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The Gowanus' own whiskey-fueled cultural talk-fest, Dale Radio, is gearing up for another season.

Update: THERE! We did it! Thanks everyone. You have made this ole devil's heart sing. The Gowanus has never smelled prettier than it does today. If you have not contributed and still feel inclined to throw Dale some bones, don't let success stop you.

What is it Dale's ex-wife used to say? "Shoot for the moon and if you miss, at least you'll hit a star, or an alien. What would it be like to sit down with an alien? What would I make? Casseroles are safe. Probably turkey casserole." That Ginny sure knew how to spin a phrase. Thank you, enthusiasts! Let's start baking those star casseroles! 

OH.MY.GOODNESS! Dale is up to his old tricks and he's hoping you'll join him for the sensational Season 4 of the cult-hit podcast, Dale Radio. Launched in 2009, Dale Radio is the outlet for aspiring entertainer and recent divorcee, Dale Seever as he navigates the ups and downs of making it in the big city. Emanating from the foul banks of the Gowanus canal, the (almost) weekly show features first person accounts of Dale's adventures on the road to fame. These include riveting accounts of riding the subways, handing out flyers up on Broadway, and sampling whiskeys. Scattered in the mix are also in-depth interviews with some of the most interesting up-and-coming cultural producers from Brooklyn and beyond.

Previous season's guests include: legendary entertainer, Mr. Murray Hill; comedian, Jessi Klein;'s Noah Rothbaum; master pie maker, Emily Elsen; comedian, Jenna Kim Jones; Crap at My Parents' House creator, Joel Dovev; visual artist and instigator, Steve Lambert; Reanimation Library founder, Andrew Beccone; crafting guru, Maura Madden; artist Luisa Kazanas; poet, Melissa Broder; creator of all things dark and wonderful, Molly Crabapple; and many many others.

Season 4 promises to have even more live tapings in NYC & BKLYN, the addition of regular house band, Karen & the Sorrows, more fabulous guests, and if all goes well, more delicious pie!

Your Dale Radio Superfund Dollars would directly support:

  • The house band
  • Equipment and crew to shoot Dale Video shorts
  • Creation of a new take on the theme song
  • Marketing efforts
  • Costs related to a show in LA and added showcases in NYC
  • along with the overall staggering production qualities you've come to expect from the Dale Radio team.

You can whet your appetite with Seasons 2 & 3 on iTunes, or at

Thank you!


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    Your name will be read aloud every episode of Season 4 and will earn a place on the Some People I Enjoy section of the Dale Radio web portal.

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    Name read aloud and listed on site PLUS a twitter shout out and limited edition Friend of the Program button for your lapels.

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    Name read aloud, listed on site, an FOTP button, and a small drawing by Dale depicting Dale thinking about you.

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    Name read aloud, listed on site, a drawing of you thinking about Dale, and a custom, high-quality cotton t-shirt from the Dale Radio Merch Emporium emblazoned with the words, "Friend of the Program".

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    Name read aloud, listed on site, a t-shirt with your choice of "Fun at Parties", or "Friend of the Program", and a personalized spirit portrait of yourself. This will be a drawing suitable for framing based on what Dale thinks you look like, guided by the forces of the spirit realm (aka whiskey).

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    If in NYC: Dale will come to your place and live tweet an episode of The Bachelor or the Bachelorette. He'll bring a bottle of something special for you both to enjoy. You both deserve it. If not in NYC: We can set up a Skype date and enjoy a virtual drink together. A bottle will be sent to your home in advance. In either case, you'll also have your name read aloud, listed on the website, receive a Friend of the Program t-shirt, and be sent a drawing documenting one of Dale's adventures.

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