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The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.
1,082 backers pledged $90,081 to help bring this project to life.

Current Status

Posted by Eos-sama (deleted) (Creator)

Dear sponsors,

Let me begin by noting my immense gratitude for your contributions, and my profound hope that Eos will send out your print copies any day now.

Only, on January 28, Mr. Chen let me know that the printing had started. And since that time, I’ve been trying desperately to get a photo; or a copy; or the name of the printer; or any evidence that the distributor has received the books. And I’ve only received one set of pictures so far, on March 25, and when I looked closely, it turned out to be two unrelated books in a Chuubo’s slipcover.

. . .

That’s all I have for you: I did get a picture. And it was not the books. I am embarrassed, disappointed, and ashamed.

Today I’ve cleansed the last Eos assets from the books and have asked DriveThruRPG to move the books to my own account. I should receive proof copies in late July for the updated versions of:

  • The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG (premium color)
  • The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG (standard color)
  • The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG Halloween Special
  • The Techno Player’s Guide for the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG

Once I have a clean proof, I’ll turn on print-on-demand for these books. As I do so, I’ll send print sponsors electronic coupons for an at-cost (no profit to me) hardcopy of each of these books.

Eos retained the funds for printing and shipping the books. For all I know they will print and ship them.

I’m so sorry that this is all that I can do.

Best wishes,



  • Work on the supplements continues. I’ll discuss the situation there in more detail at a later point.
  • Future updates may come by email in the unlikely event I lose access to this account.


  • 9/15/2014—final print files forwarded to Eos.
  • 1/28/2015—Eos informs me that they’re printed but need time to dry.
  • 1/28/2015—I begin trying to get a picture.
  • 3/25/2015—I receive a picture of two different books in the Chuubo’s slipcover.
  • 4/8/2015—Eos informs me that international sponsor copies are in Taiwan and ready to be shipped out, and domestic copies will reach our distributor on May 17-31.
  • 5/3/2015—Eos promises me that someone else will take and send a picture that week.
  • 6/6/2015—the distributor has no information on the book (confirmed by phone).
  • 7/1/2015—the book remains unavailable at the distributor. No further messages from Eos.


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    1. Itai Greif on

      As others in this thread have said, I don't want to pay again for a book I already paid for. I don't mind waiting more, since we got the PDF files, but asking us to pay the printing costs after we already did, is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

      We should be getting a pledge that we will be getting the books.

    2. Oliver Summers on

      So Jenna has done the best she can.I respect that
      Printing is in the Hands of the 2 Gents running EOS.
      Jesse says he had nothing to do with this project.

      So who exactly do we backers turn to know if delays continue (and they will)
      Worse what happens if some of us never recieve our books or receive a damaged book?
      What then?

      One of those 2 Gents running EOS need to step up to the plate and sort out this mess and communicate with us & sort out any problems that may arise due to books not arriving or turning up damaged.

      Id rather not have to pay 70$ for a premium POD copy.

    3. Missing avatar

      Audrey Joan Girard on

      As I've said elsewhere, I am very glad to know where things stand, and that Jenna will be able to continue work on this project without necessarily being tied to Eos.

      It seems that there are complications both professional and personal going on in the background of this affair, so I'll leave it at this. Let's hope for an ultimate resolution everyone can be glad for.

    4. wadledo

      That seems to be a bit... Lackluster.
      "It's all my fault, but it isn't my fault because I had no say and Jenna and Syn are idiots who don't know what they are doing."
      If true, fantastic! If false, then it's exactly what we were already expecting.

    5. Richard Clarke on

      This was just posted on by Jesse Covner, the CEO of EOS. Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by reposting it here. My apologies if so.



      I’m Jesse Covner, CEO of EOS. This post is an explanation and reply to this thread.

      First of all, my company, which I’m responsible for, messed up and betrayed your trust. For that, I’m sorry.

      I have a partner in EOS… Mr. Syn Chen, who is the director and investor in EOS. The Chuubos project has nothing to do with me other than the name of the company. I had no input on how this was run (from Kickstarter to shipping). Jenna had complete control over the product until printing. For better or worse, neither I nor Syn had input. This was the relationship as set up between Jenna and Syn. I have no control over this. We didn’t tell her how the product should be – that was the nature of the project as set up between Syn and Jenna. I have no control over printing and shipping. The only thing I really contributed to this is the webpage, which I created myself.

      The shipment (the main shipment to US distributors) should be going through USA customs now. However, I cannot verify this as I am not in contact with the shippers. My understanding is that the books sent to USA customers will be sent from the distributor to Jenna to be sent out from her (because she wants to send them). According to Syn, books sent to non-USA Kickstarter backers will be shipped out from Taiwan at the end of July.

