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$5,938 pledged of $66,000 goal
$5,938 pledged of $66,000 goal

Thank You So Much - This Is Not The End!

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An Exciting Visit to the Location! And We Need To Hit A Goal by This Sunday Night!


We visited the location for Finer Homes and Gangsters recently and it was exciting to go over the location with our scenic designer Erica Feldmann!  You can check Erica's amazing work on home makeovers at her website: HausWitch.

She is helping us to rearrange furniture, add elements to rooms and put things on the walls.  It is an extremely important job.  

The house where we are shooting has lots of depth and interesting places to put the camera, which will result in advantages and challenges. For instance, one of the challenges will be lighting, depending on the shots.  

Amanda poses in a scene from the script.
Amanda poses in a scene from the script.

 And you are all making this happen!  

People have been so generous so far, but we need more backers.  We are trying to hit a very significant goal by Sunday at midnight.  We want to have $8000.00 pledged, so we need people to take action and spread the word.  Even $5 dollar pledges help us reach our goal.

We're so excited to see the support for this awesome project!

Day One! Starting Right!

Just a message of thanks from Brad, Amanda and Art to all who took action on the first day! 

Wow! $2520.00.