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Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of the Earthkey.
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Earthlock: Steam Launch postponed to September 27th

Posted by Snowcastle Games (Creator)

Bad news and good news

Bad first: Steam (PC/Mac) release has been pushed to September 27th.

The good news is that reception on the Xbox version has been totally overwhelming for our little team of developers. Mostly it has been very positive, as you can see from the early reviews (link).

With the large number of players on Xbox we have also uncovered bugs we want to fix, both in the Xbox and Steam version. We simply do not have the capacity to do it all and do it well at the same time.

So we would rather take the heat for pushing the release now, rather than releasing a game on Steam we are not happy with.

Please bear with us, and if the response from the Xbox players is something to go by, all you Steam, PS4 and Nintendo gamers waiting for Earthlock: Festival of Magic have something to look forward to!

And just so you can understand we have got our hands full, here is an overview of the coming milestones:

Best regards,

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    1. segagamer on

      Also it seems like more people downloaded the game from Xbox Live than the combined total of backers, so at least the decision was a good one.

    2. segagamer on

      @Kyle Michael Walls "...Xbox doesnt have a lot of traditional RPGs"

      Which is exactly why it's a good thing that it released on Xbox first. It sucks how Xbox continuously gets the shaft on the genre 'just because'. I backed the project and played the game. As enjoyable as it is, it could do with some polish.

      Believe me, be thankful that they're delaying the game. I'm not continuing my playthrough for now because of the 'promised updates' and with Forza Horizon/all the BC titles coming out as of late, but the delay is very much necessary. I respect the devs for doing this on the other platforms.

    3. Kyle Michael Walls on

      @ericfrombeno I dont think them having control over the launch of the xbox gold event changes much. Though I will admit that it would be a terrible policy if xbox gave them no control over such a promotion for which they are likely to be paid with a flat sum rather than a by download rate. They still can't launch a game if it isnt released yet, and having launch dates all over the place is unprofessional.They claim to be pushing back the game launches to be polishing the game but they arent polishing their marketing or reputation. They should have finished like 3 or more platfroms and done a launch, rather than doing one at a time.If they had a decent launch schedule, then the xbox gold thing wouldnt make them look so bad. But as it is, they stretched too far to appeal to the wrong demographic. Xbox doesnt have a lot of traditional RPGs and likely wont have a big market for them. Also the people getting the game for free are less likely to pay for a sequel or even play the game they claimed or downloaded. By prioritizing the the xbox gold demographic over the backers, people like me have been upset by the bran. By the pareto principle ( a marketing principle stating that 80% of a products profits will be made on 20% of the customer base, encouraging sellers to target the correct demographics), this sudden shift in demographic focus could kill their chances of successfully funding another game. But now I'm just rambling. In short bad decisions were made, regardless of how much control they had over the xbox gold launch.

    4. ericfromabeno on

      .... hmmm... reading past updates and comments from snowcastle. I might be wrong about them having no control over whether their game was offered to gold members on xbox... not sure...

    5. ericfromabeno on

      you know that game creators who arrange for their games to be available on xbox have no control over what microsoft does with the game or on what timeline.... the decision to make a game available for free for xbox gold members is handled by someone within the xbox division of microsoft...

    6. Kyle Michael Walls on

      I have to say I'm starting to have a lot of buyer's remorse for donating to this game. It was one thing that my name wont even be mentioned in the credits because my laptop was busted for the few months that they were asking for names (when people usually just use the kickstarter names) and when I sent a message on kickstarter about it, I got no reply. But having thousands of people who made no contribution to the game (they didnt even buy it) play it at least a month before me (who knows cause there isnt even a PS4 launch date yet) is a bit of a slap in the face. If this game turns out as amazing as I hope and i want to get the sequels, I will probablly wait until they are actually physically released. Dontating was just 1 disappointment after another. I understand the need for a marketing push, but I dont understand why this xbox gold promotion had to happen before any of your backers got finished products. :(

    7. Jeremy Williams on

      The NX will be out by the time this releases. I think I would rather have a steam copy now. Any chance I can get this switched?

    8. Vince Vazquez

      I can only speak for myself, but while I'm quite looking forward to finally checking out Earthlock when it launches on PC (or PS4; I may wait for that version), I do honestly have a TON of games to play at the moment. So I do appreciate your pushing it out a bit and taking the time to polish it up even more :)

    9. Stabbey on

      @J. Colin Cox - Also, might I remind you of this:

      "Dear backers,

      We are so happy and proud to begin to deliver what we promised back in April 2014. It has taken longer than we intended, but then again we set out to make eight hours of gameplay. What we now deliver is closer to thirty hours of gameplay. We have had to cut elements that we intended to include and we have added elements that we had not thought of back when we ran the Kickstarter. " - Earthlock, Update 52

      So the release date has slipped by 15 months, but the game is now also nearly 4 times larger than the game which they thought they'd release 15 months earlier. That sounds like it might explain why it took more time than expected, yes?

