Car Hammock

by Hanson Ely

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      J. Garcia on

      awesome. i am grateful that you're willing to hear x number of 'fuck that's from all of your backers to ensure that my product lasts years to come. im handy with a needle-n-thread and a sewing machine, so i won't let mine die (as with all other gears i invest my hard earned dollars into) even if the stitching was subpar, but im glad you guys reiterated a better design that dropped a shoddy piece earlier. this ain't no video gmae, you can just update, this is a solid thing that plans to support the weight of myself, wife, and child (at most) if there aren't enough tree/ hammock hanging options; i don't want to fall onto jax' carseat or the center console in the middle of the night. thank you. my wife (who backed the other size) is going to be pretty upset, but she'll live. i went into this endeavor expecting the worst to cushion myself from frustrations over delays, i was prepared. plus, i build gears, so i know how iffy stuff can be sometimes. just because it 'exists' doesn't mean its efficient and well worked out. thanks again you guys, stitch my new one with lime green and we'll call it even ;)

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      Jolyon Wharton on

      I wanted mine for a trip round Europe in my Landy. My Land Rover Defender has now been stolen so this is now as much use at fucking tits on a bull. Thanks for reminding me I don't have a landy any more or for that fucking matter a hammock. Perfect.