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The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.
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Where’s this game set?

This game is set in Town. It’s a pretty nice place, surprisingly rustic, with about 165 square miles of settlement and suburbs and 80,000 people calling it home.

At its core, Town is

  • Fortitude, a sweet, laid-back pastoral region;
  • Horizon, the ruins of a vampire’s “Night London;”
  • Big Lake, that spans the worlds, and its
  • Little Island — a jewel in that endless lake;
  • Arcadia, a dazzling whirl of fun and magic;
  • Old Molder, left over from the age of progress;
  • Bluebell Park, a lurid place of alien magic; and
  • the Walking Fields, dotted by scattered settlements;

and beyond and around all of that is the Outside.

Town used to be a youkai place. It used to be a monster town, home to creatures that served the gods of dream and nightmare. It used to be in darkness, every day, as it had no sun. But then humans came sailing over the Lake — first from Russia, then from Japan, and later elsewhere; and Alexandrel Celdinar built Night London; there was a grand age of deviant science and strange wonder, and one day Jade Irinka showed up.

She was the sun.

She’s dead now. She’s dead, and we all almost went with her. But we didn’t. The sun came back — there are a handful of different stories as to the reason — and that pretty much brings us up to the present day, in Town.


If we make it there I’ll get to include the region-book for Fortitude, Fortitude: by the Docks of Big Lake in this kickstarter! I’m looking forward to that — the book brings me joy.

It’ll make you feel you could live here. ^_^


    1. Creator Eos-sama on May 31, 2013

      They absolutely do have a default tone, but they're not definitive 1:1 matches.

    2. Creator WuseMajor on May 31, 2013

      That said, don't they each tend to have a default tone?

    3. Creator Matthew Dunne on May 31, 2013

      Okay, good, I won't have to twist myself up figuring out the genre implications of each of them.


    4. Creator Eos-sama on May 31, 2013

      Nope! I just tended to organize things in eights a lot. ^_^

    5. Creator Matthew Dunne on May 31, 2013

      Are the sections of the Town also terms for the genres the game is viewed through?