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The Open Utopia is an open-source, open-access, multi-platform, web-based edition of Thomas More’s Utopia.
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A New Year, and that much closer to Utopia

Posted by stephen duncombe (Creator)

Dear Open Utopia backers,

It's been said that Utopia is a direction, not a destination, and that certainly is true, but I am geting closer to the completion of Open Utopia. Phase I is more or less complete: text is done, images and video are up, and all that's let to do is complete the audio. If you haven't been to the site lately check it out -- it looks, works, and reads nice (thanks Matt!).

Phase II -- the user-generated and more participatory aspects of Open Utopia: Wikitopia and Social Book -- are being worked on right now and should be done by mid-February. Once this happens I'll open the site to the public, and Open Utopia will be, well, open. (Stay tuned for a wikitopia book sprint in early Spring: eight hours, lots of coffee, cocktails and food, while we collaborative imagine and write our own Utopia.)

Yeah, but where's my shwag? 

It should be in your mailbox within a week. The tote bags came out real nice, but the mugs were cramped, blurry and awful, so everyone who signed up for a mug is getting upgraded to a tote bag!  Those of you getting a Utopia print from artist Steve Lambert should have gotten it already (if you haven't let me know). If you are receiving a book, it'll still be a few more months as the book text is being proofed and typeset in London as I write, but I can show you the cover:

To all, thank you for being so patient, and again thank you for all your support. Happy New Year and onward toward Utopia!



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