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The most useful camping utensil that fits all shapes and sizes for outdoor adventures.
The most useful camping utensil that fits all shapes and sizes for outdoor adventures.
5,341 backers pledged $159,059 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Max on

      Why did you promise to your backers that your product will be delivered by the middle of November?
      It is end of December and I got nothing!
      Update please!

    2. Marc Wilson on

      Still waiting.....

    3. Scott Luongo on

      I am also still waiting. Can we get an update please?

    4. william watson on

      I have still not received my spork, can someone contact me with an update please?

    5. Andrew Brunetto on

      Wish I could delete a comment - it was just pointed out to me that there is a mini Morsel Spork in my order, which was previously called out as being delayed. My mistake, mea culpa. Sincere apologies to the Morsel Spork team!

    6. Andrew Brunetto on

      And what if we don't have the email with the survey link anymore? This kind of performance will end up killing off Kickstarters - makes it hard to trust future kickstarters. Offering Black Friday deals while backers are waiting for their orders just rubs salt in the wound.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Culler on

      Guess I'll pile on...

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Mayhew on

      I have not received my Morsel either, I'm starting to think that it will never come to me

    9. Missing avatar

      Cristina on

      Still waiting here too...

    10. ammar on

      Where is mine please it’s too long and you making offers for Black Friday, we are still waiting????

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthis Behrens on

      Still waiting, waiting waiting, when do we receive our Morsels?

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan P. Wolf on

      I'm sorry, I wasn't very precise here -- it's not in the Kickstarter pledge info, it's in the Backerkit pledge info. Look up the email with the link to the survey (where you entered the address and pledge details like colors and models). Log into backerkit or enter your email under "I lost my survey", you will get the link again. The tracking info and all pledge details (colors, models ...) is on that survey page.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan P. Wolf on

      Everyone waiting for a shipment email: kust look into your Morsel pledge info and you will find the tracking info! Why are so many experienced backers expecting an email, Kickstarter never sent me a shipping email in any campaign, the shipping system always kept the data online only...

    14. Paul Grimard on

      I got mine and I have to say the quality is way better than I expected!!! Will be ordering more.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Cockburn on

      Hi guys,

      Backer Number: 3253

      I'm in Melbourne, Australia and haven't had either my tracking email or my package.

      Can you please advise?

    16. Missing avatar

      morcillo88 on

      I have not received my Morsel either, I'm starting to think that it will never come to me

    17. Jonathan Shavelson on

      I still haven't received my package or an email about shipment

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil Brock on

      Yesterday, I received the package, but it was torn a little and totally empty except for a 20%-off your next Spork order coupon. I'm not sure what is the best way to contact their Customer Service.

      It feels worse to know that my package arrived, but I still don't have the product, than it was for just waiting for a package.

      Backer: 4705

    19. William Saunders on

      Still waiting for my delivery! Supposedly hung up in CA or Canada. Can you locate and complete shipment? I am backer 872. Thanks!

    20. Tricia Rawnsley on

      I received a package today, but it's a 5-pack instead of a 10-pack, so we're excited but disappointed all at the same time. They are very cool. My teenager wants to eat something right away.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Pasqual on

      Mine arrived today. They’re everything you said they would be!!! Thanks!!!!

    22. Jonathan Shavelson on

      No tracking number has yet to be sent

    23. Missing avatar

      Urduja on

      I haven't received mine yet and am about to go out of town. Should I worry about it? Hopefully it ships USPS so it will be in a locked mail box and not on my porch

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob schulman on

      Just got my 3... Grey, Blue and Green. They look and feel GREAT! Cant wait to use on an upcoming trip.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      Still no Morsel or tracking info.....

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Vermeer on

      Hi Team, I have just received my 2 sporks. They look ama-Zing!

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Pasqual on

      Haven’t gotten mine as of 10/21/2018. Should I be worried? Are there tracking numbers available?

    28. Missing avatar

      John Bernardi on

      Love the look and feel of the spork. They are even more robust than what was described and the look like they will be on my kit for quite a while.

      I just have to get time to have dinner and try them out.

    29. Dave Weston on

      I got my 3 today! They are even nicer than I imagined! Comfortable to hold, they have a natural feel when used for eating, and they seem to be very rugged.

      My wife was very skeptical when I bought them months ago while they were still being funded but overall Im very glad I did and even she was surprised at how nice they actually were.

      My sons already claimed the blue one, I got the green and my wife has the red.

      So nice! Thanks for taking the time to really make these Morsel Sporks worth the wait!

    30. Missing avatar

      Scot Hawthorne on

      Got mine on Thursday! Can't wait to use them

    31. Missing avatar

      Dennis Withner on

      Got my order of 10 sporks in the mail box today. Yea. When I opened the mail box all I saw was a blue tine forest. The fork end of the package was ripped, perhaps fork jabbed, better than half way open, Luckily none of my order had gone AWOL. I'd STRONGLY suggest going with either a larger or the tougher plastic envelopes for shipping. It's the paper end that failed. This was only traveled from LA to the Canadian border right up I-5. Orders going a lot further may not fair as well....
      Ate my dinner with the spork this evening. Kind of wish the bowl of the spoon end was deeper, as it took a good while to finish a bowl of soup with some slopping due to trying to maximize the spoonfuls. Oh well, one shouldn't rush a meal I guess.
      Did a great mechanical job of scraping down the sides , but after using the thing I also wish the edges were reversed, as (right hand privileged) most bowls I use are curved on the sides not flat, so I had to backhand the thing to scrape the curved edge bowl.
      Other than that, they're beautiful.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vinay Rambhia on

      will we get tracking number in Email?

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Hokanson on

      Are all colors shipping, or just the blue and red ones mentioned in update 13 while the others continue being manufactured?

    34. Missing avatar

      Kunaal Kumar on

      I got both of mine today! Thanks

    35. Missing avatar

      Tara C. Brady on

      What carrier are you using to ship? UPS, Fed Ex, USPS? Will we receive a tracking number? Thank you. Asking so I can know when it is delivered because packages are left in my building lobby by all carriers.

    36. Tabor Porter on

      Can’t wait to try it out

    37. Justus Ackermann on

      Very nice!
      Will they just show up at some point or will there be a shipping notification with tracking and all that?

    38. Missing avatar

      Hank Vera on

      Can't wait to try this thing out, good luck!

    39. Robert

      thanks for the update

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel Vermeer on

      Woohoo! Nom nom nom!

    41. James Trascapoulos on

      Ignore the previous comment - just reread a previous update and got my answer (Dec). Carry on...

    42. James Trascapoulos on

      Does this include the morsel mini sporks?

    43. Missing avatar

      John Bernardi on

      I'm so excited to get this and I can't wait to use it. This is going to be a game changer on my outings.

    44. John c. on

      All right! Thanks so much for the update and info. I can’t wait to use mine!