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Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
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Survey imminent, Steam, PS4, Wii U, Linux, Boxed Version, Localization

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

In this update

  • Backer survey being prepared
  • PS4 launch plans
  • Wii U launch plans
  • Linux launch plans
  • Physical Box production plans
  • Localisation in progress
  • GOG

Dear backers, 

We are so happy and proud to begin to deliver what we promised back in April 2014. It has taken longer than we intended, but then again we set out to make eight hours of gameplay. What we now deliver is closer to thirty hours of gameplay. We have had to cut elements that we intended to include and we have added elements that we had not thought of back when we ran the Kickstarter. We have poured everything we have into the game and sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

Backer survey 

We have been waiting to send out the backer survey until ID@Xbox had announced that we were on GwG. Also the longer we wait the less people change their mind before launch.

One of our backers suggested that those who are already paying for the GwG subscription can get the option to choose to save their key for game number two, Earthlock: The Final Memory.  We think this is a great idea so we will add this to the list of options. 

We are now working on the survey and as soon as it is ready we will send it out.

PS4 launch plans

We are starting the process with PS4 now and expect it will take roughly 5-8 weeks. We really want the game out on October 1st but it's likely it might take a few weeks longer. It's much the same process as the XboxOne certification. We appreciate that some of you are really impatient, but rest assured that the battle worn team is still soldiering on.

Wii U launch plans

We are dead set on getting the game out on Wii U. We believe our backers deserve it and on the contrary to what some say, we also believe there is still a Wii U market worth pursuing. How long it takes we don't know, but we really, really want to launch on Wii U in good time before the holiday season. (That means November)

Linux launch plans

The plan is currently to make the Linux version in parallel with the Wii U version. We will likely do a Linux beta version first. Right now we are working at max capacity with all tasks at hand so it is in the queue, but not forgotten.

Physical Box

SOEDSECO has began the preparations. As soon as we have more news on this, we will let you know.


Together with SOEDESCO we have began the work on translating the game into 7 different languages.

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Simplified Chinese

More languages might get added later. The game consists of 47,000 words so it will take some time.


We met with GOG at Gamescom and will be working with them to get the game out there as well. Hopefully we will manage to get the game up on GOG on the launch day or very close to it.

That is all for now.

Best regards,

New Trailer, Games with Gold, Gamescom

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

In this update 

  • New Trailer 
  • Games with Gold 
  • Gamescom 
  • SOEDESCO - Boxed versions of Earthlock 

Games with Gold

Today Microsoft finally announced that we will be doing a one month exclusive launch on XboxOne and be included in the Games with Gold program. 

What this means is that Games with Gold subscribers will be able to download the game for free during that month. More importantly it also means that a lot of people will learn about the existence of Earthlock. The strategy on our side is long term. We are planning on making two more Earthlock games and with GwG our reach has increased tremendously. 

We are extremely proud to have managed to make this deal with Microsoft!  

However, some backers have expressed disappointment that the game will be made free for the GwG subscribers. (It's not really free as they are paying a subscription) 

To the disappointment I would like to remind you that you have backed a project on Kickstarter where the purpose is to help make the game a reality. That goal has now been achieved. With GwG we also believe we have a much better chance of making this game a success. Also rest assured that the GwG deal has helped us raise more investor funding that again helped us complete the game in the quality we think you deserve. 

Now on a more practical issue, if you were planning on getting your key for XboxOne, then you can either give one away or get your key on another platform. If you give it to a friend as a gift you can mention that you actually helped make this game. (If you don't subscribe to GwG, then you will still need your key from us) 

For everyone else the price for a digital version of Earthlock will be $29.99.


It's been some hectic days here at Gamecom. If you are attending Gamecom let us know and we might find a way to meet up. We would love to meet our backers! We got some new printed comic books in our backpack that we will share with any of you. (Until we are out)


Our physical publisher SOEDESCO is working hard on getting physical boxes of Earthlock out for PS4, XboxOne and Steam before Christmas. We have also started translating the game to 7 languages. It's a huge job as the game consists of more than 47,000 words. More on that progress later in September. 

That's all for now, 
-Snowcastle Team

Release Date & Trailer

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

We finally have a confirmed release date: Sept 1st

We will be launching on both XboxOne and PC/Mac(Possibly Linux) on September 1st. (PS4 and Wii U as soon as possible after that)

At the end of the journey...

