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This is a documentary following four students, their experiences, histories, and expectations as we go to Italy on tour.

This is a documentary following four students, their experiences, histories, and expectations as we go to Italy on tour.

This is a documentary following four students, their experiences, histories, and expectations as we go to Italy on tour. Read more
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Voci Uniti:

This is a project that will follow four students as we prepare, and travel to Italy for a tour in January. The experiences, histories, goals, fears, and development of each of them is to be captured. I am looking to have one from each main section (SATB), and trying to have contrasting people to be featured.

The end result is a full DVD/ Blu-ray documentary production, which will include stills, bonus videos, bonus audio, and other content. The main video documentary will be posted online following the finalization of the project.

Because I am following four unique subjects around a country I've never been, this is a trying task. I am working out the logistics of recording, and want to capture as much as possible. I will be using a Canon HF-G10, as well as supplementing it with a Go Pro Hero HD. The goal is to show the development of the University of Wisconsin - Superior Acappella choir, and the sense of unity that develops over the course of a semester and the performances. Even though students change, seasons change, and life changes, there is a unique sense of growth that happens in rehearsals and beyond. This is what I wish to show by documenting the performances and the featured choir students.


  • Voci Uniti is a documentary I am working on as a college capstone. It will document the experiences of four students going on a choir tour to Italy. This includes the expectations, fears, and trials building up to and resulting from the tour of Italy.

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  • The documentary, although based on an Acapella choir tour of Italy, is not fully entirely focusing on the music. The experience of the four students; each with their own histories, skills, goals, and passions is the focus of the documentary. The sense of growth and, of course, unity, that develops as the choir approaches the performances, is the showcase of the project.

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  • All people who donate get access to the main production once it's fully produced. I am considering having higher level donations getting access to a mastered DVD or Blu-ray. Also, anyone over a set amount gets access to my currently in progress narrative video project, called "The Drive".

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  • We haven't gone yet, and the photo is of a standard choir rehearsal as I tested some of the gear out. Provided the project comes together, I'll have better content, and more of it. Flashy and amazing photos will follow.

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  • Just a poor film student, really. It's part of my college capstone. But beyond that, it's a project to give back to the choir, Dr. Faerber, my friends, and everyone. I feel I owe them that. This is to help produce it (note, student), and show our wonderful choir off to the world. Not to mention showing the world off to our wonderful choir.

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  • To that I will give the phrase presented to our choir time and again. "Kia Kaha!" Which is a Maori phrase that can mean "Be strong!".

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