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We want to make 6 or 7 30-minute television programs that celebrate our region, its history, its people and some of its idiosyncrasies.
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The Beagle Brothers give us a theme song!

Posted by Rick Sebak (Collaborator)

I wanted to make sure all our backers saw the attached "theme song" that the Beagles Brothers wrote for our #Rickstarter. They've titled it "Being Nebby," and it refers to all the topics I've proposed for the new series that we want to call NEBBY: RICK SEBAK'S TALES OF GREATER PITTSBURGH. 

Watch here:

On Facebook, they wrote: "Friends, we present you with the unofficial theme song for Rick Sebak's Kickstarter Campaign. We are very excited about this project and want to help Rick reach his goal! You can help by sharing this video,as well as supporting Rick's project for any amount you can at Keep Pittsburgh Nebby! #rickstarter #nebby #meat #veganhotdog"

The Beagle Brothers are also part of our limited $5000 "Share Your NEBBINESS With A Party" reward level too! (They'll come play for you at a party or house concert!) I've loved their "Bloomfield Sound" for years, and I've been amazed and delighted that they gave us this special endorsement. 

If you can't understand some of the lyrics, songwriter and vocalist Gabriel Smith sent me this list:  

  • Well there he goes (he’s being nebby) wants to find out so much more 
  • Eighty eight through the Mon Valley, there’s just so much to explore. 
  • And the meat (oh, the meat, baby!) and a vegan counterpart (hot dog!) 
  • Sharing his adventures and nebby to the heart. 
  • Take it to the bike trails and ride oh just ride. 
  •  Find it in a bottle and drink it in with pride. 
  •  Nebby is as nebby does – it’s a curiosity 
  • Eatin’ pies (it’s no surprise) sea back to shining sea. 
  • (instrumental break) 
  • Take it to the bike trails and ride oh just ride. 
  •  Find it in a bottle and drink it in with pride. 
  •  If Sebak is your homeboy then you know he just won’t quit 
  • And if you’ve got that curiosity then you might just be a neb (honk noise).

(I think it may be the first song ever written to include a rhyming-play on the last word.)



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