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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrea Martinelli on

      Apparently, yes: I just got a confirmation request to get my copy of Wizard Academy. That was a nice surprise.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gaelen Karol on

      So did the Wizard Academy/Bestiary ever get printed?

    3. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      My mistake; I'll get that sent over, then.

    4. Jeff Persson on


      I just messaged you back but if you look at the Wizard listing under Pledge Rewards on the campaign page the hero labs files are listed. Here is the whole listing:

      Wizard ($35) 
      * Spheres of Power print copy, signed and personalized by the design team 
      * Spheres of Power PDF 
      * Access to the backers-only site for early access to the mechanics 
      * ‘Elite Backers’ listing 
      * Hero Lab files 
      * Custom character sheet 
      * Rogue Glory PDF 
      * Open Gaming Monthly #1
      * PDF of the Bestiary/Wizard's Academy

    5. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      @Wun Dum: According to my records, you indicated you wanted the Wizard level instead of the PDF summoner level, and I don't believe that included the Hero Lab Files.

    6. Jeff Persson on

      Haven’t been playing Pathfinder for sometime and was just getting back into it and went to download the Hero Lab files from DriveThruRPG and its trying to charge me for them. I went back through my emails and never received anything about a download link per Update #94. Anything I can do?

    7. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      The bestiary is contained in the back half of the PDF. Print is coming, more news on that later.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gaelen Karol on

      So Wizard Academy was just sent to me PDF. Sweet.
      ..... any word on how long til the printed one?
      Any word on the Bestiary?

    9. Justin P. Sluder on

      Any word on when the bestiary will be available?

    10. JHewett on

      Arrived! Adelaide, Australia.

    11. rectulo on

      I got the book ! ^^)

    12. Justin Batson

      Just curious as to the status of the Wizard's Academy. Did I miss the PDF download link somewhere?

    13. JHewett on

      Woohoo - Just got a shipping notice for my order (Australia).

    14. Missing avatar

      Shaun McMahon on

      Has there been any new information on the postage of the international books yet.

    15. Andrew Hauptman

      Question about the Hero Lab file. Which folder should I put it in to use it? Thx.

    16. Missing avatar

      karl smith on

      Anyone form Ireland who got their book yet?

    17. rectulo on

      Still waiting... and getting older !
      French Contributor

    18. JHewett on

      @Adam Meyers - Cheers mate - thanks for the update :)

    19. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      We have an shipping company that is handling the international books. Now that they're over the Christmas crunch all shipments should be in progress or shipping soon. International shipping and customs do take time, but the books are on the way.

    20. JHewett on

      Been a month since the last update, but now that Christmas is over I was wondering if there is an update on international shipping? Has anyone received their book yet?

    21. JHewett on

      Any update on international shipping?

    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Dugas on

      All right, so I finally found an e-mail stating "last chance to get your reward for backing Spheres of Powers." Unfortunately, that e-mail came in late June. Clicking it now doesn't accomplish much.

      As it stands, I still got the Spheres of Power book and the character sheet from DriveThruRPG, but none of the other stuff I pledged for. Do I have any options?

    23. Missing avatar

      JpRich on

      Got the book today.
      Excellent work.
      Thank you much. Now to try my hand at converting it to 5E.

    24. Lee Perry

      Looking forward to receiving this :) For some reason, mine has been stuck in Cincinnati (2-1/2 hours away) for 7 days. LOL A LONG time to travel such a short distance.

    25. Dennis S. on

      Got my book today. This thing is bigger and heavier then I was expecting! I can only imagine how thick this would be had you gone with a smaller page size, or larger font. Great quality gloss paper is a really nice touch and helps the colors really pop. Only criticism I have is minor at best, with the text spilling in to the colored page border.
      I was expecting maybe four or five of the printed player sheets, and was really surprised to see a whole pad of them. Looks to be about 30 sheets give or take. Nice!
      Now I have been holding off on reading the pdf or the forum beyond the initial mechanism for the system. I wanted that surprise and pleasure you get from the first reading of something. Now to get reading so I'm ready for the next parts of the kickstarter.

    26. Missing avatar

      JpRich on

      Got my shipping notification email. Have been tracking it.
      No slight to Adam and crew but holee shit on the USPS.
      Two days to go 114 miles.

    27. Michael Ross on

      what is the status of the herolab files?

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gaelen Karol on

      Still waiting patiently... keep up the good work.

    30. Missing avatar

      JpRich on

      So...anyone who has the book....want to do a 5E conversion?

    31. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      The rest of the domestic should ship this week. We're still having issues with international, including that I need to renew my passport to ship to Europe, apparently. It's bulk-shipping business thing.

    32. Lee Perry

      Still waiting here too :)

    33. David Nielson on

      Should I be concerned about not receiving my book yet?

    34. Justin P. Sluder on

      I too am amongst the still waiting, down in Frederickson (near Puyallup), WA.

    35. Dennis S. on

      My experience with shipped book is I tend to receive them on average 5 to 7 weeks after the first people start getting them. Being a swag lord level I'm actually expecting a bit longer wait then that because of the extras. That sound about right @Adam Meyers?

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gaelen Karol on

      Any sort of update on shipping would be appreciated....
      Still haven't seen anything....

    38. Will Teets

      Still no book in Marietta, Ga. Thoughts?

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    40. Steve Davies

      I haven't received my copy (not personalized). What should I do?

    41. Missing avatar

      JpRich on

      Nothing in the mail yet for Albany, New York, USA.
      Heres to hoping.

    42. Adam Meyers 5-time creator on

      We're still waiting to hear back about the details from Lone Wolf Productions for Hero Lab files. We're in the middle of our pre-Gen Con rush, so books have been going out sporadically as we've had time..

    43. Will Teets

      Also I haven't revised my hard book copy. I backed the project at Soul Weaver if that helps. Maybe the personalized copies are going to take longer?

    44. Will Teets

      Any information on the hero labs files? This system is a bear to put together by hand. Thanks for any info.

    45. Lee Perry

      Most people have received the book? Still nothing here...

    46. Missing avatar

      Tealus on

      Skrymir, you start filing complaints with your post office. If your book got damaged through the bubble wrap. That is on the shipper.

      I know of a post office in PA that my family avoids shipping to (a family member lives in that town) because they'll fold anything even if it's marked "do not fold".

    47. Missing avatar

      Skrymir on

      Book interior looks good, but it got pretty mangled in the mail.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tealus on

      I got my book today. Just wondering if you plan to make conversion rules for 5th edition? (or even 1st edition)

    49. Ryan Blackstock

      Just received my book today. I'm very happy the cover is not the image on the main page of this KS. It actually turned out quite lovely!

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