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The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
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Manufacturing Updates

Posted by Hadron Gear (Creator)
Fresh squeezed spork!
Fresh squeezed spork!


Our factory in California has been cranking out sporks as quick as they can since our molds first arrived. As planned, they've been molding sporks (and spoons!) in order of most popular colors and styles, so we can start shipping asap. All of the blue sporks are nearly done, red is wrapping up, and on down through the rainbow.

Per our previous update, we'll be shipping in the same order that our production completes, with orders of blue sporks shipping first, and orders with spoons shipping last. The first shipments will be going out in late September, with the final orders wrapping up mid October. Morsel Mini molds are still in progress, and we're expecting to start shipping Mini in early December. As a reminder, all orders that include a Mini won't ship until then.  

We need to say another big, BIG thank-you to all of our backers. Launching Morsel has been a real rollercoaster - it started off with a simple goal: craft a unique utensil, and share it with the masses. We never imagined that Morsel would receive such an immensely positive response, and we're excited to see everything finally coming to fruition. While there have been some delays, please know that every step of the way we've been pushing our factory to crank out quality sporks as quickly as possible. The massive scale of our first order is taking our factory some time to finish but we're finally on the home stretch. And we promise they'll be worth the wait.  

Spork on, friends.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Walter Leder on

      What is going on? It is now December 20...still no shipments. Just when can we expect to get our promised shipment?

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      Actually, the last update claimed shipping would begin in late September and wrap up in October. It’s now mid October. Has anyone received one? Or tracking info? It’s perfectly ok to expect an update when the previous update seems to not be accurate.

    3. Richard Adams on

      For those that are complaining about lack of update or not receiving their sporks, did you actually read the last update? It said they would be wrapping up shipments by mid october, assuming you didn't add a mini to your order, in that case expect early Dec. So at least wait until Oct 20 if you didn't add any minis or Dec 10 if you did. Until then, what do you need an update for? Its way too early to be crying scam.

    4. Missing avatar

      Falkenstern on

      feeling scammed....
      no updates nothing.....

    5. Missing avatar

      Ray McCullough on

      Maybe Someday I will be able to commit something positive about these..But I would have to have one in my hand to be able to do that. My recommendation for future, Stick with your original plan, then add to it after your first orders ship out so your not making your backers continue to wait with no real end it sight. Also. Be honest about your deadlines!

    6. Ted Morris on

      Has *anyone* received a spoon or fork of any kind? Was really hoping to have this for my backpacking trip next weekend..

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      So it’s October and still no tracking info. FYI- it’s best to be transparent with your investors and not blow smoke. Just tell the truth. Give us a REAL update. Seriously.

    8. Craig Apache Read on


      There have been an issue with another KS campaign where my survey never went through. I’m doing a head count... has my survey gone through and am I good to go with no further action from me required?

      Thanks for the reply and sorry (I’m Canadian) if I’ve let something fall through the cracks on my end. Sometimes can’t keep all the KS campaigns straight.

    9. Peter Pavlovic on

      I gotta say - the pink ones in the photo do not look well built - looks like flimsy plastic. Hope that's not the case when I receive them.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tom Foerster on

      Are any of these shipping yet? Your last update was orders would finish up mid-october. It's been almost 3 weeks since the last update...any news? Trying not to get discouraged...

    11. Missing avatar

      John Ramsey on

      I have no issue with the difference between buying and funding. However, pie-in-the-sky promises regarding shipping do backers nor creators any good. Best to just say we're creating and building it, you'll get it when you see the parcel in your mailbox. Artificial and unrealistic deadlines only create animosity and disappointment for those of us funding the projects.

    12. Missing avatar

      julie hunt on

      Mini add-on to morsel 2 pack order etc. should have option of separate shipping. Some would pay the extra buck...

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan P. Wolf on

      Looking forward -- and improved quality always beats fulfilling by an old estimated delivery plan. Some commenters really should learn the difference between buying and funding a project.

    14. Athena Anderson on

      So excited! This is going to be great for my work lunches and hiking next year.

    15. Missing avatar

      Larry D Dixon on

      I'm not at the least pleased at how long this process is taking. I was told a few months ago of a deliver date only to be disappointed. The June delivery has gone into September. Delays are expected, but don't give a time frame that you can't stand by. What next? Will we ever get what we paid for?

    16. John c. on

      I thought they would have shipped by now! Perhaps by Christmas I’ll have my order so I can gift myself for next years hiking season! I’m not very happy about this additional delay in shipping. Not much I can do though!

    17. Missing avatar

      Micah Hudson on

      Is there anyway we can still order the minis. I saw my order was now locked. Just curious.

    18. Kim B. Lewis on

      Thought if ordered mini would have 2 ship dates

    19. Gene Garza Jr on

      Thanks for the update. I'm very excited!

    20. Srael Cohen on

      Ok so when's the shipping date?

    21. Jake