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A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.
4,822 backers pledged $103,058 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on March 11

      It's kickstarter irresponsibility for anything. As long as they get their money they don't care. And honestly what should they do after they paid off the project owner?

    2. MannyLaMancha on March 9

      You're also not allowed to use it more than once.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on March 9

      There is a button at the bottom of the campaign page to "Report This Project To Kickstarter". It doesn't seem to do much, unfortunately.

    4. sammo21
      on February 20

      @Filipe Castro: You really can't. Kickstarter honestly doesn't care as long as they get their portion of the money. You can try to file with your credit card to get the money back but that is hit or miss.

    5. Scott S. on February 17

      rest in peace ez pz

    6. Filipe Castro on February 16

      How do we report this to kickstarter?

    7. Mellefly on February 16

      This project is my biggest disappointment as a backer...

    8. sammo21
      on February 16

      @Amberlee The game is definitely not in production any longer. I have no idea what Sam is currently doing for income or if he's still actively involved in game development at all. You can see the video I linked below where I helped that guy with some information he did not have.

      Sam's LinkedIn still shows he's working for the same company but I'm pretty sure this project is dead. That definitely violates Kickstarter policy. I know I won't be getting my money back but I wish there was a way to list a Kickstarter in the system as "FUNDED BUT FAILED TO DELIVER ANY PRODUCT TO BACKERS" or something like that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amberlee Nicol on February 15

      At this point I just want to know what happened. I can't find additional info anywhere; the only website that this game production company has is the one for this game (which is still taking pre-orders, interestingly enough), the creator of this campaign hasn't posted on Twitter in a year and has no other jobs listed on LinkedIn, and nobody seems to know (or is willing to divulge) what sort of production hell has befallen this game. Either game production is still ongoing or it's not, and I think backers have a right to know which one it is. #smh

    10. Sal
      on February 15

      *kicks a can.

    11. sammo21
      on February 14

      Yes, Double Fine is definitely the one who parted ways with Sam and not the other way around.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Tamborello on February 13

      @Matotron, Double Fine and Sam parted ways years ago, my guess is because of how behind schedule he was getting.

    13. Peter Gervai on February 13

      First the money ran out then Sam.

    14. MannyLaMancha on February 7

      @Matotron, I believe Rocket Science is just Sam and his parents. The reason the money ran out is because the money was raised for one episode of the game and without telling us he decided to make an entire game instead (a much larger undertaking) which required more time, and thus more money until he ran out.

    15. BigD on February 7

      I guess I'll enjoy the T shirt. The $100 T shirt. The $100 T shirt that shrunk the first time it was washed! Oh well.

    16. Matotron on February 7

      The Double Fine seal of quality.

      I wonder how much was spent on the game and how much on rent, pizza and good times.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on February 6

      Sam Farmer's Low Life

    18. sammo21
      on February 2

      Here you go guys:…

      Instead of an article he went with a video

    19. sammo21
      on January 31

      @Scott S...Already ahead of you by a week or more :p I'll post the link when I see it go up.

    20. Scott S. on January 30

      Maybe someone should just forward this to a few press sites like they did Double Fine to get people like Kotaku or Polygon to send out some inquiries and get a response instead of giving us the "f--- you".

    21. Scott S. on January 30

      at least "fun" is in the middle of "refund".

    22. sammo21
      on January 25

      @Juha M. Maybe the problem is that there isn't much to show? Could be why he was unable to secure additional funding/a publisher at GDC almost a year ago :( That would at least be something. Honestly, I would just like some transparency.

    23. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on January 25

      Well, if the project is done for. At least Sam could and should release the GDC 2017 demo version of the game to the backers so that the people who invested money on this would at least get something out of it.

      That would also make this project into more than imagination so that this does not end up being a conman job like L.A. Game Space or 90's Arcade Racer to name a few Kickstarter scam projects.

    24. Five Element Ninja on January 24

      I'd ask for a refund but I know that's never going to happen since you probably either blew all the money or ran off with it. Projects like this are why I don't back games on Kickstarter anymore.

    25. sammo21
      on January 23

      FYI, Sam's last login was "Jan 16 2018" so its not like he's stayed away from Kickstarter this whole time.

    26. sammo21
      on January 23

      @Greg Ellis: Yeah, the amount of time that's gone on + the lack of actual content updates makes me suspect in the end. On to of that to see Double Fine and the developer kill the relationship makes me wonder if Double Fine was able to see something we couldn't.

