrecogbisably, to a point where I'm not sure I would even want what you now hope to create... eventually.

      And now you seem to have decided on a kind of Ponzi scheme where backers of a new project will help to fund this game. And I suspect your new idea is poorly researched too, since in my experience there is little overlap between people who like sudoku and fans of fight games.

      I realise that us getting angry or pouring cold water on your new idea will just make you want to hide away more, but really, you cannot be sueprised at our response. $100k is a lot of backer money to have enjoyed with so little to show for it and so little apparent respect for us.

    50. Lee Thompson on

      @Sam, With all due respect (which after a year of silence since your last excuses isn't much) I agree with the others. If you're dropping Last Life, at least give us what you did make. I am not interested at all in Sudoku.

      At this point, the chances of me wanting to invest in you after getting nothing but excuses for 4 years is... zero. Had you been more straightforward with us, and it wasn't sudoku, maybe you'd have a shot.