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The Gowanus' own whiskey-fueled cultural talk-fest, Dale Radio, is gearing up for another season.
The Gowanus' own whiskey-fueled cultural talk-fest, Dale Radio, is gearing up for another season.
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The Season You Made Possible

Friends! I can't say it enough. You are all fantastic people. 

Season 4 has been off-the-charts-amazing. I wanted to send an update to let you know what's happened this season, thanks to your support:

New Venue. In April, Dale Radio relocated a block over, and two levels down, so that now we're even closer to the Gowanus. Dale's having a ball at his new home, Film Biz Recycling. It's an exciting new partnership that's bringing awareness to both Dale and this unique, environmentally friendly operation- that recycles old film and television props. Anyone who's not been there, needs to check em out. It's crazytown. In a good way. 

Shows in More Venues. We started the Season at Churner & Churner Gallery in Chelsea - which was a fantastic way to begin. We had a couple of good ones back at the Lyceum. Then we made a successful trip to Los Angeles to perform at the Hammer Museum. That show was incredible, and my thanks to the Hammer and to my guests. I mean, I was able to sing a duet with Mary Lou Metzger!! Outrageous! She was a delight. And she loved the new suit...purchased with Kickstarter funds. 

More Musical Acts. While our dream of working exclusively with Karen and the Sorrows fell apart due to scheduling conflicts. We were able to bring in some new musical acts and give the show an even more eclectic presence. My thanks to Matthew Fass, Andrew Beccone, Rob Erickson, UCLA Jazz, and more for providing quality sit-down music.

Filming Has Begun. The last live show was shot on video and we're in the process of editing it down in order to start getting something online. People love the energy of the live shows and now thanks to Julie Miller of Delicate Plumbing and Bill Scurry - we're trying to capture that fun and let more people in on it. Stay tuned for some exciting developments in the future!

New shirts. We got some new shirts made for the Dale Radio enthusiast, hand screen printed in Ohio. Now I have a merch table and a thing I plug into my phone to take credit cards! The future is now!

Film Festivals and Moist Hands. Thanks to Hannah Bos, Tonya Glanz, and Amy Heidt for including me in their episodic genius, Timeless Seasons. The episode that Dale appeared in just screened at the Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Festival in downtown LA. 

More Hits. Your enthusiasm and that of others, has made for a record-breaking few months as far as website visits and podcast downloads goes. We're hitting new levels and keeping em there. And we were able to secure a monthly listing over on Earwolf, Yourcast, a directory of independent podcasts. 

More Press. We're still figuring this one out, but there's been some nice mentions in LA and NY as the shows progress. Dale was also happy to be included in the Super Fun Superfund Variety Show - cementing his status as a Gowanus-ebrity, and charming some great new fans. And now we have some added imagery to start using for promotions as we head into the final stretch of the season.

Great Guests. I'm proud of all the guests who have appeared on the show, I think we've made beautiful music together. I'm especially happy that after being on the program, almost everyone has gotten some nice new level of attention. I know it's not because of the show directly, but it does say that we're talking to the right people at the right time. And that I know how to track down good looking people who are fun at parties. I hope you take a moment and click through to their projects via the links on my site. I put em up there so you can check em out. There's some truly great things going on with these people!

This is a long way of saying thank you, but you deserve it. I hope you've enjoyed your rewards - (if you didn't request one or didn't fill out the right form, and feel owed - just let me know - I can still get something out to you) - and that you continue to listen in. 

And by all means - come to the next live show - Thursday, May 24th, 8pm, at Film Biz - 540 President Street, between 3rd and 4th Aves. Dale's guests will be the tremendous talents, Peter Glantz and Lauren Sharpe. And it's FREE. (Or whatever your pledge divided by 24 episodes is!). Did I mention we have a beer sponsor? We do! Brooklyn Brewery! Oh. My. Goodness! Ladies and gents, I want to open mouth kiss all of you. But I won't. That's how much I care for you.


Dale & James


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