      EOS had the print files since September or so. The book had to be re-printed because the printer messed up and didn’t bind the book well… they did not have experience creating a 500+ page hard-bound book. The real reason for this (in my opinion) is that Syn and Jenna did not think enough about Chuubos as a product that needed to fit certain size limitations. Nor were page-layout team (employed by Jenna) in contact with the printers. Nor did Syn actively follow-up with the printer. Printing a book like this is not just “hey here are the files, go and print this.” All of this caused delays; Chuubos was not put aboard a ship until the end of April.

      It is true that we had the Kickstarter money allocated for printing AND shipping. We did not calculate the costs accurately (Syn didn’t anyway… I had no part in this), nor extra costs because the book is bigger, heavier, etc than expected. I believe expenses were mismanaged. There was a money shortfall with the company’s investor – a factory owned by Syn’s family – which prevented immediate shipping.

      Furthermore, my understanding is that some of the money earmarked for printing was given to Jenna for her living expenses and move back to the United States. Although she is not an employee of EOS, Syn had provided for much of her living costs, her rent, and her move back to the USA during a time of family emergency. NOTE: I do not believe that was told to Jenna… I believe Syn probably thought money would be put here and then taken from there when needed. Jenna has also had access to all of the DTRPG account basically since the account was created- all the DTRPG money from Chuubos, Nobilis, etc has gone to Jenna directly. My point here is that neither Syn nor I ever had the intention of screwing over Jenna or her fans… we simply messed up.

      I have not heard from Jenna for a long time, and I guess that makes sense, as I have neither any say over the project or ability to control what happens with the money or how shipping was handled. But when Jenna reaches out to me I respond; I did not hear anything from her before her latest Kickstarter update. As for Syn, in April and May, his father repeatedly almost died from cancer then lived and almost died and lived, and I had the unpleasant job of cajoling him to follow-up on communications with Jenna and the printer and shippers while this was happening and he was transitioning to taking over various family matters that were in disarray. And in the last three months I didn’t cajole him much because I as was relocating to a new country and dealing with sickness and death in my own family. I know this is an excuse, but I’m just saying this to let you know we did not just disappear.

      You can contact me via the webpage contact page...I do get messages from that and I usually respond. As I have lived (until too weeks ago) in China for the last 11 years, I never really learned Twitter and Facebook (they are blocked in China and VPN has been unreliable for a year now). I was never able to find someone reliable in the USA who could manage these things for the pocket-change reimbursement we could afford.

      In conclusion, I’m sorry for all of this. It is my fault. We messed up with the management of the Chuubos project on multiple levels. Kickstarter backers will get their books.

      -Jesse Covner

    6. Missing avatar

      David on

      I'll be happy to just see Fortitude and Glass-Maker's Dragon finished. Hopefully even available as PoD on DTRPG. I'm a big fan of Jenna's games and I want to keep supporting her (but not EOS).

    7. S. Ben Melhuish

      Thanks for the update. Best wishes trying to clean up the mess you've been left with.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Carroll on

      Oh, no worries! I was just thinking it might be good to separate your (Jenna's) comments out from Eos-sama the company's. Assuming they bother to respond. Again, you (Jenna) have all my support!

    9. Thomas Slaughter on

      I'm sorry that this happened to you- you should not be ashamed by any means.

      Thanks for the update.


    10. Missing avatar

      MaximumDisplay on

      I admit, I was a little concerned with you signing on with Eos considering the Wulin debacle and the general horrendous reputation of Chinese manufacturers.

      Its unfortunate that it turned out this way.

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Hipschman on

      No worries!

      I have the book in PDF form, and I can run Chuubo's when I want to. If the book takes a while, the book takes a while.

      I love Drive Thru RPG, I've ordered their print-on-demand books and they've always been of consistently high quality. This is honestly probably a good move for you! It's not like I'm NOT going to order multiple copies (one for me, one or two for my PCs), and from what I understand of Drive Thru RPG's policies you get money for both?

      Anyway. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    12. Rook Seiðr on

      This is awful. It's awful for us, and it's awful for you. I'm glad you're taking unilateral action; my faith in you remains strong, and I believe that someday you will find a publisher worthy of you.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Carroll on

      Thanks for the update. It's a little confusing that you are posting as EOS-sama.

      If EOS-sama is not going to be printing the books in the very near future, they should refund that part of the money (which I would immediately put toward buying my copy of Chuubo's on DTRPG--I support Jenna).

      Maybe EOS scammed everyone, or maybe the printer scammed EOS, but, even if the latter is true, EOS is the local contact, and they have failed--badly--to manage this situation, and, ultimately, they are holding onto our money.

