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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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Adam Meyers

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Recent updates


The Last Chapter


Firstly, I apologize for the delay between updates. Between juggling the new baby and the fact that the last chapter proved more complicated than I'd originally thought, we kept hoping we'd get more done during a day than we thought, and writing updates was often the first thing we ended up sacrificing when we needed to drop something from the schedule. 

Second, all that waiting and juggling is finally over because Spheres of Power is finally finished! 

Because there are some of you who have been diligently reading, testing, and providing feedback for us, we've assembled this handy Google Doc of the last chapter for everyone to read and post comments on. As always, let us know what you think and where we might have gone wrong in text or calculations. Don't focus on the obvious mispellings; google doc has already highlighted those for us.

In one week (April 23rd) we will make any necessary changes based on that feedback and update the PDF to its final form for all of you to see. 

 What's Next 

Once the PDF is updated to its final form, the only thing left to do (on this book at least) is printing and shipping. While we did collect addresses from people at the beginning of the kickstarter, so many people have moved that we will be sending out another survey soon. Even if you filled out the last one PLEASE fill out the one to come, as we will be strictly using the results of that survey when sending you your books.

Once again we heartily thank all of you for making this possible, and being patient while we worked to make this book the best it can be. While we wait for SoP to print, we'll be resuming work on Wizard's Academy, which has already progressed considerably, but has to be placed on hold while we focused on finishing up Spheres of Power. Now, though, we'll get to resume work on the mega-module, bringing you monsters and an adventure focused around the Spheres of Power system. 

 The New Discussion Board 

 Some of you have still been using the backer's site to host discussions about the book; we wanted to send out a full, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has posted and still is posting there; without your help and feedback, we never could have made this project what it is today. However, with the book open now to the public, the time has finally come to close down the backer's site and officially move all discussion of the system to the main forums at On April 23rd, when we update the PDF for the last time, we will also be officially closing down the backer's site, moving all discussion of Spheres of Power to the main Drop Dead Studios forum. 

Thank you all so much for helping us reach this point. It took far, far more time than we thought it would, but I hope the final book proves worth the wait. We set out to make something wholly new, and in that we've succeeded, and the praise SoP has received to this point has been overwhelming. In many ways, I feel like a proud father twice over; once for the child, and once for the book.

 We'll be back on April 23rd with the updated PDF and an updated timeline for both the printed books and Wizard's Academy!



For those who wanted to know, after almost a week and a half of turmoil my son was born today at 10:15 am. 11 lbs. 9 oz. of solid baby.

Baby Drama


I was planning to upload the last chapter on Saturday. However, my wife went into labor on Monday of last week, and as of now (Sunday night), there is still no baby. The last chapter has been delayed, but will be up soon if at all possible.

PDF Updated! Magic Items!


It's later than I'd hoped (my wife has had several early labor scares that set back my work schedule), but the PDF has been updated! 

Everyone should have gotten an email from RPG Drivethru informing them there is a new version of the PDF and prompting them to re-download the new version.

The final chapter wasn't included (again, labor scares), but will be updated by the end of February, before we send the book off to print. I know there are backers who have been meticulously going through the PDF to catch editing mistakes and give feedback on mechanics, and while I'd like to give you the time you deserve to really delve into things, the book has been delayed so long already that I can only promise 1 week; come the 28th, we send the book off. That being said, we will be scouring the backer's site this week to make sure we get everyone's feedback to see if anything needs to be adjusted, so please let us know your opinions on the update in the backer's site.

New Content

The most obvious part of this update is the inclusion of the Magic Items chapter, which we are eager to hear your feedback on. A few other important components to the update:

  • Destruction: The base damage form of the Destruction sphere has changed to bludgeoning, with force being available for a talent and a spell point. A few other talents have been adjusted as well.
  • Conjuration: We've been getting nothing but love for the Conjuration sphere from players, but some balance issues were cropping up with particularly dedicated summoners. As such, companions now only gain 1 (form) talent for free, and the cost of summoning has increased (1 spell point to summon, 1 spell point to stay without concentration, and 1 more spell point to increase the duration to 1 hour per caster level / 1 full day).
  • Armorist: Some balance adjustments have been made to the armorist, as well as some updates to bound staves in light of the new magic item creation rules.

RPG Drivethru Emails

Once again, everyone who has contacted me about not getting their PDF through RPG Drivethru should have gotten a new email by now. If that isn't the case, please let me know.

Thank you all,


Skybourne is in its Last 8 Hours!


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