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The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.
The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.
1,082 backers pledged $90,081 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kevin J. Maroney

      Thank you, Jenna. It means a lot.

    2. Nezumi

      Ooof. Missed my chance to be one of the Legendary 76 (Now Legendary 139). Didn’t read the Chuubo’s kickstarter campaign closely enough. >_<

    3. Missing avatar

      Rand Brittain on

      Jenna tells me that EOS has locked her out of the Kickstarter account; thus, she is unable to send any further messages. Thus, further communication will come from her personally.

      More information is available at:

    4. Nick Kloski on

      I've left a couple message for the KS Creator but no response yet....I am interested in using this system commercially...does anyone know of an alternate contact method for Ms Moran / EOS?

    5. Volkan Eke on

      Hi all, I'm afraid my Chuubo copy might have shipped to an old address that is no longer valid. Did anyone else have the same problem? I was wondering if there's a way to check if that's the case. Thanks in advance!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eos-sama (deleted) Creator on

      @Oliver Summers: Eos' last communication with me, on July 5, emphasized that people would get their books. Whether this is still an aspiration, I cannot say.

      @David Ford: I believe I have such a record, and have forwarded you the code.

      Best wishes,


    7. David Ford on

      (Or if you have a record of who got which code, even better)

    8. David Ford on

      Hi, Jenna! I recently had a catastrophic email wipeout, and no longer have my coupons for getting the premium books at cost. I don't suppose I could have another one, could I? Obviously only if you have a way of checking that I haven't used mine yet - if you don't, it's my tough luck for waiting so long, I guess.

    9. Oliver Summers on

      This is a long shot but is EOS still bothering with shipping backers their Books?
      Or will I have to spring for a POD Premium Book?

      The standard version is Great but I really want a Premimum Quality Book
      Seeing how awesome Chuubo's is.

    10. Cooper Braun-Enos on

      I have finally got a chance to sit down and read through the book (thank you to Christopher Humphrey for your amazing generosity) and it is awesome!
      Jenna - I do have one question. Is there any plan for a map of Town? At least a rough one.

    11. Missing avatar

      ron beck

      just got mine in the mail, like 2 minutes ago

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean Carroll on

      My book came! Yay! Thanks,'s gorgeous!

    13. Oliver Summers on

      While it's amazing that backers have received a free copy of Chuubo's and Jenna kindly giving us PDF's & at cost print copies of The Halloween Special & the Techno Players Guide.
      Im happy Jenna and the kind sponser have gone above and beyond to make all this possible.

      But I am afraid that Eos-Sama may be using this kindness to wash their hands of the whole Kickstarter fiasco.
      (Backers have their "Books" so the complaints have died down as perhaps some backers have cut their "loses"
      nothing but silence from EOS ever since crap really started hitting the Fan.

    14. Jeremy Puckett on

      Just got my book the day after I posted my last comment! ^_^

      Still nothing for either of my friends, but I'm still grateful to see anything at all!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      I got a hard copy in the mail yesterday. The book is big and beautiful. I can't believe it just showed up but, I was impressed.

    16. Oliver Summers on

      So when Is EOS sending us our Book(s)?

      Or do they not care?
      Are they just happy to have taken our money and not produce anything?
      Thats theft/fraud in my Book

      EOS its time to man up and not shift the blame around.

    17. Prodigal on

      My copy was waiting for me when I got home tonight, and it is an absolutely beautiful book.

    18. Jeremy Puckett on

      I guess I'm still in that last hundred because I haven't seen anything yet. Nor have either of my friends who backed the game. =/

    19. Missing avatar

      Eos-sama (deleted) Creator on


      As a quick update, I think there are still about a hundred left to be shipped, so please don't fret too much if you haven't gotten yours---I'll let people know when it's time to start worrying. ^_^

      As for Fortitude, it's in late-stage layout---I'm about to tackle the pg. XXs. It is most definitely not shipping yet.

      Best wishes,


    20. Austin Loomis

      I just got what I believe to be the standard version. The first and last pages have the same numbers-and-text as the first and last pages of the premium edition, but the book is enough thicker that the premium edition, covers and all, fits neatly in between the covers of the standard edition. Weird.

    21. Richard Greene

      So, it's just the core Chuubo's book that has been sent out, right? (Which I very gratefully have my copy of :D ).

      The Fortitude books are not having POD copies sent out at the moment, right?

    22. Missing avatar

      bodacius on

      Finally it's here! Thank you very much!

    23. Adam Mock on

      Haven't received my POD yet, either. But on the other hand, this has got to be a lengthy process and shipping can take a while.

    24. Oliver Summers on

      Received my standard POD
      here in Germany Today.

      Thanks :)

      Now lets see if EOS can do right by us Backers and deliver what backers paid for.

    25. Raechel Coon

      I have also not received the standard version of the POD main book.

    26. Missing avatar

      ron beck

      is there anyone else who has yet to receive a standard version of the PoD books? just a bit concerned is all. now watch it will arrive in today's mail.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ravipinto on


      Will those at a level that included more than the core book (for example "A Marvelous Wish-Granting Sponsor") be among those receiving one of the standard-edition PoD books? I haven't heard anything in regards to one being shipped out, etc.

      Thank you.


    28. Oliver Summers on

      I Sent Mr.Chen an Email Last Week enquiring on the books status.

      Surprise Surprise I have not heard back from him...

