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The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
The useful utensil that fits all shapes and sizes with its rubbery edge and unique shape.
5,341 backers pledged $159,059 to help bring this project to life.

Summer is for Sporking!

Posted by Hadron Gear (Creator)

After our long, wet Oregon spring, it's looking like summer is finally here!  

We've been keeping busy behind the scenes doing everything we can to move Morsel forward as quickly as possible (but without taking any risky shortcuts). As seems to be the trend, there are always a thousand little details needing attention, and little tasks that turn into bigger headaches. Such is the nature of seriously swanky sporking.  

Our tools are in the process of being built, and they truly are masterpieces of mold design. We're using a precision texture-matched insert so we can get Morsel Spork and Morsel Spoon from the same mold base. Pretty dang cool, if you ask us - just look at all those precision datum features and mechanical interlocks! We really geek out on this stuff cause, well, it's super cool if you're into that sort of thing.

Check out that masterful mold design!
Check out that masterful mold design!

We also just got our first batch of color sample chips! Alex is going to be evaluating these samples to ensure that they match the Pantone colors he's spec'd. Don't read too much into the image below though - colors never look accurate on computer screens, especially when taken with a cell phone camera.  

First color sample plaques!
First color sample plaques!

What else?  

Our Backerkit surveys will start going out this week. It took us a little longer than anticipated to get everything set up and ready to go in Backerkit, but we're finally there! If you want to add additional Morsels to your order, you'll be able to do it through Backerkit. This will also give you the opportunity to pick styles and colors, and to give us your shipping address. The surveys will be sent out first to a smaller group of backers (to make sure everything is working), and then to the rest of our backers. We'll also send out additional campaign updates when the surveys go out, to make sure you don't miss them.

Once again, we have to say a HUGE thank-you to all of our backers. We're still working hard to bring Morsel to life and get these super sporks into your hungry hands.  


Team Morsel


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    1. Laura Courser on

      Ooooh I'm excited!!!

    2. Irfan Umar on

      @AlmghtyMuffn genius idea! Another vote for Rainbow Unicorn.

    3. Dave Weston on

      Definitely getting excited to see my morsel spork up close! Thanks for the update!

    4. John c. on

      Hi! Thanks for the updates. When is your for sure shipping date for first backers? I can’t wait to use it, hopefully by this Fall?

    5. AlmghtyMuffn on

      So you're telling me that there's not gonna be that Rainbow Unicorn Spork we all dreamed of

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Thank you for the update. Can't wait to held the Morsel in my hand :-D

    7. Missing avatar

      JKoller on

      Great update. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jon Shaffer on

      Thanks for the update!