    27. Peter Gervai on January 22

      Well they(?) did _something_, but it's interesting to think about how long it'd take to create the "preview reels" with Blender and a guy familiar with it. Indeed, Greg, that'd be an interesting twist, suspecting that there ain't no code.

    28. Greg Ellis on January 20

      Things don't always go as planned. It's just the lack of communication does make you wonder if it was ever going to work. Sam says he poured heart and soul into the project but we saw none of that. Pictures and a short video. As far as we know this was a straight up conjob from the start.

    29. sammo21
      on January 18

      FYI, the email on the website is no longer active so my money's on the developer no longer being active other. Their Facebook page is just the title, logo, and nothing else.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Kahn
      on January 16

      I didn't lose too much so it is what it is. Sometimes these things don't work out. However, I do think it is outrageous (and probably fraud) that he is still accepting preorders for the game on the lastlife website.

    31. sammo21
      on January 16

      He hasn't been active in Twitter in a long time. He hasn't been active on Kickstarter since his last update almost 1/2 a year ago. I would be fine saying, "OK, fine its a dead Kickstarter" if he had the courtesy to update and say, "Look its going nowhere."

    32. Peter Gervai on January 15

      Just a realistic sidenote for Manny: they have absolutely no hope to get their money, do they? Sam probably have spent it all, and I am considerably sure that if he ever tried to do anything software-y people would kindly inform his empoyers about the outstanding debt he owes, be that Last Life the game or the money to be refunded. I have a feeling that most people, who are otherwise nice and patient, take the absolute non-communication, no information and no-response-attitude and deliberately hostile and they will not want to play "just nice". As for me I'm quite offended and try to follow what Sam may possibly try to do which is related to money of others and do my best to politely inform them that he is expected to mishandle or mismanage the issues, that his supporters [DF] had to say "sorry", and other supporters [us] left in the dark.

      If and when he would happen to have money thre are 4200+ people who is eiligible to sue him, mostly based on violating KS ToS in several points.

    33. MannyLaMancha on January 12

      Although I'd assume that if you have $1000 to drop on a Kickstarter, you're not hurting for money, but do any of the four of you that pledged $1000 have anything to say?

    34. Peter Gervai on January 12

      Thanks sammo for telling. It's not a surprise and I understand how DF possbly isn't too happy about it, but they're possibly cool enough not to make a fuss about and let Sam handle his problems.

    35. sammo21
      on January 11

      I sent a tweet to Double Fine and surprisingly got a response. However, sadly, they could only say they had no contact with the dev and they have no relationship with him any longer.

      I too would like a refund. I wish Kickstarter had an easy way to report delinquent KS campaign runners.

    36. Russell Deitch on January 10

      Another dead KS duck �
      A refund would be good at this point - and pigs have wings.

    37. Jason Stoll on January 9

      I pledged over $100 to get this game. The idea of it was awesome. It was propped up by Double Fine. And I loved artwork. It didn't work out. And not everything does. I will play what I imagined this game to be in my imagination. Lost my cash, got a shirt (I think), and still wish this awesome concept made it to reality. My hope is that the lessons learned were worth it. I have no regrets in backing this (still) brilliant concept. Good luck to everyone involved moving forward.

    38. sammo21
      on January 9

      I'm all for sticking things through and understanding when things don't work out...but I think at this point I would be happy to get a refund on this. Clearly this project is going nowhere and we've not had an update in nearly 6 months.

    39. Matotron on December 27

      I don't know about that Scott. Someone got a nice $103,000 to spend as they wished.

    40. Scott S. on December 24

      This is why we can't have nice things.

    41. Evgueni Baldin on November 29

      Another fraud case on KS.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    42. MannyLaMancha on November 25

      Dan B., don't ever change. :-)

    43. Dan B. on October 25

      Peter: mind your ow business.


    44. Matotron on August 19, 2017

      I'm fine with Dan B entertaining himself by asking for a refund.
      It's not like we've got a game to play instead.

    45. Tracey Craig
      on August 18, 2017

      @Peter Gervai

      I'm in Europe too... UK in fact so yeah it's true it would be verrry difficult to sue unless someone in the US does the filing and we add our names to a petition, but that's unlikely. :(

    46. Peter Gervai on August 17, 2017

      @Dan B.: please realise that you're communicating with the community. We can't and won't refund you, no matter how big your capital letters are. Technically nobody would refund you, unless you take it to the courts.
      You keep repeating that, now stop it, please, it doesn't help neither of us nor you. We've heard you the last few times already.

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