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Help us build a living shade structure in The Guerrilla Garden, a community garden created by residents of the Lower 9th Ward.

8 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still in recovery, and in the Lower 9th Ward, many things still show obvious signs of the storm. There are no grocery stores, and numerous overgrown, empty lots,  many of which have front stairs that lead nowhere, where houses once stood. Still, the neighborhood has heart and strength.

Since 2009, The Backyard Gardener's Network, a nonprofit organization founded by Lower 9th Ward native Jenga Mwendo, has sought to rebuild pride and a sense of community in this neighborhood, through the community's cultural traditions of gardening. 

The Guerrilla Garden was conceived, developed and implemented by Lower 9th Ward residents committed to community revitalization. Recirculating Farms Collation, in cooperation with Backyard Gardeners Network, is raising funds to create a living shade structure, to expand the growing capability of the garden, and provide a respite from the Louisiana sun for garden workers. 

Because this lot, like so many in the area, has no electricity, creative, sustainably-built structures like this one offer a unique solution to a very challenging situation. 

The base structure will be made of flexible metal on which plants such as grapes, tomatoes and luffa will grow, watered by a hydroponic, rain-catching system. Once fully grown out, the structure will not only provide fruit and vegetables for gardeners, but will become a teaching tool for vine growing, sponge making (luffa), and innovative shade structure creation. 

The money we raise will be used to purchase materials and additional items like snacks and drinks for the volunteers building the structure. AND if we exceed our goal (we hope!) - the funds can go to important extras for the garden, like permanent bathroom facilities (currently there are none on site or even nearby). We also strongly believe in the "pay it forward" approach - so any additional funds will go to support another garden build project in a different neighborhood.

A living shade structure in a vegetable garden may not seem like a big project, but in the Lower 9th Ward, everything has a real, meaningful impact on the spirits and quality of life of its residents. By donating even one dollar, you are helping to turn our commitment to growing a healthy, safe, and engaged neighborhood into a reality. 


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The Guerrilla Garden is a community owned and run lot, and because of this, we are free to build structures to enhance the farm as we see fit. If the money is raised, we will begin construction on the structure immediately. As it grows, it will change in appearance from year to year, creating a living art piece for the community.


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