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A ground-breaking debut novel for the Lost-and-Found Generation
A ground-breaking debut novel for the Lost-and-Found Generation
76 backers pledged $5,001 to help bring this project to life.

3/4 of the way home, 20 days left to get to $5000

Dear Friends,

Thanks to a flurry of contributions in the last few days, "Returns and Exchanges" is just shy of 75% to being funded on January 4th, which is the deadline. Please accept my sincere and undiminished gratitude for your commitment to seeing my novel published. I would be well on the way to nowhere without you guys.

Hard work remains, of course. $1300 in 20 days to publish a book is no small feat, but there's cause for optimism, seeing your encouraging responses.

Remember - there's nothing like word of mouth to create interest, especially when it comes to book recommendations. Friends listen to friends, even parents to their children sometimes, when it comes to literature. It's asking a lot, I know, but given that you've already invested, you surely want to see this succeed.

If I can kindly badger you to help push the funding to $5000 in these last 2+ weeks, PLEASE PLEASE simply:

1) Take a moment to forward my email titled "Introducing "Returns and Exchanges..." to your friends and family;

2) Post this on FB/Twitter: Help a friend get published and SEE YOUR NAME IN PRINT:;

3) Mention "Returns and Exchanges" if someone asks you for a book recommendation,

4) Suggest this as a UNIQUE and LASTING gift idea! Remember: Every donor like yourself will have his or her name in print - in EVERY book published. Every donor will also get a gift or two for contributing, as you already know. It makes for a great dedication gift, as well.

- -
KEEP IN MIND: It would be a terrible shame to come up short by even a little. None of the money (not a cent!) will be released unless the full $5000 is reached.

Once more, thank you, thank you and... thank you. R&E is almost home. With a little help from my friends, there's no doubt of a happy ending to this story ;)

All the very best,



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