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Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
4,506 backers pledged $178,193 to help bring this project to life.

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Shoutout to our friends and Paypal update.

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

Paypal Pledges: $2 760
We will keep the Paypal totals updated on

Remaining for Crafting System stretch goal: $29 047

Almost all backers have gotten their payments processed and we are very soon ready to send out invite to our pledge manager.

We just want to reiterate that in the pledge manager you will able to provide us with your shipping address, inform us of which add-ons you want for your add-on amount and which platforms you want your games on. You will also be able to add more Add-Ons if you want, so it is not too late at all to get ahold of our newest Add-On the Art book.

Mark of the Old Ones

Our friends at Hit the Sticks have a campaign going for Mark of the Old Ones, please show them some love and back them! They say: "It's a 2.5D Metroidvania physics platformer. Inspired by some of our favorite games such as Metroid and Zelda, as well as by the mythos of HP Lovecraft. We modernize the classics by adding dynamic inverse kinematic animation to the mix; giving you the ability to explore and interact with the game world in ways that you never have before, in ways that will quickly become natural to your fingers, brain, and gamer soul."

Hex Heroes

Prismatic Games has only a few hours left of their campaign for Hex Heroes and they are just below the funding goal. Hex Heroes looks really fun and it would be awesome if you would consider helping them out with their final stretch!

General Information for Post-Campaign Handling

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

This update will cover some general information about pledges, add-ons, rewards and Paypal as well as to hopefully address some of your most pressing questions about the post-campaign experience.

Collecting Pledges

We are currently in the process of collecting the pledge funds from everyone. This process will take about two weeks to give backers some time to fix any issues they may have had with the initial transfer. 

Pledge Manager

After the initial two weeks (this is an estimate) and if the system is ready we will be sending out invites to all kickstarter backers and Paypal backers to our Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager is a system for us to manage all backers, pledges, and rewards and is not part of Kickstarter (as a company) itself.

In the pledge manager, you will be able to select which add-ons you want for your pledge, add-on funds if you want more than you had allotted during the kickstarter, supply us with your shipping address (if you have pledged for any physical rewards), and select the platform you want the game on for each of your copies. 

You will also be able to add more add-ons if you desire! So, for anyone who missed our late-campaign physical add-on announcements such as the art book or the Amon figure, there is no need to worry. You may add those in the Pledge Manager.

The Pledge Manager will also be used to manage digital reward distribution such as download links and unlock codes. 

The invite for the Pledge Manager will be sent to the same email as the one receiving this  update (the one registered with your Kickstarter account). That same email will also be registered to your pledge manager account. You will be able to change this email in the account settings in the pledge manager. 


Our Paypal system is still live on and will be out until the end of the month of May. Anyone who was not able to back our kickstarter is more than welcome to support us through our Paypal site while this is active!  

Please note that if you have backed us through Kickstarter then do not use the Paypal site to back us further as that would create duplicate accounts for you in the Pledge Manager. You will be able to back us further if you wish through the Add-On system in the Pledge Manager once that system is live. 

Any additional funds we get through more add-ons in the Pledge Manager as well as new pledges through Paypal will go towards our Stretch Goals and we will keep you regularly updated on the total amount raised. 


Rewards will not be sent out until the Pledge Manager system is live as that system is the easiest for us to manage and distribute rewards to our backers. Once the Pledge Manager goes live we will send out invites to our backers only section of our forum as well!

Alpha and Beta

We have had many of you asking about the projected Alpha and Beta schedule for Earthlock. We wanted to give you an idea of what we had in mind so far: 

The Alpha testing phase is estimate to begin sometime late this year.

The Beta testing phase is estimated to begin early next year

We will update with more specific dates once we get further in development and have more information. 

The Amazon Email says Spawn Point? 

You may have noticed that your Amazon confirmation email about your pledge transfer says Spawn Point on it instead of Snowcastle Games. This is correct. Spawn Point is our liaison in the USA helping us out with the logistics of an amazon account which allows us to run a "Norwegian" kickstarter campaign. 

If you have any concerns, feel free to send us a direct message within the Kickstarter or drop us a comment and we will try to address it as soon as we are able to! 

Project Spotlight

Prodigy the Game

In our previous Updates we have detailed the world of Umbra, the planet which our story takes place, but there is also another Umbra making its round on kickstarter which may interest you: The Umbral worlds of Prodigy the Game from Hanaki Studio. 

Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines and tech which gives you a new way to play, without any mouse, keyboard or controller. As their kickstarter is meant to meet their players: most of the backers will receive early versions of the game and will be able to help the developers build a game tailored to the player’s feedback. 

Prodigy is halfway in their campaign and over 150% funded already! So check them out, consider pledging and secure your early version. You can read more on their Umbral worlds in their newest update: Update #9: Prodigy’s World and Lineage Gameplay.  

The Red Solstice

Ironward is in their last hours with their campaign for The Red Solstice; their amazing Strategy RPG. They need just a little push to get to the finish line so jump on over there and help them out as their game looks awesome! 

You did it! The Journey can begin.

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

Dear wonderful people!

We made it! Counting with the Paypal pledges, we just passed $180,000 so we will now include the Orchestral Score!

You have entrusted us in the making of a great and wonderful game. Between the previous kickstart attempt and this 36 day campaign, this has been an incredible ride. We've learned a great deal and we are humbled by many of your wonderful comments of encouragement and devotion. This validation by you, our backers, means so much to us. It would not be an exaggeration to say that It is our dream come true to create a game that we love, but one we were able to inspire such passion an dedication in others. We will do our very best to not disappoint!

After reaching our goal at 1 a.m. local time here in Norway, the development team was sent home to rest and recover (after champagne, of course!). 

I have slept, had breakfast, slept until lunch, had lunch, slept until dinner, and I'm now beginning to feel a bit more normal again. We will recover for a little longer and then begin the journey forward.

Please note that the campaign continues on via Paypal until at least through the end of May. We know there have been some who really wanted to support the game, but couldn't due to their own personal timing. We wanted to extend that option to anyone else who may want to support the game! We really hope we can reach another stretch goal before long through Paypal pledges. We will do our best to keep you apprised of any developments on that end! For now, we will certainly continue to spread the word and hope you will too.

With deepest thanks, 
Bendik Stang

Reached $170,000 | Physical Art Book & Amon Figure add-ons!

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

We have made it past $172,000 (including PayPal)

And we still have nearly 4 hours to go! Can we make it to the next stretch goal? 

You all asked for it and we listened: Introducing the Physical Art Book add-on!

So many have you have requested this addition to the campaign for Earthlock and we did some research with logistics to make it happen. It took us a while to find the right place to produce them at a reasonable cost. The Physical Artbook will be a $40 add-on – 64 pages of glorious art of Earthlock! You will need to add $7 for US shipping and $12 for international shipping.

Artbook (Render)
Artbook (Render)

 Frits has been working hard to show you how the book will look once it is made! Isn't it gorgeous? 

Artbook Mockup (Size reference)
Artbook Mockup (Size reference)

We have found a really cool place to do our 3D Prints (
So now you can get your hands on the 4.25" Physical Figure of Amon! The cost of this handsome little guy? $49! US shipping is included, but an additional $10 will need to be added for International shipping. 

Here are all the add-ons with prices...

Due to the late release of some of these add-ons, they will be available to obtain via a pledge manager post-campaign. And those increased funds will of course go towards stretch goals – like the Paypal total. 

The Paypal option will be open for a while after the campaign ends (probably until the end of May), so if you don’t have the cash to support Earthlock right now, there will be some time afterwards on our site – . That said, these last few hours are the last bit of time to get in on the actual campaign and reap those specific benefits!

To buy an add-on, just click on the "Manage My Pledge" and add the given amount to the total. After the Kickstarter is over, we will send out a survey where you let us know what add-ons you want to spend your extra credit on.

A few points worth reiterating: 

Fallen Hero Reward – If you pledge the Digital Artbook Tier and above (this includes the Limited Artbook tier as well @ $35) – you are eligible to be immortalized in Earthlock as your chosen name will be applied to a ghostly enemy that will need to be laid to rest. There will be an in-game trophy/achievement/reward for laying these Fallen Heroes of the conflicts of old to rest!

DLC Bundle – If you obtain the DLC bundle for Earthlock (or even parts of it) from either your chosen tier or if you purchase it as an add-on, it becomes available for all copies of the game that you purchase with this kickstarter (this includes the post-campaign pledge managing side of things).

Project Spotlight

The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock

Here is a game that could use more love from all of our wonderful backers.  

The Weird Story of Waldemar The Warlock is a contemporary take on a classic point and click adventure game. Chock full of vintage horror references and the darkest comedy, and made with great love and art!  

