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CD release by Discus. A beautiful and engaging work, recorded at Real World Studio and performed most recently at Berlin Jazz Festival.
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If you are looking at this page you'll see that we have already hit the funding target £1,500 which guarantees the project.  We still need your subscription though!  There are all kinds of costs over and above the basic CD production to cover, so please go ahead with your planned subscription. 

Also, once the subscription period has ended, I'll be announcing a little extra  "thank you" to everyone who has made this project a success!

Composer / pianist Tippett needs little introduction to those with an ear to the ground in the world of creative music.  Appearing initially on the London jazz scene in the 1960's, Keith quickly forged a reputation as a formidable player, bandleader and composer.  His large scale work Septober Energy for the 50 piece ensemble Centipede remains a benchmark recording in the history of this music.  Subsequently leading ensembles as diverse as Mujician, Ovary Lodge, his duo work with Julie Tippetts plus appearances as an improvising piano soloist have consolidated his position as a major figure in both improvised and composed music.  In 2016 he remains as active as ever on the international stage.

The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon was commissioned by Richard Wiltshire and was recorded by the Keith Tippett Octet at Real World Studio in the UK. The performers are:

Fulvio Sigurta (trumpet/flugel) Sam Mayne alto (sax/clarinet/flute) James Gardiner-Bateman (alto sax/flute) Kieran Mcleod (trombone) Rob Harvey (trombone) Tom McCredie (bass) Peter Fairclough (drums/percussion) Keith Tippett (piano/composer) with Julie Tippetts (voice).

This new suite is based on themes from Irish folk music and was written for his new octet, which includes several recent graduates from the Royal Academy of Music’s jazz programme along with a long-time collaborator, the drummer Peter Fairclough, and the London-based Italian trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta.

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Tippett's inspired take on the jazz tradition shaped the second half, with the searing alto saxes of James Gardner-Bateman and Sam Mayne, and the lithe and clean-toned sound of superb trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta often rising over softly exhaled, Duke Ellington-like harmonies. Squally, fast-weaving jazz melodies like The Dance of the Return of the Swallows turned to folk dances, supple trombone duets and uptempo sprints in which Tippett's prodding and cajoling of his soloists from the piano was simply breathtaking. - JOHN FORDHAM, GUARDIAN

The ensemble filled the room with immense brass power right from the start. This was committed playing from an adept and imaginative young group, energetic and high-spirited, which rose to every challenge in Tippett’s complex composition, adapting their tone as each milestone demanded. Superbly executed, this followed Tippett’s tenet that ‘I’d rather be over rehearsed than under-rehearsed’. Tippett, playing with exceptional dexterity, also conducted from the piano stool, weaving his input through the rhythm and brass sections, with hints of the way that Ellington brought in organist Wild Bill Davies as a counter to his entire orchestra. The balance was perfectly poised. - GEOFF WINSTON, LONDON JAZZ NEWS

Risks and challenges

A low risk project. The music is already recorded and mastered, and is simply waiting to go into production. Martin Archer and Discus Music are extremely experienced in this process - the CD will be the 56th release by Martin's label. Release is being made with the full co-operation of Keith Tippett. No external approvals are needed for this project to proceed, and there are no outstanding prior projects awaiting completion.

The funding minimum target is sufficient to put the project onto production - ideally though, we will raise a far greater sum and sell a much higher % of the first production run in advance through this scheme!

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