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Turns a blowtorch into a hand-held supercharged instant-power broiler. Sears fish, sous-vide, pizza, cheese, foie, and everything else.
Turns a blowtorch into a hand-held supercharged instant-power broiler. Sears fish, sous-vide, pizza, cheese, foie, and everything else.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Try the forums Eric.

    2. Eric Jarvo on

      Still haven't received my steak decorator, tried following up via email but no response.

      Not impressed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      So Steak Decorators are out today on AMZN ---

    4. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Has anybody received a steak decorator as yet? What's your opinion of it?

    5. Jacob Wærum Lauritzen on

      I have NOT recived it yet..

    6. Missing avatar

      James Hine on

      Will this include the t-shirt and card for the folks overseas? These never turned up (for me at least). Enjoying the searsall but feeling a little under loved.

    7. Booker and Dax Lab Creator on

      We are writing the instructions and designing the box. Should be ready to ship within a few weeks. Please make sure to update your shipping address at

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Le on

      I have not received my tray. Where is it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Sue Chikes on

      Any updates on the searing tray, grate and recipe book? Has anyone received this?

    10. Kevin Hoang on

      Any news on grilling plate etc?

    11. Missing avatar

      joshua youngberg on

      I order a searzall from Shopstarter but haven't received it yet. I live the US. When could I expect this item to arrive?

    12. Peter on

      I'm in the same boat as you. I have asked about this and have been told that "We have access to the same information that you do, so it looks like its in the process of going through customs, which can take a few days." The latest email request that I wait another week.

      Let's just hope that if this shipment has gone missing, that they do not make us wait another month for the replacement to arrive.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      lol, ok dennis :-D

    14. Missing avatar


      Thanks, I'm in Sydney too, and the tracking information is still showing it being stuck in NY since 21/10. I hope it isn't lost :-(

    15. denise on

      which is why I'm hesitant to give it to missus. ^ ^;;

    16. denise on

      I'm in Sydney and I received mine last week.

    17. Missing avatar


      Has anyone in Australia received theirs yet? The tracking information says it has been stuck in Jamaica NY for three weeks, which seems unlikely...

    18. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Almost everything is potentially dangerous if you are a) not careful b) misuse) c) don't follow instructions.

    19. denise on

      all these comment made me to hesitate to test mine.
      it looks like it can be potentially dangerous and don't think something I can give to missus as part of kitchen tools. More like outdoor once-in-a-while BBQ tool?

    20. David on

      I've been enjoying using this. It does seem incredibly dangerous but I use it as safely as I possibly can. I have the Sansaire as well which I had also backed and the combination is incredible. I just did a 40 hour pork belly that I sliced after cooling and then searzed. Have noticed that it doesn't work so well on salmon and I haven't tried a steak yet. I have used it for onion soup broiling as well. It's a lot of fun.

    21. Low Chong Hung on

      @Hector Silva, Thanks :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      @ Low Chong Hung --- You may find this route more useful in your situation. Higher upfront/start up cost, but you get to refill it with propane locally.

    23. Low Chong Hung on

      I am from Asia. I also can't find Bernzomatic TS8000. However, I don't mind to pay more to order from Amazon US but the problem is cylinder, do I need to order from US every time? Headache.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Putzer on

      Just tried out the Searzall with the Superfire 2 (got one from a German dealer, but the first adapter was faulty). Initially everything worked fine (including the slightly scary pre-seasoning), but after the 4th grilled cheese sandwich, I noticed that the whole assembly (i.e. including the adapter) started to slide downward.

      I disengaged the heat as fast as I could, so I hope the screen didn't get damaged. I'll re-do the adapter set-up after the searzall has cooled off, but still, with the warning against overtightening the Allen screw, this was quite a shock.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      The Rothenberger Superfire 2 does not exist anymore (apart from the fact that you can still get it indeed at certain UK dealers). The new model is Superfire 3. But according to a technical contact with Rothernberger, the Superfire 3 is hotter, which makes me wonder whether the grid will withstand it (considering the discussion with the MAPP gas etc.).
      Could Booker and Dax maybe help out with this problem which seems to affect all European backers?

    26. Missing avatar

      Nils Homp on

      Any Swedes here that have managed to get a Bernzomatic TS8000 and a matching propane cylinder in Sweden?

      So far my best option seems to be to get the Coleman cylinder mentioned by Mikael Hansen from Denmark....

    27. Mads Storm Andersen on

      Yeah. Just got mine today. But damn, the preseasoning was a bit scary:)

    28. Missing avatar

      Mikael Hansen on

      Rothenberger Superfire 2 at all European Amazon shops.

    29. Missing avatar

      Philip Xavier on

      As i backed the searzall, (many months ago) i asked about the burner, and got as somehow vague answer with the promise of more info, which i never received, which means, i now got a totally useless searzall, if you look apart from it being a pretty spacy bookrest´ish. I Cant locate a bernzomatic in europe, nor the rothenberger... Could booker and dax perhaps be helpful here? I mean, 2811 sold units of the ts8000 must give you some talk time =)

      I am looking forward to a reply or just some help really - i wanna get searzzzin!!

