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POE is a hand-drawn animated feature by award-winning director Michael Sporn about the great writer Edgar Allen Poe. Read more

Manhattan, NY Animation
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POE is a hand-drawn animated feature by award-winning director Michael Sporn about the great writer Edgar Allen Poe.

Manhattan, NY Animation
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About this project

The Animatic, above, is a rough representation of animation in progress. It helps us tell the story. We hope to turn the many segments started into completed animation to be able to thrust the feature film, POE, into complete production. The Kickstarter money will do that for us and help satisfy the needs of the possible distributors and financiers who are already interested.

What’s the story?

Edgar Allan Poe was a brilliant writer who lived a very short and eccentric life. He died at the age of 40 and in that time created literary genres including the detective mystery, the sci fi epic, the horror story, and many of the most beautiful love poems imaginable. Within this life there is a very dynamic story to be told.

The film opens with baby Edgar dragged from theater to theater by his ever-squabbling actor parents.
They travel to cities up and down the East Coast performing, as their marriage falls apart. Edgar's father disappears, and his mother dies of consumption.
the three year old watches the last theater his mother performs in burn to the ground. He's left an orphan, and the film begins.

Poe's life was destroyed not by drugs or alcohol, as is often stated, but by absolute poverty, and this is the crux of our film. Many of the women in his life died of consumption and illness as he was too poor to be able to care for them properly.He, himself, died in a poorhouse hospital.

Our film will show various biographical key points in his life and will use selections from his great fiction to depict this dramatic story.

Where we are now

The Script and the storyboards are complete.

Designs for the two styles that will be employed are being developed
- a Daumier-like style for the main narrative and
- a German Expressionist style for Poe’s stories within.

There are 20 minutes of the biographical "Animatic" completed already.
This was done by the brilliant Master animator, Tissa David (age 91), who will continue to supervise Poe's bio for the feature.

We have also storyboarded the four stories being told within the feature: The Premature Burial, Murder in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat, and Ms. in a Bottle.All are used to comment on Poe's life and story.

Animator salaries, Music, Editing, Designers, reams of artwork. It all is dearly expensive, and we're hoping Kickstarter will allow us to do just that for this feature desperate to jump out of the box.

There will be a cast of well known actors doing the voices. We've already recorded several.


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    Our deepest gratitude, not only spiritually but as a printed, limited-edition postcard hand-written, drawn and signed by Michael Sporn.
    (We'll send this to all of our backers at $5 and up).

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    When the final film is in release — a personal hard-copy of the DVD of the film.
    Plus all items above.

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    An original print of an animation drawing from the film suitable for framing! —as well as everything listed above.
    Your name among Thank You notices on a special Web Page of our official POE site.

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    We'll send you a limited edition t-shirt in addition to everything above.

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    A DVD of the feature (upon its DVD release), a digital download of the movie (when it becomes available digitally) as well as a signed copy of Poster for the film.
    Thank You in the film's credits.

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    You'll get a piece of the movie itself — framed — an 8.5 X 11" original line art drawing on paper from the movie.
    You will also received a digital copy of the current script, and as well as everything else offered above.

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    Your face, in the movie! Your caricature will be drawn and placed in Edgar Allan Poe's environs as a background character - with your likeness in the movie. You'll be mailed the drawing after it's been filmed. You'll also get everything above including larger sized Thank You in the film's credits.

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    A private screening in NYC or with Michael Sporn and one of his films — as well as an invitation to witness one of the voice recordings with one of the celebrity actors yet to participate in the film. This will include a private lunch with Michael Sporn and another animator on the film.
    You'll also receive a Leading Thank You credit and you, of course, will receive all other items above.

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