It simply looks amazing check it out and please consider helping them reach their goal as well.

Please Read: A Final Note

We want to end this update on a note of thanks (we're making a game because of you - we can't really say "Thank You" enough!)  - to our fellow campaign runners who have helped spread the word with awesome cross-promotion spotlights, to our loyal backer base who have humbled us completely, and to our Ninja Force who have tirelessly done what they can to spread the glory of Earthlock. Without you all, this campaign would not have been possible. You all rock! 

We reached the goal!

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

To say that we are excited, humbled, relieved, and blissfully happy...honestly, just a wild array of emotions just does not seem adequate. We truly have the best backers in the world - now over 4100 of you! We would say that we are beyond words, but there is an update to get to! The ride - as wild as it has been the last 35 days - is not over yet. There is work yet to be done!

First things first...

New exclusive reward for ALL backers!  

To celebrate our victory we decided to reward our lovely backers with this unique In-Game weapon for Ive! Everyone who pledges for at least 1x copy of the game will get an unlock code for this weapon. You will only get one though as this is exclusive to you! Hope you like it!

Please help us spread the word to everyone you know as this is their last chance to pledge as well as last chance to get this special In-Game weapon reward for Ive!

The First Stretch goal reached! Secret Megaboss!

Any respectable RPG have Megabosses in them and we do not intend to disappoint. These are secret bosses at an extra hard difficulty level which are hard to find, often having to complete some sort of mini side quest. They are meant for endgame content as they are often much harder than even the last main boss of the game.

We have just reached our first stretch goal which means that a secret megaboss will be implemented into the game somewhere! Our artist Frits and Fredrik have each created a Megaboss concept sketch which you can see below.
Click for bigger version
Click for bigger version
We are now looking for input from all of you on which of these two you want the most to become the Megaboss for this stretch goal, or maybe you want the Megaboss to be a complete secret? 

The Next stretch goals: 

Stretch Goal #2: Orchestral Score

A selection of songs from the Earthlock soundtrack will be performed by a full live studio orchestra. The Official Soundtrack will feature both the orchestral and the original versions. We will keep you updated on the event and film the session if possible.

Here are two of the music tracks Eiko has created for Earthlock which we feel would be fantastic to hear in a full orchestral version.

Main Theme

Overworld Theme

Make sure to check out this great interview with our composer Eiko as well.

Stretch Goal #3: Deeper Crafting System

We will go deeper into the Crafting System if and when we reach the Orchestral Score stretch goal. For now we just want to share some of the basic ideas for the weapon/armor crafting and potion brewing that we have.

Weapons and Armor 

With loot/materials gathered from enemies, chests and other places throughout the world of Umbra you will be able to craft different sort of weapon and armor parts. These parts can be attached to weapons and armors and augment certain passive abilities like damage bonus, increased accuracy or added elemental attack. The parts are removable and can be used again on other weapons or armors.

Potion Brewing 
We intend to include potion brewing as a natural part of the harvesting gameplay.. You can use anything you get from harvesting (Spuds, Pearls, Fungus) to brew potions with Herb (the shopkeeper of Herbs Herbs in the demo). This will be a simple potion system where you may try out different combinations and maybe get lucky and create an awesome potion, or you will be able to find recipes from around the world for specific potions.
We also want to mention that all donations we receive through paypal will go towards these stretch goals as well, and we will be keeping you updated on the progress of the goals and funds raised with paypal through regular updates after the campaign has ended.

New “Soon to be” Addon: Amon Statue

We have created this 3D model of Desert Amon ready for 3D Printing! We have not finalized a price tier for it quite yet due to some issues out of our control. This is unfortunate, but we will remedy this by adding it to the backerkit where you will be able to add it to your pledge if you desire this handsome statue! We will send out an update with more information about it when we have the price point solidified.

This Desert Amon cannot wait to be exhibited on your collectible figurine shelf and we hope you will get much joy from it!

So Handsome! Click for highres.
So Handsome! Click for highres.


The very awesome Martyn of YOGSCAST did a two part video on our demo of Earthlock: Festical of Magic. You should check it out as it is a very fun watch!

A huge thank you goes out to every single one of you who made this campaign worth while. Earthlock will be a reality because of you and we can't wait to share it with you. For now - with this last push - let's get some more stretch goals! Onwards and Upwards!