Dear backer, 

This is it! We have been certified. We have a set launch date. It's no longer a tentative date. 

Looking back over the last year, the team has done a fantastic job both in terms of work load, but also in quality. It is very clear that we have become better at making games over the course of production. 

We set out to create 8 hours of fun gameplay, but our ambition and some wonderful funding opportunities have enabled us to create a game that most will spend over 20 hours to complete. 

The project began almost 5 years ago and by the time we launched the Kickstarter campaign, we were running out of money and gumption. The campaign changed all that. Not only did it give us the funds to continue production, but it helped us regain the belief that we were working on a game worth doing. 4500 backers does that to you.

So thank you all for making this game possible!

Now the work begins...

The most common mistake amongst indie developers and other creative entrepreneurs is that the job is done once the product is complete. This is in fact the time when the real job begins. In order to survive to make more games, we will need to begin to make money. (We are now 12 people working full time and 6 people part time.)

Today we announce the release date and the trailer and we will have to shift some efforts from QA and testing to marketing. As of now, about 4500 people know about Earthlock. To the rest of the world, well we pretty much don't exist. Changing that is what the marketing job is all about. 

Want to help? Clicking like, voting up, sharing tweets, FB posts, etc will make a big difference to us.

Here are some places we are precent in sosial media:

That's it for now!
-Snowcastle Team

Beta Test Update v1.1

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)
Earthlock on Steam Store
Earthlock on Steam Store

Beta Test Update v1.1

Reminder to those that may have missed the previous update, Beta Testing is now live on steam! If you have not already registered your Steam key, please search your email inbox for a mail from humblebundle with the subject

“Your Earthlock: Festival of Magic - Beta Test order is ready”

If you can’t find it, please contact us through a PM here on Kickstarter.

Beta Test Update v 1.1

Later tonight, we will be updating the beta on steam with a number of changes. Do to technical reasons, save files may or may not transfer properly from the previous version onto the new one. If your save file does happen to transfer successfully, we still recommend restarting the game because there have been a lot of changes to the balancing. We have posted a detailed list of all updates made for this version on the Steam Community page.

Big thank you to everyone who has been testing it so far, especially to those being vocal with their opinions through the community page. We’ve been taking everything into consideration and we encourage you guys to continue to voice your opinions, it’s all been very helpful!


The Snowcastle Team

The Time Has Arrived - Beta Testing Begins

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Status Report: We are still going through the certification processes. This is our first time so it is taking us longer than hoped for.

Age Rating Process: We started this process back in mid April, six weeks later and down $7,849, we now have all the ratings we need to move ahead. It’s the year 2016 but some of the rating agencies are not capable of downloading a 5Gb game and need it burned on a DVD and physically shipped. This made for an interesting dilemma considering none of our computers came with a stock DVD burner. For those interested in our ratings, the processing time and costs of each rating, check out the table below.

Rating Costs Breakdown
Rating Costs Breakdown

Beta Testing: Your patience has paid off and it’s time for beta testing. Today, our beta version is live on steam and those who have backed the appropriate tier are invited to give us some much valued feedback. Within the next few hours, you will receive an email from Snowcastle with your Steam beta key. For those who have downloaded the alpha version, your game will automatically update so there is nothing for you to do there.

Note: be sure to check your junk folder if you have not received your key by the end of the day

All feedback you guys have for us can emailed to or you can send us a message to our facebook page if you'd prefer.

We will also be sending out a survey in the next few days that will hold multiple questions about the game and your experience. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and the more constructive, the better!

Important Note: This version of the beta will only work with platform controllers (PS4/Xboxone/Xbox360) We will be adding Steam controller support, and PC mouse support later on.

Spoiler Warning: This game does not represent the final version of Earthlock: Festival of Magic. Therefore for those of you who would just like to enjoy the game, we suggest waiting until the official launch.

Please: If you guys would like to take screenshots or video recordings of the game, we kindly ask for you to consult with us first before sharing it with the world. This is until the game is officially launched, after which you are more then free to do what you would like.

As soon as we know more and have been certified, you guys will be one of the first to know!

All the best,

The Snowcastle Team