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Old Apple Hill is the culmination of several years of love and hard work resulting in the best artisan pickles possible!
595 backers pledged $15,678 to help bring this project to life.

Flavor choices!

Posted by Sharon and Eric Graham (Creator)

We'll just make an update so everyone can see this!

Flavor choices are:

Pickles (Cucumber): 

For any level: Whiskey-Sour, Curry-Curry, New York Deli, HoneyHot, 

For the $20 levels and up: Italian Balsamic-Rosemary,the Tennessee Sorghum Pickle 

For the $50 levels and up: the Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips (slices), BBQ pickle, Classic Bread & Butter Pickle


For any level: Sauerkraut

For the $20 level and up: Spicy Pickled Carrots

For the $50 level and up: Kimchee, Veggies Sans Cucumbers and Sweet & Sour Onions

These should be all of the flavors available!

Also, we did bulk all of the jars together, so if you were at $20 pledge, we lumped your four jars together (and so on), so please just tell us the four flavors you'd like, and we'll take care of the rest.

In regards to the add ons, if you added on any jars, those are separate from the aforementioned jars. Simply select the add-on you chose, and then tell us which flavors you'd like for those to be!

If you doubled up on add ons, choose one of the two, and when you answer as to which flavors you want, please tell us "I chose the $8 and $20 add on" and then list your flavors!

We hope this helps, and if you have any more concerns, we will address them accordingly!

Thank you again!

The Graham Family, Old Apple Hill Brine


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sheldon Swenson on

      What kind of veggies are in the veggies Sans cucumber?

    2. Nani Blyleven

      Duh, I'm a would help if I read my emails in chronological order....please pretend I never made any comments!

    3. Nani Blyleven

      I'm confused. I don't see my survey link on the KS page like I do with other projects, so I don't know what I originally ordered. Did you even receive my survey? I'm pretty sure I filled it out. Thanks!

    4. shlok vaidya on

      Thanks for posting the whole list, didn't notice it in the FAQ.

      Is the Whiskey-Sour.... sour or sweet like the cocktail?

    5. Missing avatar

      Acky Ninira on

      I paid $20 but I did not realize I could replace my jar of saurkraut with the spicy carrots (I believe?) and I would like to do so! I know with most surveys, once it's sent in, it cannot be edited. Is there any way I could get the carrots instead of saurkraut?

    6. Sharon and Eric Graham Creator on

      That's fine everyone! Send us a PM and we'll sort it out when we get to your order! Thanks so much!

    7. Doug Ritter on

      I would have changed a few of my survey selections as well.

    8. Jami Good on

      Shoot! I thought I'd followed the instructions but totally missed that the Salt & Vinegar pickles were in the $50 category! My fault, there.
      I'm sorry for any confusion, but I'll need to change my survey answers to 2 New York Deli, 1 Italian Balsamic-Rosemary and 1 Honey Hot, please. Thank you!! :-)

    9. Tammy Young Heck on

      Doh! I wish I would have had this when I filled out my survey! I would have chosen the BBQ pickle! Oh well :)

    10. Jarred Schulte on

      Ha ha ha! Seeing the list in its delicious entirety makes me want to change my survey. Good work you guys!