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Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
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Friendly reminder to backers who need to submit their names

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

A few days ago we sent out an invitation to those entitled to submit their names on the credits list. We did the same with those who purchased the tear allowing them to name in in-game ghost.

Please make sure to do this before Monday May 9th!

Quick Progress Report

The game is now in all sense done. We are still doing internal and professional external quality testing and tweaking where needed.

We are also in the process of obtaining the needed age ratings. We are currently given an ESRB rating of T and a German USK rating of 12. 

Beta schedule

Once we have tweaked the last pieces and gotten the names mentioned above in, we will begin to set up a schedule for the beta test. It will be distributed over Steam. We will post an update once we get there with instructions.

Best regards,

Your name in the credits

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

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Time to name your Ghost in Earthlock

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

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GDC 2016

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

In This Update

  • Progression Report
  • My GDC Experience 
  • Our Current Thoughts On Our Release Plans

Progress Report

Hello Backers,

As scheduled, back in February we were more or less done the game, but we felt there was missing some flow. With you guys in mind we made the decision to add a few more dungeons as well as tweaking the beginning and ending of the game. Dedicating this month and the next to those tasks, we can feel the growing level of consistent quality throughout the whole game. Once the entire game is up to our standards, which we plan it to be by the end of April, we can fully dedicate our time to the console certification processes. If that goes smoothly we’ll have a summer release date.


My GDC Experience

Introduced in the previous updates, I’m Andrew, Snowcastles’ new PR and Marketing Manager. Though I’ve been addicted to video games my whole life and know my fair share about the gaming industry, none of this prepared me for what my first GDC experience was. For those of you who have been, well, you know what’s like. But for those of you who haven’t, I’ll try and summarize my experience in a short paragraph. This place was massive, I’m talking two enclosed rooms the size of a football field, filled with everything that is gaming. You had indie teams from around the world mixed with some of the biggest industry leaders. Now fill these rooms with thousands of gaming fanatics and you get GDC.

Our booth was located in the GDC Play area of the event where we were lucky enough to meet quite a few of you guys. Shout out to the guys from Hex Heroes who brought us some well needed food to get us through the last few hours. It was an awesome experience. Though I did feel like I was drowning a bit in the craziness of GDC at times, I was able to meet some industry veterans and key members of the press. All in all, it was everything you’d expect from a gaming conference and so much more. By the way, got to try Oculus Rift’s Valkyrie Multiplayer simulator… Can confidently say I will be losing quite a few hours of my life to that once I can eventually get my hands on one of those bad boys.

Andrew in action
Andrew in action

Our Current Thoughts On Our Release Plans

As you know we will be releasing first on XboxOne and then the other platforms will follow.

Seeing as this is our first experience releasing a game to multiple platforms, it’s been a bit of a conundrum for us deciding our release order. One of the takeaways from GDC was some insight regarding our launch strategy. We had the opportunity to discuss our situation with some industry veterans and shared with them the feedback some of you backers have given us.

Option 1: Sales first

The first option is to release the game on XboxOne and Steam simultaneously. The upside to this option is giving earlier access to more of our backers while increasing our initial sales. 

Option 2: Quality first

The second option is to release on PS4 and Steam after our initial release on XboxOne. The upside to this would be allowing us to make changes to Earthlock based on the feedback given after the initial XboxOne release if needed.

Just wanted to keep you guys in the loop on where our heads are at here at Snowcastle.

This was my first update for you guys and I hope was able to answer more questions that I might have created. I’ll be back next month with what I hope to be the most exciting update yet.

Best regards,
Andrew Potter
The Snowcastle Team

Short but Sweet

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

 In This Update: 

  • Progression Report 
  • XboxOne Certification Process Update 
  • GDC San Francisco 2016 Update 
  • Release plans - XboxOne, PS4, WiiU, Steam

Progression Report

January has been an extremely productive month for us, followed by a great start to February. We are hoping to have a fully completed version of the game where players can play from A to Z without interruption, early next week. This means that the next few days are going to be crucial and we’re all praying that no new bugs arise in the coding. It seems the closer we get to completing the game, the further away it feels.

We will be getting some help from a professional quality assurance team and once we are done squashing the bugs they report, we should be ready for beta testing. 

XboxOne Certification Update

If all things go as planned, we are hoping to have a playable version of the game done by the end of the week. This is the main focus behind the XboxOne certification process therefore we feel we’re almost ready for assessment to begin.

GDC San Francisco 2016 Update

As mentioned in the previous update, we are attending GDC in San Francisco this year from March 14-18th, 2016. We have now received our booth number, PL319 which is located in the GDC Play exhibit area of the event. We can’t wait to attend the event! GDC is always a great way to meet our gamers first hand and get a good feel on what people think of the game. If any of you are attending GDC please come by, we would love to meet you!

Release plans - XboxOne, PS4, WiiU, Steam 

 As mentioned in previous updates, we are planning to launch first on the XboxOne. After that we will continue on to PS4, Wii U and Steam release. The order of releases after the XboxOne is not set in stone, but it seems likely that we will do the PS4 and WiiU before a Steam release. Beta testing will only be on Steam since doing a beta test on a console is likely to delay launch on the given console for months.

That is all from us this time! We’ll be back mid next month with hopefully some big news for you guys, stay tuned. For anyone interested in a more personal view of our production process, check out our Instagram account: @SnowcastleGames.

Cheers Everyone!


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