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Besiege castles and raid villages in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a fast-paced medieval FPS (Slasher with a Multi-player online focus)
Besiege castles and raid villages in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a fast-paced medieval FPS (Slasher with a Multi-player online focus)
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    1. Evan Grainger on

      Less free weekends, more servers that actually load please.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cbc on

      Has anyone received their digital copy yet?

    3. pacman on

      wonderful game, truly brutal style game play. From the launch right up till now the game overall has improved, i noticed more smoothness in the movement of the players. many other updates that got it to where it is. well done, it really is something. oddly looks like Amensia: dark descent.

      i'll just say on the team killing, players seem to take it a bit personal. i dont, i figure well this is why its brutal no forgiveness, i like the added option of the disable chat window as players here in my hometown are more brutal in their words than they are clashing at each other. And a wonderful amount of servers!

      Can't wait for the stretch goals guys! See you then.

    4. Shane Smith on

      Just thought I'd pop by and say thanks for the game! Enjoying playing it so far - just wish people would be aware of where they are swinging their sword! I've been team killed more than I have by the enemy!

      Great game though and a refreshing change from all the FPS games of late!

    5. Steve Piggott Creator on

      Hey Jason, can understand your frustration as I know how frustrating these things can be. Please try to keep in mind though that 99% of people got their keys just fine before release, there are a few exceptions that have fallen through the cracks, and there really is no way for us to know who that has happened to until they contact us. We're doing our best, I know it sucks if you don't have your key yet but if you send an email we are verifying them within the day in most cases. Thanks for your patience and understanding,


    6. Jason VandenBerghe on

      So... seriously? We have to email you directly to get our keys? Kickstarter gives you all our email addresses, yes? Not impressed. You're creating a lot of frustration by not getting ahead of this problem. Sitting around and waiting for people to get pissed off enough to come and find you is not a great way to start off your core community members.

      I recommend you post a serious apology of some kind, and explain what happened. At the moment, you guys are coming across as pretty disinterested in the problem.

    7. Scott on

      Where is my key... how is the game out on steam and i don't ahve my key!?

    8. Steve Piggott Creator on

      Anyone who is missing their keys should contact tornbannerstudios AT . We will resend them. Thanks and Hope to see you on the battlefield,


    9. Missing avatar

      drloser on

      In fact, I received my key last staturday. But the title of the mail is wrong: it says that it's a beta key, but actually it's the key for the final product.

      Mail title is "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta Key"

    10. Missing avatar

      drloser on

      I didn't get my keys...

    11. Nicholas Mendez on

      I didn't get my key either. Any update on keys? Thanks!

    12. Paul Jackson on

      Hey I see the realease for steam is up but I have not got my key yet?

    13. Andre Ranheim Paulsen on

      Gotta say great job on the tutorial, I can tell some effort went into that. You know, I think I'll play through it again as a Mason supporter just to see the difference.
      You know you've done something right when you got people replaying a tutorial for fun's sake!

    14. Kordian on

      When we KS backers will get our Steam key?

    15. Johnny Houlind Berggreen on

      Do I understand it correctly then, that keys, for the rest of us, will be sent out, so we can activate the game on Steam on the 16th of october?

    16. Missing avatar

      zack s on

      just got my beta key only two more days i really hope this game doesn't end up like war of the roses just a disappointment

    17. pacman on

      i didn't forget, i put down $35 with no reward as that's what i wanted. i replied back to your email about it.

    18. pacman on

      hahah copyright...........

    19. pacman on

      This games marketing should really do some sort of variation of Highlander, Trailer. Playing Queen 'Princes Of The Universe'

      Highlander Movie Trailer…

      Queen - Princes Of The Universe…

      Something simple though, perhaps a music video of awesome game play?.

      I hope to do this in team fortress 2 melee demo highlander sword game play.

    20. Missing avatar

      Viktor on

      Nothing wrong with the movement at all, game rocks.

    21. Patrick Sommer on

      God, you gotta do something about the movement in the game.. before I wanted the beta bad.. Now I rather have a refund.

