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$49,286 pledged of $250,000 goal
$49,286 pledged of $250,000 goal

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We have over 1000 backers and over a 1000 shares on facebook! This is insane! We are so stoked about this that as a celebration we are giving you the alpha demo of Festival of Magic to try it out for yourself! Thank you all so much for all your fantastic support and encouraging words. Because of you, we have doubled our effort and will keep fighting as long as it takes to make this game happen. In the meantime enjoy the demo and make sure to let us know what you think.

What can I expect of this early Demo?

This demo is a very early peak into the game and does not represent how the final game will be. It demonstrates our goal for visuals, the initial farming, the basic combat, featuring pairs and some puzzle mechanics. Animations and Particle effects are among the most obvious placeholders. All of which will be vastly improved up on! For controls and some other info please read the README file. 

The game is best played with a PS3 or Xbox360 controller.

Keep in mind that we have not actually done any testing yet on Linux, so we can not guarantee it will work yet.

If you would like to tell us what you think of the alpha, please go to our forum. You can also go to our Facebook page if you prefer.

What about the Alpha Tier?

For you that has backed for our Alpha tier and wonder why the Demo has been released free for everyone; do not worry! The alpha tier comes with more than just this Demo release. There will be many more updates to the alpha and a lot more alpha testing to come that will not be available to the public. You will be listed in the Credit as alpha tester. You will have Alpha forum access (including Alpha tester badge) where you can submit bugs and request features and have a direct dialogue with the dev team.


Project Spotlight

Paradise Lost: First Contact

This game is an awesome little (but big) side-scroller sci-fi where you play as an alien plant trying to escape a science facility. It has so much charm and personality with its pixelated graphics we know you are just going to love it! It is based on action and stealth and the developers has been inspired by games such as Metal Gear and Oddworld. 

The Mandate

Finally we would like to bring to your attention the exciting Space RPG project The Mandate here on Kickstarter. A vastly rich space exploration game with a lot of depth and cool space combat mechanics.  

It's a game that we have been backing our selves and the great news is that they have passed their funding goal! They have a lot of great rewards, but there is only 2 more days until their campaign is over. Check it out here

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Burwood on

      @Alzorath - Oh, absolutely agreed!

      In general: Games should always make 100% of the inputs rebindable for all of their supported input devices. Its a pain when games don't allow it at all. And it just plain baffles me when a game is designed with most, but not ALL buttons rebindable--why in the world stop short if you've already developed the framework for remapping and it could have been applied all the way?

      Food for thought for all game developers ;)

    2. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      The combat seems really basic to me, not a lot going on, but maybe I missed something. I realize it's just pre-alpha, though.

      I didn't make it through the desert. It got difficult trying to figure out which statue to go to next, so after having to restart twice, I grew impatient and gave up.

    3. Christian Steudtner on

      @Bruno >_< yeah ok, that was just plain dumb from me - but with the screen resolution problem it doesn't change that much whether I can control anything since I only see like around two Thirds of the actual screen ;) [I can switch workspaces to see the rest, but the screen on the other workspace only shows content if I'm in the menu, for the regular game I only see a white-screen/buggy graphics, but I think that is because of the multiple workspaces]
      @ fceramic: I was aware of the response from Snowcastle, I only wanted to add that it was a problem that happened to more than one person [Ubuntu 12.04 if that matters]

    4. Ariel

      @Venron, if it works for you I guess I'll need to update my OS to 10.9 for the demo to work?

    5. Alzorath on

      @Ken - honestly I hope they make it rebindable, would make the controls much more adaptable (especially for keyboard users... though I am glad to see they allow you to use the arrow keys and/or wasd... actually found myself using both together along with the other keys... only thing that felt weird was esc for cancel, because it's far enough away that I have to move my hand off my usual typing position - v or b would be good... or even f...)

    6. Missing avatar

      Ken Burwood on

      Looks like a fun game, just played through the demo and backed.

      Suggestions on controllers: When fine-tuning the final game, please, please, please make it so that the d-pad can also operate the menu system. I can walk around just fine using the d-pad, but it doesn't do a thing in the menu system. The menu system should be able to use the same stick (or pad) as walking around does. Especially if we're using a controller that only has a d-pad (I like joysticks and generally choose to use those over game pads).

    7. Alzorath on

      @fceramic http://www.youtube.com/alzorath - I've yet to do a test recording for the demo just yet, but really looking forward to helping the project (I love classic-style RPGs) - if I can't get good footage, I may do something more like what I did with the Generation One & Bliss episode (slide-show of assets/footage) :)

    8. Bruno V. on

      @Christian The controls are given in the README. Always read the README ;)

    9. fceramic on

      That's awesome! Do you have a link to your channel?
      People like you are essential for this Kickstarter to have a chance of making it. We just need to get the ball rolling. We are currently trying to spread the word in the Reddit-verse which will hopefully make more gamers engaged with the project. I guess FoM's stylised Disney-esque graphics might turn some people off thinking it's for a younger demographic (an unfortunate western phenomenon), so we really need to prove that this is a labor of love from true JRPG and anime geeks.

    10. Alzorath on

      Glad to see this come out, was actually about to send you guys a message asking if you had a trial version I could use to promote the kickstarter with on my channel :) - Provided recording goes smoothly, I should have a video up to help spread the word within a week :D (I unfortunately can't afford alpha access right now... but yea - definitely looking forward to the game)

    11. fceramic on

      Like music to my ears! :)
      Yes it's far from optimised. That part usually comes at a later stage in development and I'm pretty sure it will be a very lightweight game in the end considering the stylised graphics. Custom shaders and an expanded art team will be part of that process.
      Glad you're excited about the game - be sure to spread the word!

