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A group of strangers will board a bus. At 60 miles an hour and over 48 hours, they will conceive, build and launch up to 7 startups. Read more

New York, NY Software
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This project's funding goal was not reached on March 7, 2011.

A group of strangers will board a bus. At 60 miles an hour and over 48 hours, they will conceive, build and launch up to 7 startups.

New York, NY Software
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About this project

A group of strangers will board a bus. At 60 miles an hour and over 48 hours, they will conceive, build and launch a startup on their way to SxSW. Welcome to the StartupBus


We put 25 people on the inaugural StartupBus last year, from San Francisco to Austin. 20 people pitched, six teams formed, all six launched and then pitched them in front of a panel of high profile investors. This year, we’re aiming for up to 150 people on six buses, representing tech hubs from all over the country and create exposure of the entrepreneurial talent we have across America...with a little healthy competition along the way.

The need

We have sponsors covering some of the biggest costs (thank you Xero and others!). But we need more help. Buses are expensive and we want to be sure that participant fees aren't a barrier to anyone.

Your impact

If we reach our goal, you’ll help reduce participant fees. If we raise a little extra, you’ll provide some highly appreciated creature comforts. If we raise a hell of a lot more more, we’ll be able to add more buses, possibly representing your region in the tech battle.

Your Reward

In exchange for helping fuel some of the craziest innovation in startups, we offer you a way to be a part of the experience, even if you can’t join us on the bus. This includes exclusive access to the developers and products, public recognition of your support and potentially even a chance to ride into Austin with us on the bus.

And of course, if you’re in Austin for SxSW come say hi and see the startups launch during the official SxSW event organized at the Hilton.

Thank you for your support,

Justin Isaf StartupBus Community Director

To find out more about the StartupBus, to get an invite to apply, or to see the startups launch, connect at


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  • You selected
    $25 reward

    18 backers

    ...and we'll put you on the bus! OK, really it's just your name on the side of a bus (and the website), but at least you can tell your friends you were on it and it wont be lying!

  • You selected
    $50 reward

    4 backers

    ...and you can meet the developers in exclusive chats twice a day while we're rolling to hear about how things are going, ask questions, get sneak peeks and give early feedback. And you'll get your name on a bus.

  • You selected
    $100 reward

    3 backers

    ...and you'll be invited to party like it's hour 49 at any party the StartupBus hosts - any of the city launch parties, the pitch event, or any stop we make along the way (traffic delays permitting). And everything else above.

  • You selected
    $200 reward

    3 backers Limited (47 left of 50)

    ...and we'll send you on your own personal easter egg hunt to find your own secret thank you page on one of the Startups' domains so you can prove to all your friends that "you were there when" and helped make it all possible. (We'll let you put almost anything on it that's reasonable, not an ad and not illegal, immoral or just plain stupid.) And all the other things before this, of course

  • You selected
    $500 reward

    1 backer Limited (24 left of 25)

    ...and we'll take you out for a night cap or dinner in Austin with the startup team of your choice...goodness knows we'll need good food and a stiff drink ourselves at that point. And you get all the fancy stuff we talked about before.

  • You selected
    $1,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    ...and you'll get to challenge a bus conductor to do something, and we'll do it. *Some restrictions may apply...including the illegal, immoral or stupid rule. Plus, you get everything before this...except the night cap

  • You selected
    $5,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    ...and you can actually get on the bus. The StartupBus attracts some of the best and most driven talent from all over the world. If you're a recruiter, investor, press or just someone who loves to see crazy people doing crazier things, we'll put you on the bus of your choice for the last leg into Austin Texas so you can get an early look and meet the people who are making it all happen. We'll even throw in motion sickness pills and everything before this except the Night Cap or the Challenge.

  • You selected
    $10,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    ...and you'll be a hero. We'll make you an official sponsor for one of the regions and promote you (or your brand) on the bus and promotional materials. While we'd love your sponsorship, this is something you should probably email us about first to work out the details.

Funding period

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