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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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Meta Feats and International Backers


Whenever I hand-sign a book, I like to make each one individual. Some get a little bit longer of a thank you, some include personal references if I've had lengthy interactions with the backer, and some get one of my 'Meta-Feats', which provide a little tongue-in-cheek benefit, often with a once per session or once per campaign limit.

However, because of the venues we're using for international fulfillment, I've been informed I can't specify which book goes to which backer. This means that all members of the same geographic area will be forced to get the same message. Because of this, international backers will be getting slightly longer messages and a few more meta feats, as a way to make up for that.

We're in the middle of fulfilling Canadian orders now and, being a dual US/Canada citizen myself, I may have gone a little bit overboard with making fun of America's stereotypes about Canada.

So Canadian backers, I apologize you'll all be getting the same message from me. To make up for that, please enjoy being able to body check people on the ice, being masters of the frontier, and stopping combats through the power of being Canadian.

The Books Have Arrived


Spheres of Power and the shipping equipment all arrived today, and packing has begun. This is weeks before I was expecting, which makes me happy.

We'll be doing the shipping in waves, and I'll let you know when to expect your books. We'll be doing email tracking, so you should get an email from USPS when your book is ready to head out.

There are some of you who have not yet filled out your surveys. Know that we WILL NOT be shipping a book to an address that has not been confirmed via the survey; enough time has passed since the initial addresses were collected that we want to verify everything before sending packages out.

PDFs and Contests


If you have contacted me or filled out your survey and you should get the Expanded Options PDF, you should have gotten the email by now. Check your spam folders if you can't find it, and let me know if there was an issue.

Contest Winner

We have the contest winner, and it's Grimoire! Congratulations to the winner and everyone who entered!

Expanded Options Codes

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If you filled out your survey and backed both kickstarters, you should have just received your code via RPG Drivethru for the Spheres of Power: Expanded Options PDF. 

There were 35 backers who said they'd backed both projects, but we couldn't verify their claim. If you think you should have been sent a code but haven't gotten one or haven't filled out your survey yet, send me a private message and we'll get things sorted out.

The First Supplement: Expanded Options!

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Today, we released the first Spheres of Power supplement: Spheres of Power: Expanded Options. 

This 29-page supplement includes all sorts of things we didn't have room to include in the main Spheres of Power book, including more class conversions, favored class bonuses, and a host of archetypes for all the Spheres of Power classes!

If you backed both this kickstarter and Skybourne for $25 or more, we'll be sending you your free copy of this supplement tomorrow, assuming you've already filled out your survey.