      I, for one, want my money back from EOS. I'll use it to order a POD copy.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. PK Levine

      You can contact Eos-Sama here:

      They have a Twitter (@eos_sama) that hasn't been used since 2011, but it couldn't hurt to @ it when tweeting. Other social media looks like a no-go; their Facebook is a PERSONAL account (ridiculous!) so you'd have to Friend "her" first, their G+ appears untouched, etc.

      (And thanks for the transparent update, Jenna. I know that it sucks when something important gets messed up due to other people's incompetence.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Robert on

      Sorry to hear about all this. I must say it is very frustrating. I'm not keen to dump another chunk of change into this.

      Is DTRPG being cooperative about moving the product from the EOS account to yours? I mean, who owns this thing in the end? Is it possible we'll get stuck without even that option?

    18. Austin Loomis

      I tried to go to to see what, if anything, they had to say for themselves on this matter. McAfee Web Advisor asked me if I was sure I wanted to go there. I decided not to.

      Judging by my backed projects, the summer of 2013 was not a good time to be a TRPG project I backed. There were four:
      * Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition -- delivery of the PDF and hardcover were originally estimated for September and December 2013, respectively. The PDF might, with the Maidens' blessing, ship this month. Apparently tearing down an entire Storytelling game and rebuilding it from first principles takes longer than expected.
      * OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game -- original delivery estimate, again, December 2013. The PDF got to me last September; the print edition and associated extras, this past May.
      * CMWGE. Why the world keeps crapping on you, I will never understand.
      * Tales From The Floating Vagabond, Second Edition -- original delivery estimate April 2014, severely delayed by a bout of pneumonia that almost killed designer Lee Garvin.

      I start to feel like I do about a lot of the problems in my life -- that the constant factor is my involvement. Sorry. ;_;

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Holden Lee Shearer on

      I am sorry that EOS press is EOS press. I will continue to support your creative works, Jenna, and I hope you find new and more reliable business partners soon.

    21. John Gabriel on

      What of the relationship between Eos and other creators? Are you alone in your experience with this organization?

    22. Oliver Summers on

      Thank you for the Update.
      Very much appriciated.

      I realiese non of this was your Fault
      But sadly this KS Page is the only avanue to vent any Frustration.
      If we had not made our concerns known who knows how long this would continue?

      At cost copys are a good gesture better then nothing i suppose :)

      But having to buy something I already paid for almost 2 years in advance and almost a year late is a bummer.

      My guess is EOS is scamming us backers
      Or less likely the printer is scamming EOS

      I do hope the @ cost book is affordable in premium color.

      Thank you again.

    23. Missing avatar

      rylen dreskin on

      Thank you for doing your best in a bad situation. What might this mean for "Fortitude" and "Glass Maker's Dragon"?

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Thomas Gieseler on

      So basically, either someone at Eos is scamming Jenna, or someone at a printer's is scamming Eos?

    25. Jeremy Puckett on

      This is not the response I was hoping for, but it was certainly the one I was expecting. What should those of us who spent large sums for a physical book do about getting refunds from Eos? I appreciate the offer of an at-cost POD for the book, but quite frankly *I've already bought it once*.

    26. Daniel Moore on

      I think it is high time you leave Eos behind for good.

    27. Bret Gillan on

      I'm sorry this is happening to you. Should we write mean letters to someone?

    28. Robert Slaughter

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

      As a follow-up, what is the long-term prognosis for Nobilis and Wulin, given these circumstances?

    29. Melody Haren Anderson on

      This isn't your fault. You thought you could count on them here, and you gave them the benefit of a doubt to make good on it.We know the book exists because we have pdfs. That there isn't print is unfortunate for the moment, but I do not blame you.

    30. Jay Iles on

      Really sorry you had to go through this. Fingers crossed that Chuubo can do much better without them involved!

    31. Elliott Freeman

      It's definitely not the kind of situation any author wants to find themselves in, and I'm certainly never buying from Eos again, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on Chuubo's in print form, no matter the avenue or circumstances. Best wishes to you for the project moving forward--it's plain to see the love and energy that's been poured into it.

    32. C. Cooper

      (which is to say you should sue Eos, sorry that wasn't clear ...)

    33. C. Cooper

      This is about as far from being your fault as it is really possible to be ... but it really, really sounds like you (and therefore us) got ripped off. Again, not your fault, not in any way, but it sounds like it's lawsuit time. :(

    34. Richard Hughes on

      I'm sorry that EOS once again showed their character at your expense.

    35. Nick Brooke on

      How terribly sad and disappointing for you to be so badly let down. Still, nil desperandum, and thank you for sharing this update.