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The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
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Morsel has landed!

Posted by Hadron Gear (Creator)

The first sample batch of Morsels just arrived and they're looking fantastic!

We're currently at SporkCon 9, and our factory is making some minor tweaks to our molds to crank our spork quality up to 11 before making the first Big Batch, which is slated to ship to our distribution center in early August.

 PS, we'll be at the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver next week. If you see us walking around, say hello! We'll be wearing official Morsel Nom Squad shirts.

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    1. Missing avatar

      chris gerlach on

      Can I get my money back? The camping season just about over for me and it feels like i won't get it in time.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Granger on

      What's the latest update? Multiple camping trips have passed recently and sure would be nice to have had them by now...

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Nolte on

      So what's going on with this project? When can I expect to see my Morsel?

    4. Lyndon Kember

      Looking good will wait for arrival.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cribbage and Hobbit on

      Are you going to be at the Pacific crest Trail days at cascade locks August 17th–19? I am currently hiking Pacific crest Trail and I would love to pick up my morsel and use it as I finished my hike across Washington.

    6. Paul Grimard on

      I have moved. How can I check/correct my address??

    7. Missing avatar

      Brandon lewis on

      Will they arrive by the 15th of August? Leaving for a 22 day hike and would love to have mine!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles Woods on

      So what you are saying is you have delayed this "simple" product so long that we will not have it for this years camping season... very disappointing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rich W Kraemer on

      Looking good, and glad to hear about any progress... but I want them NOW! LOL

    10. Mike Rota on

      Can't wait to receive mine. =)

    11. Evil Jim on

      I can't wait to try it out with my face!

    12. Karl Hedstrom

      Looks good! Thanks for the update.

    13. James Trascapoulos on

      Looks great - sure hoping our Minis can make it here before our big Asian backpacking trip mid September (but I'm also realistic...and packing chopsticks). Move fast and take the market, guys!

    14. John c. on

      Hopefully I get my before the fall hiking season is over. Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming!

    15. Sitwon on


    16. Missing avatar

      Mark atkins

      Looking good

    17. Bill Hart

      Let's see some bag action!

    18. outdoor element on

      They look great!
      Come swing by our booth- 29132-SL (by Venture Out)!
      We have a couple of distributors we could introduce you to
      ...when small helps small, it makes big.