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The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
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Morsel Mini's Are On The Way!

Posted by Hadron Gear (Creator)

We're excited to announce that orders including Morsel Mini's will be shipping this week! They look spectacular and we promise they'll be worth the wait.

If you didn't order a Mini yet but don't want to miss out, have no fear! They'll be available on our website in about a week, just as soon as we've finished shipping to all of our backers.

It's been fantastic starting to see Morsel in the wild, and we've loved seeing all the #morselspork tags on social media. Just a reminder, we'll be chosing our favorite posts every month to send free sporks, so tag us for a chance to win!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      Got my issue resolved and package arrived yesterday. I love them. These are great and packed so easily into my lunch today at work.

      Great little product.

    2. Missing avatar

      Keele Cray on

      I didn't even get a tracking number. Help me please!

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      Received word from someone here on Kickstarter that they're working on my issue to see what we can do to resolve it.

      Happy day.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      No response to email, messages on Facebook or here.

      Got in touch with SHIPBOB who said the package left their facility but must be lost in transit as it has no movement in the UPS system and USPS has not gotten the package to attempt delivery.

      I think this is a unique situation as the campaign was successful, orders were and are being shipped as well as product for sale on their website. I don't feel that this is something I should just take a loss on as if the campaign wasn't successful or orders never got shipped. The product was on its way to me but obviously hasn't, and probably won't, make it to me.

      I'm thinking about taking action via my credit card company to have these charges refunded unless someone at Hadron Gear can get in touch with me about this so we can work it out. SHIPBOB said that since I'm not technically their client that if my package has been lost or damaged in transit I have no recourse through them and have to go through Hadron Gear for remedy.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      12/18/18 5:55pm. Order processed, ready for UPS. Expected delivery date 12/26/18.

      Anyone, any help at all here?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      Still nothing here. UPS tracking shows that the label has been printed and the package is still with SHIPBOB. Package ready for UPS on 12/18/18. Original expected arrival date of 12/26 come and gone. Now it doesn't show an expected delivery date. I've tried to reach out using the contact form on the morsel website but no response there either. Little help here?

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Have you checked the tracking from shipbob? It may already have been shipped but be stuck in delivery limbo...

    8. will delaney on

      January 1 and no spork in sight!

    9. ammar on

      Hayyyyeeeeh one month from this update and still not receive mine!!!! What’s wrong??

    10. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      And it actually finally arrived yesterday? I have the in my hands and they look as good as in pictures, thanks Morsel!

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Well I ended up finding something about my shipment in the end, it started its journey on Dec 18, and has been in France for the past 4 days, probably enjoying a view of the Eiffel Tower since it doesn't seem to want to leave Paris... But it's getting here, at its own pace... I'm impatient!

    12. Missing avatar

      Karen Goulter on

      Thanks, mine arrived today in Australia. They look fantastic, can’t wait to try them out!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      My package from SHIPBOB said it would be delivered today but there's been no activity on it since it said that the order was processed and ready for pickup. Most carriers are swamped this time of year so it'll probably come late.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      I have no news from Shipbob, should I find it weird?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      Excellent. Excited to get these in hand. Thanks.

    16. Hadron Gear Creator on

      @Michael: Yes, the packages are being sent from Shipbob.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Simons on

      I just got a notification from the My UPS account that there's an incoming package from SHIPBOB. Could that be my mini order? I'm not expecting any other deliveries.

    18. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Ammar, my question exactly :/

    19. ammar on

      This week finish and no update about shipping?

    20. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      I'm going on a hiking trip December 27, will I get them in time? Suspense...

    21. Missing avatar

      Ivan Shannon

      In Europe before Christmas, I doubt. Now mid December, lucky to get them in January.

    22. Steve Carney on

      Exciting news! Thanks.

    23. James Trascapoulos on

      Yay! Might even see them before Christmas!