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€134,450 pledged of €100,000 goal
€134,450 pledged of €100,000 goal

Cancellation of Lucid Dreamer on Kickstarter

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Dear Backers, 

We are sorry to have to inform you that we are cancelling our Kickstart campaign. Of our initial test group all became lucid within a week. However, during further testing people did not become lucid as easily as we expected. Participants often reported having very interesting and vivid dreams in which they experienced very clear thought and emotions and sometimes even control, but disappointingly very little insight in the fact that they are dreaming. We can only speculate as to why this is happening. The bottom line is that we cannot guarantee that it will work for all of you or even most of you. For cheaper Lucid Dream devices delivering audio visual cues effectiveness might not be such an issue. However, for the Lucid Dreamer we feel we need to be more certain of the level of its effectiveness or at least figure out why some people do get lucid and others don't.

Does this mean that we are done with the Lucid Dreamer? Not at all. We will continue testing over the next months. You can help us by visiting us in the Netherlands and being a participant in our tests. Please drop us a line if you would be interested in participating. Thanks again for backing us and we will keep you updated on further developments.

Kind regards,

Dr. André Keizer & Drs. Derk Mulder

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    1. Brad Bishop on October 31, 2016

      I am very sad to see that you did not get the test results you wanted to achieve, but I thank you for being honest with your backers and showing a level of integrity which is rare these days.

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      Asboneiro on October 28, 2016

      What a shame... but really appreciate the honesty and your efforts so far. Keep going!

      Would love to go to The Netherlands to be a participant. I've not had a lucid dream for about 10 months and was hoping this device would help me get started again. Lucid dreams are all to do with practise, focus and just thinking about it non-stop. I've had a lot of other stuff on my mind and have not put the required energy in. Perhaps your recent participants were simply not as focused as your first control group, or just less experienced.

      If I were a participant I'd probably have much clearer dreams and perhaps go lucid regardless of the device, because I'd be there focusing on nothing else. Forgive me, I've not read everything you've done, but have you tested the device in a placebo context i.e. by just taking the battery out but letting participants think that it's all hooked up? If there's a measurable improvement then you have a marketable product.

      Good luck with your future efforts, I'm sure you'll make some excellent progress.

    3. Missing avatar

      Luís Sousa on October 28, 2016

      1) I'm sad;
      2) You did the right thing and I applaud that. It shows the kind of integrity that unfortunately every company should have and doesn't;
      3) Check out @Nigel May's ideas they are very good (just forget the lobotomy part =P)
      4) I'm from Portugal. Going to the Netherlands is not practical for me. If you could send a test device I'll sign an NDA and test it for you reporting all the results.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nigel May on October 27, 2016

      You should not feel Dr. André Keizer & Drs. Derk Mulder, that you have let any one down. It is only more impressive that you have ended the kick-starter.

      I can imagine you are considering that the public will not understand? but this has been a very interesting exploration of the market interest and desire for such a exotic device. You are both very brave and ahead of your time by working on this subject and the interest is huge with a very large dollar value to a device which repeatable enhances lucidity in REM.

      The one concern I have, above all else, is that you do not take advantage of the support that the community would afford you, you should do a in polite informative and pleasant podcast (ideally English?) or even a video interview, as people are really interested and would support you especially if you had means to enable the public to test or some how look into the problem with you?

      Can you provide a hardware platform solution for around 1000 euros which completely covers all possible injection simulation options known along with EEG reading of all vectors?

      If you provide the hardware and a challenge to the community that the first person to find the solution to the problem gets some reward.

      This was mentioned I believe recently in the book "The Second Machine Age", you have to read this book it is very important, it details how technology can be coupled together and brings rise to new options, and that the spreading of a problem or work task amongst many quickly resolves the matter. I believe it gave reference to some serious problems NASA could not resolve with the worlds best minds, but they released it to the general public and with in hours a person in a completely different science or Engineering field cracked it.

      If you start small with this science and Engineering task and progress in a way in which people can view and understand the stage and steps and see the goal is reachable you will generate, keep, and find a valuable resource, the majority of the western society that is interested in digital entertainment, experience, new technical ideas.

      Lucid dreaming is a persistent strong theta / gamma? coupled with obviously beta, lucid dreaming maybe the incorrect waking routine of a brain with portions staying down while other parts wake up so to speak.

      How ever this problem is resolved the key is in monitoring the subjects brain waves and the frequency following response with a computer processing the data in real time modulating the signal input, its not just injecting gamma or theta there is some kind of signal mix required with instant alteration required to insure the subject is neither awoken, or lost to un-consensness. You need to know what is that goldilocks zone. Why not hire famious lucid dreamers that are able at will to go lucid and record their mind states? this was done with Buddhist monks to find their states in meditation so that Hemi sync could also put subjects down in to the same areas.

      You need to crack the problem in which ever way is necessary, then you can start to look to package the solution. You have tried to package the solution from the start, you have done the kick starter the wrong way around ?

      Put lucid dreamers under lobotomy study, record their mind states and then look to inject tone / signals to get non lucid dreamers into the same state(s). by frequency following response / you TCAS, Light, Hemi Sync.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex Feldman on October 27, 2016

      I agree with Jay and Justin. Thank you for having the integrity to only move forward when the device is ready. It proves that you are serious. I would be interested in coming to the Netherlands and testing the product, could you provide the backers with more information about that?
      Looking forward to the future!

    6. Justin "Red" Lebrun on October 27, 2016

      Whelp. I'm greatly saddened to hear this, but I agree completely with the previous commenter. It must have been a very difficult decision to make to cancel a fully funded campaign, but I applaud your bravery and integrity. I will remain attentive to your future endeavors, and hope to see the Lucid Dreamer make a comeback in the near future.

    7. Jay Mutzafi on October 27, 2016

      I think this takes a lot of honesty and integrity to do this. I applaud you greatly for it. I hope you continue your research and testing.