    30. Missing avatar

      David Berquist on

      I got my searzall about a week ago, and I've been putting it to work. After doing the initial cooking in my sous vide cooker, I've seared off some chuck eye steaks, a pork butt roast, and Ahi Tuna.

      The searzall has been working wonderfully, and I'm very happy with the results. I've noticed that I'm able to get a much better sear on the steak without overcooking the inside, as compared to using a hot frying pan(as I was doing previously).

      I bought the TS8000 the day after the Searzall arrived, so I don't have any comparison to make against using the torch by itself. I've always used a frying pan or occasionally a broiler in the past.

      When using the Searzall I've always left the gas knob turned all the way up.

    31. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      @Scott Stern...

      ***From Update 33's Comments Section***

      Hector Silva on October 16
      MAP/Pro is only a hundred degrees or so higher than Propane. While nothing official has been disseminated by Booker and Dax, it does appear from the language that it is more about safety aspect of the canister's center of gravity/balance point/ability to stand on its own when the torch and Searzall are attached to the canister and this is all due to the size and shape of the canister being a longer cylinder with a narrower base.
      Care to comment Booker and Dax?

      Creator Booker and Dax Lab on October 18
      RE: MAP/Pro.
      There are several reasons we don't allow MAP/Pro
      1. The tanks are too tall and skinny
      2. We have not run tests with MAP/Pro on the production Searzall. A hundred degrees hotter would very likely be more than enough to burn out your screens or at least DRASTICALLY shorten their useful life.
      3. We don't know if MAP/Pro is food grade --may be, may not be.
      Any one of those reasons alone are enough to say you can't use it. But there are also reasons you shouldn't want to use it:
      1: Using a TS8000, Map/Pro wasn't much faster than Propane to Sear a steak (couple of seconds).
      2: It is very expensive relative to propane.
      3: Even if you have a tank stand there are good odds someone will put the Searzall down without one making it a tipping hazard again.
      4: Tall tanks aren't only unsafe, they are less ergonomic for searing.

      Hector Silva on October 18
      1. MAP/Pro is available in the wider tanks, they are called "Fat Boys"
      2. Point taken. The 100 degrees may be just the proverbial needle that broke the camel's back, I mean the extra heat that broke screen's mesh.
      3. MAP/Pro... food grade... good point as well.
      Second Set.
      1. True indeed.
      2. True True
      3. Yeah, that is possible... I do still plan to weld up a cradle stand for my Searzall, when I'm done with it, I'll show you pictures.
      4. Yeah, they are a little unwieldy... but Fat Boys can solve that.
      I'm playing devil's advocate here and wanted to get the question addressed because for weeks or even months now, people have been asking and asking for some clarity on it... I have tried to answer that I don't see the point of using MAP/Pro even if you can use Fat Boys.
      Thanks for answering and hopefully this has been put to bed now.

    32. Scott Stern on

      Got mine and seasoned it! Can't wait to use it on something real soon.
      What is the reason that MAP/Pro isn't supported? Is it simply that it won't stand up on its own (the FAQ says thin cylinders aren't stable enough)? Or is the higher heat intensity going to actually damage the unit?

    33. Thierry Perraut on

      got mine (98052). I did the seasoning steps, but have yet to use it with some real food :-)
      I wonder if I should keep the gas level relatively low (I've the Bernzomatic 8000), or instead put it really high, as I think the flame goes "beyond" the searzall in that case.

    34. denise on

      well I'm still waiting for mine. seeing it was posted on 20 October and just left NJ on 21 October guess it'll be a while before it lands at Sydney.

    35. Booker and Dax Lab Creator on

      Hi Backers,
      First of all, thank you all for your support and patience.
      Please email with any questions concerning your Searzall, as you'll get an instant reply from that address.
      As for searing grates and Kit accessories - backers of the Kit will be getting their Steak Decorator and cook book soon - we'll send you an email when they're ready to ship.
      Also - we're planning on creating a Forum on so that you can share your Searzall recipes and ideas, and let you know when it's online.

      Happy searing,
      Booker and Dax Lab

    36. Jeff Bandy on

      In lieu of a forum to discuss our hands-on Searzall experience, this comments thread is gonna have to do. That being said I am totally thrilled with this thing after spending the weekend with it. Like any cooking torch, it takes some time to find the right distance between the fireball and the food for different applications, and due to the ergonomics of wielding a big propane tank, a lazy susan is a huge help. I made a couple rounds of s'mores -- the flame is so wide and maneuverable I was even able to gently warm the chocolate before assembling the s'mores -- and thin cuts of mozzarella stacked on a thick slice of a batard produced absolutely perfect cheesy bread. All with zero torch taste, which was a revelation and is at the end of the day why the Searzall is so awesome.

      I preheated by just holding the torch upright and letting it do its thing for 10-15 seconds before holding it at an angle to whatever is getting spun on the grate. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that fully opening the gas valve on the TS8000 is the way to get maximum heat output. I'd be interested to hear Dave's take on Steven's question about whether we should be throttling the propane feed or not, or whether much control is possible with the TS8000's valve.

      Just wanted to drop my 2c and give props to Dave, Nastassia, and the rest of the crew! Excited to take this thing to the in-laws' over Christmas for some foie gras!

