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Update #3

Cirque De Mar,


We are having our big Fundraiser party on the 21st of May in Reno, NV. Its called Cirque De Mar and we are pulling out all the stops and getting all of our friends out for the most ridiculous circus, carnival, musical weirdness we could think of. If you are interested hop over to out fb page and check it out.

This whole project is exciting, surreal and a bit overwhelming. It feels so amazing watching a dream come together like this. And all you guys are playing a HUGE role in making this dream happen.

So, once again,.... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

Matt (One of the many artists making this thing happen).

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    Everyone thinks stickers are cool. We will send you 2 Pier Stickers. The stickers are 10cm Vinyl stickers, one is a primarily white daytime sticker, while the other is an inverted black nighttime sticker.

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    Get out your keys and start carving. We will carve your name or a personal message into "The Pier". Maybe a note to a lover, a snarky remark, or maybe a simple map to buried treasure. Please keep them short. And we reserve the rite to ask you to change it :p You will also get some stickers.

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    We know you want a t-shirt! Let us know your size and we will send you a black 100% cotton unisex pier t-shirt. The front will have a small pier logo with "The Pier, Burning Man 2011" below it. With the back covered in the large Pier logo. Stickers and carving included.

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    All the cool kids have a Hoodie! Ok, this is our limited edition hoodie. These zip hoodies will only be given to Builders and Kickstarter donors. Each hoodie is a Black 100% cotton fleece zip hoodie. The hoodie is like the t-shirt. Small logo on the front and large logo on the back. We all know you want to be one of the cool kids. We will also include a couple stickers and the carving option.

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    I want a shirt and a hoodie and stickers and,...! Well you can have them. This reward includes the Zip Up Hoodie and the T-shirt. Ohh, and stickers, and the carving option too. So go ahead, eat your cake even if it is a lie.

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