    29. David Ford on

      And the regular edition turned up today! That Dedicated Friend is literally the best. :>

    30. David Ford on

      Great, thanks for letting me know. I really hope they come through for you, or at least let you know one way or the other.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eos-sama (deleted) Creator on

      I haven't heard anything further about the print run.

      To the best of my knowledge the premium voucher has no expiration date.

      Best wishes,


    32. David Ford on

      I'ma be a little more patient and wait with fingers crossed and bated breath to see if the Eos books come; I have the PDF to play from for the moment. The premium vouchers don't have an expiry date, do they?

    33. Oliver Summers on

      Has anybody heard anything about our books EOS is supposed to be shipping last month.
      I Realise the effort may be futile but It will not stop me from bringing it up from time to time

    34. Missing avatar

      John Tahmores Smith on

      I don't want to spam as this is not a thread so feel free to delete this, but no worries at all for not including me in the backers.

    35. Missing avatar

      Eos-sama (deleted) Creator on

      No worries!

      It will be some time before you can be included on the sponsors list---assume that it costs $100-200 to update the book, so I can't do it just for a single new sponsor name---but other than that, all is well.

      Best wishes,


    36. Missing avatar

      John Tahmores Smith on

      Hello Jenna, Eos-sama, or whomever else may be of concern. I think that I may have accidentally not responded to the survey when it was reasonable to do so when the kickstarter came out. I was very satisfied with the kickstarter at every point, enjoying the previews and the finished project I received. I am a fan of the Nobilis and Chuubo's RPGs. Thank you very much for your work and consideration.

    37. Missing avatar

      Eos-sama (deleted) Creator on

      @Prodigal: updating it in your survey should still be possible. Sending your new address to Jenna.Moran at google's mail service would help too.

      It may be worth reviewing the most recent update.

      Best wishes,


    38. Prodigal on

      I have moved since I backed the project, so what can I do about updating my mailing address for you to ship the book to?

    39. Oliver Summers on

      I can understand when a Kickstarter is Late evin if it is a year overdue.
      Thats is fine.

      But only if in that time communication with backers comes at a regular Basis.

      In this case something is up
      And we the Backers who funded this Project are being ignored for long stretches of time.
      Only acknowledged when the voices of concern become louder and louder.

      Seriously time to let us know what the heck is going on.(should have done so from the beginning)

      My patience with this perticular Kickstarter is dangerously low...

    40. Jeremy Puckett on

      I've been pretty patient with the whole process, but yeah. I think two months since an update of any sort, and this long over for the physical book is starting to get a little ridiculous. =p

    41. Oliver Summers on

      Almost 2 months of silence since last update.
      I am getting very impatient.

      If there are serious issues with the print version we backers should not be kept out of the loop.

    42. Oliver Summers on

      Upate Please.

      I get that something is stopping us from getting print copies and you are trying on getting this resolved.

      But honestly EOS really should just spill the beans on what the hold up is.
      We are running almost on a year overdue.

    43. Adam Krump on

      So, um, what's going on? I'm trying to at least get the pdf version so I can put it on my kindle, but I only got a link to the epub version. :(
      I pledged for all the things that one could get. Print copies of everything, all the add-ons, etc.

      So why are there "new" Chuubo products on Drivethru? In addition to fixing which drivethru link(s) I have, it'd be nice to have access to the new stuff. Especially since it's stuff I would have kicked in for if it had been in the original kickstarter.
      I'm really trying to be polite and all, but finding new Chuubo stuff when I can't get what I've paid for, or an indication of when, it's really frustrating. It really should have been given to people on the high end of the pledges for free, in my opinion.

    44. Missing avatar

      Audrey Joan Girard on

      Some periodic updates really would be nice.

      What did Eos-sama's boss hear/learn when he visited the printer? What does that mean from Eos's perspective?

      How are things coming along with art and layout for Fortitude: by the Docks of Big Lake? Is any of that art available to see?

    45. Oliver Summers on

      I am seriously starting to doubt we will be getting any kind of word on what is going on
      Anytime soon...

      Is it to much to ask for atleast some form of acknowledgment?
      Hidding under a rock is not going to make backer concerns go away.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Byers

      @DrewSouth: The PDF is nice. But I paid a good deal extra for the hardcopy as well. There is no indication that those who purchased a physical copy of the book will ever see those copies, or that an actual physical copy of the book is anything more than a pipe dream. So yes, since all we've received thus far are electrons, the term "vaporware" is, for now, entirely appropriate. I'm glad that the PDF-only backers now have everything they paid for, but I, and many others, do not.

    47. Oliver Summers on

      I believe we backers have been very Patient with this project which is now running on a year late.

      Its time for some kind of update and not leaving us in the dark any longer.
      Almost 3 months without any word on whats going is pretty bad.

    48. Missing avatar


      We have the pdf, so it is very definitely not vaporware, however no news since late January is disturbing. Mind you Eos Press does seem to have a problem with getting the hard copy out - I recall something similar with Nobilis and Legends of the Wulin. If they were not such amazingly written games, I would probably not put up with their delays.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrew Byers

      I've backed 134 projects. The #1 indicator of vaporware is: a delayed/late project, announcement(s) of various problems, and then silence on the part of the creator. I've seen that same pattern time and time again and I'm starting to get worried here.

    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Robert on

      I too would appreciate an update, it's been quite a while since we heard there were problems with the printer!

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