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Bob Perry could have been the greatest bowler who ever lived. Then John Gotti slid behind the driver's seat.

Bowling For The Mob is the story of Bob “Perry” Purzycki, a skinny, scrappy Polish kid who at 12 was said to have the potential to become the greatest bowler who ever lived. But in 1970's Paterson, New Jersey, everybody knew somebody 'connected'. Training for championships? Fuhgeddabout it. Bob was up to his neck in wiseguys: driving for Uncle Raymond, doing jobs for Bobby Cabert with Nicky The Plumber, and hustling hundreds of g's in after-hours action bowling for the last Don, John Gotti.

Instead of ascending to glory and national stardom, his life descended into a living hell. By the time he was 32, he was a crack addict on the streets of Manhattan with the Feds on his tail. Eventually, he washed up in a homeless shelter run by Franciscan monks in upstate New York. He had a series of encounters with a ghostly friar named Father Paul, who gave him a spiritual message of such power and purpose that Perry has now been sober for 21 years, devoting his life to service to others.

And bowling? You'll have to read the book to find out what happens when Bob took a stand to stop bowling for the mob, and roll for himself.

Author Stefan Bechtel has captured Bob's story in Bowling For The Mob. You can preview the first chapter at!

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"We have all experienced the highs and lows that life deals. But few of us have reached the highs and lows that Bob Perry has in his 61 years. From living on the streets of NY, a druggie, broke, hungry & desolate, running from the mob to [chasing] a High Roller title."

Brad Edelman
President, High Roller, Inc.

"One time I ran into Earl Anthony [one of the most famous bowlers on the East Coast] in Paramus Lanes. Earl said to me, 'You know, he's the best bowler in the world,' nodding his head, pointing to Bobby. Bobby was the best, unequivocally, without a doubt."

"Fat Joey" Ardolino
Former bowler from New Jersey, now selling mattresses in Florida

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The Cast of Bowling For The Mob:

Robert "Bob Perry" Purzycki, "The Greatest Bowler Who Ever Lived"

"The Last Don" John Gotti

Robert "Bobby Cabert" Bisaccia

"Uncle" Raymond Syzmanski

Nicky The Plumber

Ruby Red

Homeless Louie

Patsy "The Saint" Purzycki

and the ghost of Father Paul James Francis Wattson

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We've put together a big team for Bowling For The Mob: there's Bob, of course; a writer; an editor; a cover designer; a book producer to format the ebook and print versions; sales and marketing help; and of course lots of family, friends, and acquaintances to read the book and make sure it's the best it can be before it ends up in your hands. It's a big project and pretty sequential - so a delay in any step along the way could mean pushing the whole production schedule back. And, of course, if we don't raise the money... let's not even think it.


  • Great question! It takes a village to make a good book. Roughly, the figures work out as follows:

    $2,000 eBook + Print Book Cover Designs
    $1,000 Manuscript Edit
    $1,000 Market Research & Sales Strategy
    $1,000 Publicity: Flyers, Press Releases, Events and other promotion
    $500 Nuts & Bolts: eBook + Print ISBNs; domain registration; web hosting + design
    $500 File formatting for Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and CreateSpace
    $500 Reward fulfillment, postage, Kicstarter & Amazon fees

    If we beat our goal, additional dollars will go towards speaking engagements for Bob. He has a truly inspirational story. If it can help one more senior get their dreams back, one more addict a step towards sobriety, one more teen staying out of trouble, it will all be worth it!

    Thank you for backing Bowling For The Mob and pre-ordering your signed copy today.

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  • Yes! You can read Chapter 1 and the bonus getting-back-to-bowling "You Can Have Your Dreams Back" at

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