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Things is a satirical short film set in an alternate universe.
Things is a satirical short film set in an alternate universe.
53 backers pledged $2,565 to help bring this project to life.

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Thanks ya'll!

We made it! I can't believe it- now to make an awesome film. With all this amazing support it will be hard not to.

We'll post another update with a little something-something for you this weekend.

A Confession

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Hedgehog Mania

You folks are too kind, thank you so much. If I had been told roughly a week ago that we would raise over $1000 for “Things” in roughly one week, I would have asked “how?”

I’m sure there are more kind souls out there that will propel us through our goal and beyond.

Thanks also to this very website. We were excited when we saw the great people at Kickstarter placed our project on the “Recommended” page.

(Photoshop used only for cropping)

In other news, HEDGEHOG MANIA has hit our area.

We’ve been posting these everywhere to promote our fundraising efforts.

And I mean ev-
We’re also planning a party. We have the venue, the bands, and the comedians now all we need are the party guests.

The Secret Hedgehog Party is occurring at 8pm on February 20th at The Calico Room in our fair city of Wilmington, NC.

It will feature local bands Vonnegutrade, King Beard, Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine, and Charlie the Horse.

Comedywise we have the very funny Wilmington residents Brian Piccolo and Mike Santo. Even Adam and I are planning to tear up the stage with buddy comedy before dropping the mic like this.

Come on out if you're in the area, and tell your friends. They are nice people and like to have fun.

Now on to Watson, who we all know you really came here for.

We want Watson to autograph this picture we took of him

but he’s so lazy! He hasn’t even touched the script yet.
Just this week we’ve cast all but two of our actors and they’re chomping at the bit to go over the script. What’s the deal, Watson? Get chompin’ at that bit.

Thanks again for your support. We can’t wait to make this movie.

One last update… I just posted our first update.