    22. Steve Piggott Creator on

      Hey Guys! Sorry I was away for the weekend. Those of you who made late payments are getting keys tonight! Going through it now!

      Remember that if you pledged Less than $50 you don't get access until October 16th!. Pac Man it looks like you forgot to select a reward (on Kickstarter reward selection is separate from pledge amount) but we will correct this for you and make sure you get the soundtrack and the game for October 16th.

      Justin Pappas is a member of our team, used because he lives in USA as kickstarter requires, that information is correct so no worries. If you have yet to receive a key in ~2 hours from now then you have somehow been missed from our lists and should directly contact us at tornbannerstudios AT . Thanks!

    23. Patrick Sommer on

      01.10.2012 MCD 00085 ASI*KICKSTARTER COM
      50,00 USD kurs: 590,740000 -295,37dkk

      Game... now please!

    24. Patrick Sommer on


    25. Thiago souza on

      ok people. Sorry for my last statements. I just got so let down for not being able to play the game with my friends this weekend that It kinda brought my bad side up.

      Sorry for offending anyone. Is just that I had the whole weekend free of wife and my little son, so I could play a lot...

    26. A.Yousifi on

      take it easy Thiago, you should have sent the email earlier if you were that desperate anyways

    27. TheChosenOne on

      Relax, plenty of people have gotten their key so its not like he's doing it on purpose. Take a breath and wait a lil while. Freaking out like that after a day just says more about you then him.
      If you back a Kickstarter you must even be prepared to see the dev/company go bankrupt and never see anything ever again of your money. I'm sure you'll get your key in a lil while.

    28. Thiago souza on

      Yeah! I tried my best to honor my pledge.Spent good money on this and now I'm here unable to play a thing! It is great to be let down by a company on kickstarter. It teaches us not to THROW OUR MONEY ON THE GARBAGE!

      The contact email is dead! NO one here to answer! I sould've spent my money elsewhere

    29. Patrick Sommer on

      I WANT MY BETA KEY AND FREAKIN GAME, I PAID FOR IT:.. NOW GIVE ME! I have supported this since the beginning, and then being treated like this.. god!

    30. Thiago souza on

      sent email today...let's see how long it takes

    31. Patrick Sommer on

      Still waiting for my beta, even though I have send mails.

    32. Patrick Sommer on

      I also got an mail about succesfully payment towards "Justin Pappas".

    33. pacman on

      just got a email saying my pledge of $35.00 no reward, has now gone through. but says payment was made FOR Chivalry Medieval Warfare steve piggott.

      But the money was sent to a 'Justin Pappas' can anyone verify that this is the correct information to pledging this game?

    34. TheChosenOne on

      2 of the 3 surveys I had are gone so time for the last one to go away. ;p

    35. TheChosenOne on

      Is… accurate for the sizes?
      Or do you have ones that are slightly bigger? Those sometimes are used aswell.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sir KillYou on

      When will the flail come in? Before or after official release?

    37. Steve Piggott Creator on

      Everyone who is contacting is getting their keys.

    38. Missing avatar

      Deplat on

      I paid 50$ pledge, where are my beta keys?

    39. Steve Piggott Creator on

      Anyone who has not yet received a key AND pledged at the $50 or more level, please send an email with your name, kickstarter email and pledge level to:

    40. Robert Wheeler on

      I pledged at the $100 level. $115 if you account for shipping.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tyler Funk on

      I guess it's not uncommon for peeps to not get their key? I'm in the same boat :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Austin Koos on

      Steve, the firepot bombard and spear charge should've been in the trailer!

    43. Missing avatar

      Claes Comly on

      wtb strechgoal linux even if its at the very end. Or is it to late for more funding?.

    44. Steve Piggott Creator on

      At what tier did you guys pledge? I will manually check for you why you have no key.

    45. Robert Wheeler on

      I never got a key either.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dario on

      I still didnt get my key :(

    47. pacman on

      Neal Stephenson wants to revolutionize sword fighting video games.…


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