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Lunch Notes with Love is a book with perforated pages for easy tear-out, where each page has a prompt that invites you to share a memory, thought, feeling, poem, a drawing, and other creative ideas with your child (or any loved one who takes a packed lunch!). 

Familiar with journaling prompts that get your creativity and mindfulness going? This is like that, but you can share that creative mindfulness with your family to deepen your connectedness!

What you'll get:

  • Book is 4"x4" with full color illustrations
  • 50 pages, each with a unique creative prompt
  • Perforated pages for easy tear-out and that giddy feeling you get when tearing perforation

What inspired this project?

My kids love discovering thoughtful notes and drawings in their lunch boxes - it lets them know I am thinking of them and helps them feel connected to me while they're away. My oldest daughter started full time school this year, and I had great ambitions of putting loving and artistic notes in each packed lunch. I think I've managed to do it maybe five times this whole year. Mornings run on a timeline and we're all a little groggy. It's hard to find the scissors to cut the right sized paper and come up with ideas in a hurry! I decided it would be definitively easier if I had a book of perforated pages with creative drawing and writing prompts.

There are entirely pre-made lunch note products out there, but they lack the personal touch that allows you to express yourself and culture connectedness. This book brings you the ease of pre-made lunch notes while still allowing you to express your creative side and feelings with your kids!

You'll find prompts such as: 

  • One of my favorite memories of us is...
  • Here's my best drawing of a...
  • I feel happy when you...
  • Thank you for...
  • I'm proud of you for...
  • Here's a secret...
  • Here's a crazy fact!
  • "LOVE" acrostic poem

I am looking forward to putting these in my kids' lunch boxes, and hope that your family will benefit from the joy and connectedness these notes will bring as well. 

Don't have kids? This makes a great present for grandkids, baby showers, coworkers, nieces, nephews, and neighbors. Or slip a thoughtful note into another loved one's lunch bag!



 Funds raised during the campaign will go toward: 

  • Book printing & shipping
  • Illustrations
  • Publisher fees
  • Shipping materials
  • ISBN and Barcode registration
  • Kickstarter fee (5%)
  • Stripe fee (3% + $0.20/backer)

Risks and challenges

I have previously run a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund publishing and printing of my book Rose's Superhero Birthday: An Immune Cell Treasure Hunt, designed to teach children and their caregivers more about how our immune systems work through a fun storyline. That project is complete and all rewards will shipped to backers on time. (Thank you again, everyone!)

I will be able to translate all of the knowledge I learned from that first experience into similar publication of this book, and so I don't anticipate any hitches. I'm really looking forward to getting your copy of the book to you so that you can enjoy it with your family! :)

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