    10. Stabbey on

      @J Colin Cox - On September 1 2016, the latest version of the Windows release had a bug preventing people from progressing past the Talent Board Tutorial. So would you have preferred the game be released in that literally unplayable state just to meet the arbitrary Sep 1 deadline?

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie Nguyen on

      congratulations for the lovely reception from Xbox players. I'm proud of y'all :)

    12. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      This is definitely the infamous parity clause from Microsoft.

    13. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      take your time... please!
      GREATLY prefer a 'good polished' game
      to a steaming pile of bits lol

    14. Karsten Kopplin on

      Brings this quote to mind:
      "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." -Shigeru Miyamoto, 2012
      Delays may not be pleasant for everyone involved, but they usually result in a better game.
      Looking forward to playing it on Steam. :)

    15. J. Colin Cox on

      Kickstarter campaign funded April, 2014.

      Currently 527 days overdue.

      Original release date: March, 2015.

      On Apr 12, 2014, the release date was Jun 2015.
      On Feb 16, 2015, the release date was Oct 2015.
      On Apr 22, 2015, the release date was Oct-Dec 2015.
      On Aug 14, 2015, the release date was Feb-April 2016.
      On Oct 1, 2015, the release date was Feb-April 2016.
      On Nov 6, 2015, the release date was May or June 2016.
      On Jul 15 2016, the release date was Sep 1 2016.
      On Aug 31 2016, the release date was Sep 12 2016.
      On Sep 8 2016, the release date was Sep 27 2016.

    16. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      I hope your milestone list isn't an indicator that Linux will come after PS4 and WiiU, when it's essentially the same as the Windows/Mac version.

    17. Stabbey on

      I think this is good news. It's not that far until September 27th, and a more polished version will get a much better reception.

      It's already looking pretty decent now that the Talent Board Tutorial game-breaker was fixed, I've only noted a couple other issues (using the mouse to choose warp point destination locks your character in place on arrival, the game resolution is wider than the screen resolution).

      Whenever possible, polishing it up always makes for a better product.

    18. Balmung on

      It's ok for me, a more bugless game makes more fun.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! What about GOG release date? Still hope for Russian localization. :)

    20. Ertain on

      Oh yeah, just watch as people lose their minds over the delay. :D

    21. Missing avatar


      Glad to hear that the game is being well-received, and that you're taking it upon yourselves to polish it up even better before the next release!

    22. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      Well, something weird comes to my mind xD. I backed the game for wii u, and I see that the game is free with gold, I still want it to have it on the wii u. So is there a way to like get a discount for the following chapters for those that backed the game and are going to get the release much much later (i'm betting atleast 6 months)?

    23. Raül Meroño Pericas on

      I'm also ok with that. I'd rather have a polished game 3 weeks after the originally scheduled date than a game that requires additional patches right after release.

      @Bendik, have you been able to address all requests concerning access to Bakerkit? I haven't received any email yet and I was wondering if other people are still on the same situation.

      Thank you.

    24. GrizzlysGhost on

      Having just finished the Xbox version, it is well-worth the wait for a solid product on the other platforms; you won't be disappointed! :D

    25. Sterling Treadwell

      I'm totally ok with waiting for a solid, bug free polished release. what good is getting the game sooner and having it be a glitchy mess? well.. ok thats a little harsh.. but.. game breaking bugs and crashes are tough to let so even after a patch, so putting your best foot forward and having the steam community's first impression be pitch perfect will go a LONG way past this initial release. so yes, investing an extra week or two is totally kool.

    26. Sander Evers on

      When do we get the PC DRM Free version?

    27. Missing avatar

      Simen Mostuen Iversen on

      I have absolutely no issues waiting for thr Steam release a little bit longer. I understand how important it is to have a complete and well functioning game at launch. Keep up the good work

    28. Joseph Simpson on

      Has the poster and other physical rewards been added to the Backer Kit survey yet?

    29. Jeffrey Williams

      My friends are really liking the game on XBox. My only issue is not being able to complete the pledge manager. Is there any news on the $15 skins pack?

    30. ericfromabeno on

      ok, I can wait. :)