    37. Missing avatar

      Mikael Hansen on

      Have received my Searzall. Looks perfect but I miss parts of the original strech goal: "If we can raise $200,000 then all backers who get a Searzall will automatically receive a spare parts kit! The spare-parts kit will include an extra thumb screw and three extra-bezel screws (in case you unscrew and drop them), and an extra set of screens". My package included the screens but none of the screws. Please correct this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Steven Harris on

      Received my Searzall on Friday, it's beautiful.

      Upon assembly I noticed that the adapter doesn't fit closely around the torch tip. It's snug at the lower end but has some play at the tip end allowing for a slight right/left wobble. Tightening the set screw helps but wobble is still possible.

      The seasoning was pretty scarey with flames reaching up close to my hand. During use, flames creep up the outside of the Searzall with torch turned up full. Turning the gas down fixes that but it doesn't seem to be putting out much sear heat at that setting.

      Questions: When starting up the unit should I preheat it pointing up (torch resting on it's base) or pointing down in sear mode? Should it preheat at full pressure?

      Should the gas be adjusted downward to achieve an ideal condition in which the flame remains inside/in front of the unit.

      How much "adjustment" of the 1/8" gap is acceptable for (perhaps) fine tuning?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      The baseline test mentioned below may have been a good idea in theory, but my IR gun maxes out at 1100F which was not high enough for this test. :-(

    40. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Thank you, Hector, for the very helpful reply. I will definitely collect more data and take videos and photos. I have a full arsenal of IR guns, thermocouples, etc. Today I am am making beef cheeks (for tacos) that have been in the circulator for 24 hours. I was hoping to crisp up the edges of the meat with the Searzall. Lets see how that goes.

      Here's a simple test that you (and others) could help me with: What if we both fire up the Searzall from cold for say 60 seconds with the tank in the vertical position, shut it off, and immediately take a temperature reading of the grid with an IR gun? That would be a good baseline for further discussions. What do you think?

    41. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      I'm not trying to get into a flame war with you Bill... pun intended, because I'd win... figuratively and literally at this point :-D/JK
      What I am saying is that nothing magically happens to propane at specifically 10,000 feet, so I would expect degradation in performance before 10K at which it might fail to work outright.
      What I am also saying is that it would appear that given the way propane burns in the Searzall chamber coupled with less oxygen concentration at that altitude it will mean that you will experience longer sear times and less intense searing because you have less total BTUs of heat per second (i.e lower temperature output). So given that you are at 7,000 feet, it's going to work differently than at... say 100 feet above sea level. Altitude changes things, especially how you cook.

      What cut of meat was it?
      Did you put any oil on it?
      What was the color of the flames licking around the Searzall?
      Did you take pictures before and after? (Next time you should try to take some)
      If you could video it, it would be also be to see how things looked.
      How long did you have to sear it for? Did you sear both sides?
      What was the distance between the flame and the steak?
      Did any of the flames occasionally touch the steak or was it too far away?
      Do you know anyone with a IR thermometer gun that you can borrow to check it out?
      How does the propane burn by itself on the TS-8000?
      What is the ambient temperature in the room?

      The idea of adjusting the spacing is an interesting one, I suppose that you are also thinking that maybe some modification in the introduction of air into the burning chamber may help, but that would require modification and testing that may (definitely) void your warranty and might end up being far too dangerous to try.

    42. Diego Truyen

      @Ingmar I bought the TS-8000 from ebay (I'm also from Belgium)

    43. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Eric Jarvo...those things will be shipped later on... the steak decorators aren't finished yet. I guess another few weeks or months. You'll have to ask them to provide a formal update on that.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ingmar Guillaume on

      Belgium (and probably the rest of Europe too):
      no Bernzomatic TS-4000 nor TS-8000, no Rothenberger Super fire 2 (old stuff, it's not even in the catalogue anymore). Does anyone have any other suggestion?

    45. Eric Jarvo on

      Got the unit and it looks nice but I didnt receive my tray, grate or recipe book are these being shipped separately?

    46. Missing avatar

      Vernon Lam on

      Just got my Searzall, but will have to wait until my current bottle of MAPP Pro is depleted before seasoning with Propane. Just wish this could have been compatible with MAPP Pro as they originally intended.

    47. Missing avatar

      Aaron Matzkin on

      After a bit of sleuthing, I have discovered that the USPS determined that the package was undeliverable as addressed. I checked the address prior to shipping and it was correct. I believe they have shipped it back to you (or the warehouse). Please send me another. I would be happy to confirm the address that you are using. This is a business that receives mail and packages on a regular basis. It should be no problem for the Postal Service to deliver.

    48. Missing avatar

      Aaron Matzkin on

      USPS tracking is telling me that the tracking number you sent me is invalid. This is discouraging. Please respond.

    49. Missing avatar

      Aaron Matzkin on

      My order seems to have been permanently delayed by the USPS.

    50. Missing avatar

      Brett Martin on

      Is there anyway to verify if my Searzall was shipped? I either deleted or didn't receive a ship notification.
      Have all US Shipments been processed?

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