    12. fceramic on

      Here's SnowCastle's statement.
      "we will make an update to the linux build on monday. You are supposed to get a screen resolution dialogue box before the games starts, the same place where you can change button and key mapping. (At least you do on PC/Mac)"

    13. Missing avatar

      Tasrayryn on

      I loved the demo. It definitely needs some optimizing to deal with the frame rate issues, but apart from that there weren't too many bugs that I encountered. I didn't kill my plants like other people appear to have done by accident. I did notice you can walk through the statue to the left of the field though. Obviously since it's a pre-alpha demo these sorts of things are going to happen, but it's looking amazing for that stage of development. Can't wait to play more.

    14. Christian Steudtner on

      I started the demo and the look/sound is really great! But I could barely play it because of the already stated issues on Linux (I had no chance to change the screen resolution, also I had no option to change/figure out controls, other to punch random keys on my keyboard).

    15. Venron

      I ran into the accidentally removing plants issue as well, except I don't have my controller yet, so I am not sure how I could be accidentally hitting down on the keyboard. I am on a MacBook Pro, Mac OS 10.9, 2.2 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM. After doing some farming for a while, I am getting spinning beachballs and no activity (but the music is still playing fine).

    16. Jessi on

      Just played the demo and loved it! I left feedback on your forum, but not sure if it worked. (The users posts aren't showing up, or maybe they're just hidden?) Anyways, here's the short version of my feedback:

      Loved almost everything! Visuals are very charming. The barnacles are adorable. I love the main+support combined health pool in battles. Controls are a little funky. I also killed my plants by accident.

      For suggestions, I would love to see special types of seeds. Maybe some that give experience points, special spells/abilities, materials for outfits, etc. Or maybe plant hybridizing, like breeding a fire and water plant together to create a new plant that gives both water and fire spuds. I find that fun stuff like this helps break the tedium of farming games, which can become rather chore-like after a while if players are always growing the same kinds of plants for the same reasons.

    17. Jayvir on

      I had some issues with the build just randomly closing for a while and then it finally worked. Aside from that, I couldn't get any controller I had to work with it. All in all, it seems solid. Nothing that can't be ironed out over time.

    18. Ariel

      What version of Mac OS did you test that demo on? Cause it doesn't work for me on OS 10.8.5. I have a MacBook Pro, 2.66 Ghz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM. The application just won't open at all.

    19. Tim Fuchs on

      One thing about farming - I managed to remove the plants by mistake quite a few times. It seems that if you collect fruit (message appears), then press 'down' and then space, the second space is interpreted like a menu command 'remove plant'

    20. Bruno V. on

      Gotcha! I realize that the other alpha was recent and I didn't expect much more, just curious until I can find out for myself :)

    21. fceramic on

      This is the same content that was used in the video. Basically this is a vertical slice that we showed on PAX in September. Since then we have been working smaller prototypes of new systems such as the overworld, new camera mechanics and barnacle care. Not to mention the Greenlight and Kickstarter campaign which is a lot of work for such small team.

    22. Snowcastle Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming.

      @Bruno: It's pretty much the same - with a few less bugs. ;-)

      @Dawn, we will make an update to the linux build on monday. You are supposed to get a screen resolution dialogue box before the games starts, the same place where you can change button and key mapping. (At least you do on PC/Mac)

    23. Bruno V. on

      Until I get to try it myself, I wanted to ask: is this the same as we have seen in the videos, or is it expanded some? Snowcastle are probably in bed by now, but maybe some of you have reached the end of the demo already?

    24. Stephen Belanger on

      The art looks great! :D

      A few little bugs here and there, like the stone in the first area that has no collision body.

      As Neo mentioned, the ability to zoom and rotate the camera would be really helpful. I died a couple times in the desert due to not being able to see where the next shadow was.

      The UI looks a little bland in places. Particularly the level up UI.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dawn on

      Linux(Ubuntu 13.10) It looks lovely, but it isn't detecting my screen resolution right, so the window is actually going across all my workspaces. And I plugged in the xbox 360 controller, it has up and down confused on the left joystick, and the start button does not work as start, just sort of button mashed until It took me past that screen. Looks v promising, although I couldn't really play it as I can only view the upper left half of the screen. Still, for an alpha, impressive :3 Keep up the good work guys.

    26. Dell Goodman on

      I just tried the demo, I wasn't to keen on the farm at first (the farm aspect in World of Warcraft is tedious), but after having a quick 5 mins on the demo. The farm seems really quick to deal with, so not a major hassle as I first expected. I only did one combat before turning it off, don't want to over do the demo and then sit there excited for every day to pass till this releases.

      It's a really bright game with a soft art style charm to it. I can not wait for this to release on the Wii U. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      It works well on Linux. The one thing I'd like to see in the game - zoom in/out camera and rotation if possible. But zoom is better. The other things are fine.

    28. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      The demo is awesome and there are a lot of fun in this game! :D

    29. Chelle M on

      This is going to go over quite well! I know its early alpha, but the game is lovely looking already.

      Its great to see some cross-promoting as well. :) Both the suggested games look real nifty. Best of luck to them... and of course, FoM!

    30. Bruno V. on

      I'll probably try out the Linux version tonight and let you know how it goes!

    31. Jayvir on

      I'm all over this demo like ointment on a bad rash.