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The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
5,341 backers pledged $159,059 to help bring this project to life.

Morsel Manufacturing Updates

Posted by Hadron Gear (Creator)

We have a few quick updates on our manufacturing and shipping timeline!

After close inspection of our first samples, we had our factory make a few more mold refinements to improve upon some minor cosmetic defects (if you're into the technical stuff, we're tuning some flash, parting line mismatches, and texturing). We only get one shot at getting our molds perfect, so we're working with our factory to get everything dialed before we start cranking these things out by the thousands.  

Our #1 priority is delivering top-notch sporks (and spoons!) to our backers as soon as possible, but we don't want to rush things and sacrifice part quality. We want to deliver the super spectacular sporks you're all expecting. Right now, we're on track to start shipping sporks the first week in September, with spoons shipping a week later. We're molding the sporks in order of popularity, then shipping from our factory to fulfillment center (both in California).  

We couldn't have made it this far without the support of all of our wonderful backers, so thank-you all for supporting Morsel and helping us make it a reality.  



Maddee testing Morsel atop Infinite Bliss, the tallest sport climb in North America.
Maddee testing Morsel atop Infinite Bliss, the tallest sport climb in North America.
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    1. John c. on

      It ‘‘tis October at last! Have shipments started? Will I have my order for sure before Christmas? If not, I need to purchase another gift for a friend! How about some info please?

    2. Missing avatar

      Susan Pint Randall on

      What is the current status on this??? Will it be shipped this year?
      Thank you,
      S Randall

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan Pint Randall on

      Any updates on when the Morsel Sporks will ship?? Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      I'm (mostly) looking forward to these things though I will NEVER understand why creators ghost their own campaigns. We all understand you are busy making these...but c'mon. It doesn't take much time OR effort to push an update. Remember, we backed you because we expect to get a product and also a view into your process. Going silent is just rude and unprofessional.

      We have a simple agreement: we give you money - you keep us in the loop. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

    5. Missing avatar

      bruce bosowicz on

      Hopefully I have mine for Christmas.

    6. Missing avatar

      a on

      Now that it is the first week of September, when can we expect an update to inform us about the next delay?

    7. John c. on

      Well, September starts tomorrow! Can I expect my order soon?

    8. Eric Lezotte on

      It's been almost a month since your last update. I assume that these will not be shipped out before my backpacking trip in early September?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ruszak on

      Delay after delay... won't even have it for Labor Day camping.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      So much for this hiking season. Hope they eventually show up

    11. Missing avatar

      John Bernardi on

      I love the information coming out.

      I have one question. After seeing some of the trial run pieces, it's there a way to get a clear morsel spork instead of the colored ones?

      I really liked the look of the clear even better than the great color options you are making.

    12. John

      I understand the challenges in getting molds right. Patients and perseverance.
      Look forward to using it for fall camping

    13. Missing avatar

      Charles E Sullivan Jr on

      I keep seeing these great puck of them Though wish I had mine.
      They need to start shipping them out to people.

    14. Cecily Zhu on

      Thank you for the transparency in the process! This is part of why I like backing kickstarter projects. Just seeing the process unfold in the creators bringing the best possible product to life is really awesome. Seasoned backers should understand that delays are usually a part of the process and honestly this isn't even that bad of a delay. Looking forward to using my morsel during a fall backpacking trip. :]

    15. Gunner

      Another Kickstarter running late for an eating utensil?
      Too ridiculous for additional comments.

    16. Casey Wyzlic on

      Just in time for camping season!

    17. Justus Ackermann on

      OK, after the last update I kinda expected that the morsels would not be here for my September-trip, at least now I can plan without them. Still a shame, obviously. But yeah, in the long run I prefer the best possible product.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stefan P. Wolf on

      I really don't understand the bitter comments. Would you really prefer an average product where you think "this could have been made better" every time you use it? Do you really think that the tiny problems (which usually take up more time than the whole remaining work) can really be fully estimated in advance? This is not a shop with "manufacture to order", it's a funding platform where the design has to be transformed into production tools and methods.

      And I say I rather wait a few days for a product which I intend to use for years, if the quality is improved in this process. Rushing production only leads to another trash product that looked nice in the announcement but bugs you with it's imperfections every time you grab it... If there are people who will go out of their way to make their product the very best they can, even if that means they have to put in more work and sweat than expected and they also have to step forward and ask for excuse for being late (which is hard because of those few ultra-demanding people that obviously never created anything non-trivial or at least forgot what it took them to acomplish it), that's something to say "I like your attitude and the effort you're making, we are backing both your product and you as a maker, please take your time to make it as good as you envision it!".

      I have backed quite a few projects in my life (not only on Kickstarter) and almost none of those who were in time blew me away. But those where the maker went the extra mile to make it something he was completely pleased with and proud of... Man, do I love to touch and use them... Begin to understand Crowd funding and the opportunity it gives you, not only the maker. This product, which might be a little late (damn, I don't even feel it's late, the communication was very good if you really read what they wrote) but on the other hand it would not exist at all, not now, not next year, without Alex and Zac.

      Thank you, guys!

    19. John c. on

      I appreciate the update and I hope the September shipping date will be firm. I can still enjoy it hiking during the late fall. Any further delay and it won’t be until next year I can use it.

    20. R.Schmidt on

      Waaaaa! I want it, I Want It. I Want It NOW!

    21. Missing avatar

      a on

      Well this is looking like another waste of money for a product that is promised then delayed over and over. Im done with Kickstarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Granger on

      I agree with James. Bittersweet news... To be gifted at Christmas, not to be used until the next camping season..

    23. Craig Apache Read on

      I’ve been outta the loop as I’ve been camping this summer.

      I don’t think I got my survey. How can I look or could you tend it to me? I have *A LOT* of email to go through.

    24. Karl Hedstrom

      Thank you for the update. I would rather have a higher quality product late!

    25. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Gutted at the slight delay, but more than happy that you’re after the quality first & foremost.

      Thank you.

    26. Rich DiBuo on

      Bummer, hoped to use mine moose hunting this season... guess it’ll be ready for next year.

    27. Francois Lartigau on

      same here, by the time we'll receive the product it won't be useful until next summer...

    28. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      while I always advocate for higher quality over timely delivery, this update could have been a part of the last since you know when you had minor issues with the molds. I'm fairly disheartened that this, intended as a gift for a hike this year, will now be part of Christmas and get left in a drawer for months and forgotten about...