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The world’s only Apple Watch companion that is a dock, powerbank, cable organizer and protective case all rolled into one.
The world’s only Apple Watch companion that is a dock, powerbank, cable organizer and protective case all rolled into one.
The world’s only Apple Watch companion that is a dock, powerbank, cable organizer and protective case all rolled into one.
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306 backers pledged AU$ 113,485 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pierre-Luc Dubé on

      I have not received my order or the other pledge items that I ordered too.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joleen on

      I ended up getting a response by email in December. They apologized, and the option they gave me for my faulty Pocket was a replacement once they receive my current one, which I have to pay to shop back to them.

      Since the office is in China and I live in the USA, I decided to not take this option since I didn't want to put more money into this.

    3. Weihan Chang on

      respond to Jolean Simpson
      my battery dead neither. Need to connect with micro-USB for charging. And, Power button always keep turning on, and the light never turn off.
      is there any warranty for this situation?

    4. Ayaz Ahmed on

      I have been contacting the creators and have had no response. At this point I'd rather just have my money back and they can keep their product.

      I advise anyone else that hasn't gotten theirs either to request a refund.

      There's no professionalism and no customer service. Therefor I believe they don't deserve our money.

    5. Drew Dahan on

      So, I still have not received my Pocket, and have gotten zero response from the creators, either here or via email in the last couple of months.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joleen on

      Question to backers - Has anyone heard back from Technical about the charging/dead battery issue? I haven’t heard back since August (and they just told me to email them again). I was wondering if anyone else has had more luck.

      Also, are all Kickstarters like this? The Pocket was my first Kickstarter project, and this experience has kind of killed my motivation to back other ones on here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Franklin Brown on

      This thing is utter garbage. The rubber thing that the watch sits on isn't attached and falls out, the battery wouldn't hold a charge, my watch wouldn't charge even when the device was plugged in. I've already thrown it away as it was just taking up space.

    8. Chris Hocking on

      I still am yet to receive my pledge, I live in the UK? Please can you release an update letting people know when to expect their pledges?

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Guy on

      Neither my Apple Watch or iPhone reach 100% charge with this product when left on all night. You should be ashamed of yourself. This product is a disgrace!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Guy on

      I have just watched your promotional video again and can't work out your claim of being able to charge your iwatch and simultaneously charge your iPhone on the iPhone dock. The dock does not function as a charging dock at all - simply a stand for the iPhone. You have wrongly advertised your product and taken away 50% of its function meaning it only does 50% of what I want it to do. I really feel you owe your backers an explanation as a minimum and in reality a refund for a falsely advertised product. If this was bought from a store I would be going straight back and demanding a refund. Can you please share your thoughts on the issues we have all come up against?

    11. Gerardo Aguilera

      So it seems that i'm missing my magnet holder? Who do i contact?

    12. Swami Jayaraman on

      I have sent you three emails since I received my order but yet again no response. The packaging was damaged and the metal mesh of the device dented. The battery cannot hold charge and simply does not work and the instructions are woefully inadequate. The device simply does not do what you said it will. Am very disappointed with the product but mostly at your attitude towards your backers.

    13. Joshua Withers

      Hi guys - the electrical system in my Unity has failed, it's not charging the watch nor the battery pack. How can I go about getting it replaced under warranty?

    14. LynMay Ewe on

      Hi Unity,

      I received the item this morning but was totally disappointed with the condition of the packaging when it arrived. I bought this with the purpose of it to be gifted to another person and now I have to think of other ways to repack it as the condition of the box was all crumpled and torn and in summary totally awful looking. For something I paid for AUD71, I expected the packing to be at least more professional - especially when I was requested to choose what sort of packaging and I chose retail :

      Choose your packaging (Affects shipping date)
      Retail packaging (Will be shipped at a later date)

      I am very very disappointed, really!

    15. Missing avatar

      Joleen on

      Hi Unity, any chance on an update for the battery issues people have seen? It looks like a lot of us have been asked to contact Technical, but still no response regarding the issue after 1.5 months. I understand you're a small team, but if you're still working on it, could we have an estimate on when you think Technical will have an answer?

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexey on

      I received my pocket. Was having some problems with assembling and though it will look better, but anyway, thanks.

    17. Kevin Lee on

      I got my Pocket finally. Thanks

    18. Joaquin Burgos on

      I still haven´t received my Charging Dock and I still haven´t received a reply to any of my comments. Please send me my tracking info:

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian Butts on

      Last update was June 23, and nothing has arrived. No shipping update, no tracking info.

    20. Missing avatar

      Carlo Umberto Giorgi on

      How do I use the dock to charge iPhone? Do not have space under for the cable, another thing for the next version, who has iPhone uses cover to do not scratch and space in the dock is not enough.

    21. Missing avatar

      Julien LARDET on

      Hi, I have sent two emails and still waiting for a reply. Can I get a reply or should I just leave a review on here???? Thanks.

    22. Swami Jayaraman on

      Posted this message 15 days ago and still no reply nor do I have my order:
      "Thank you for finally replying one of my comments. I have checked my email and spam folders and have not received any email from you as you state. If you have actually re-sent the order then please provide tracking details"

    23. Missing avatar

      monsford bolasoc on

      Can you explain here what happened to rhe batt supposed to charge phone 4x? Pls pls pls

    24. Missing avatar

      leconte on

      Hello,I'm disappointed. I hope that the latest models have been fixed on the problem of load some indicated here. I still have not receive anything, no news, not even the tracking number.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike Lam on

      received nth as well. I'm from Hong kong

    26. Missing avatar

      Mike Lam on

      received nth as well. I'm from Hong kong

    27. Paul Burton on

      Instructions are woefull I need an idiots guide or video, no idea how it's supposed to work?

    28. Unity Creator on

      @Chonnawat Please kindly email us at so that we can assist you directly. Thanks!

      @Drew Sorry for the delay, we've been investigating your case with our logistic agent and have drop you an email.

    29. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      I still have not receive anything.... not even the tracking number!!

    30. Drew Dahan on

      Hi seems like you replied to all of the comments immediately before and after mine. Any chance you can check in my order for which delivery failed? Thanks!

    31. Unity Creator on

      @Joleen We have received and forwarded your email to a member of our technical team, who will be contacting you. As a small team with limited resources, we hope you understand that we might take some time to reply and assist you.

      @Swarmi, @Kevin Lee Please drop us an email with your backer details, titled logistics and we will assist you accordingly as we do not wish to discuss your private information on the comments board.

      @Vivien and @Inne We have received and replied your emails. Please kindly check your inboxes.

      Thanks everyone for your patience! We really appreciate your kind understanding.

    32. Kevin Lee on

      I don't get the tracking number. When can I receive the package? thx

    33. Swami Jayaraman on

      Thank you for finally replying one of my comments. I have checked my email and spam folders and have not received any email from you as you state. If you have actually re-sent the order then please provide tracking details.

    34. Missing avatar

      Vivien on

      I did not receive a tracking number from you nor did the item reached me.Can you provide the tracking number again?

    35. Missing avatar

      Inne on

      Havent received mine! U dont even reply all my emails!!!

    36. Drew Dahan on

      Hello...I got a tracking number a while back, but for some reason when I checked to see where the package was, it said that delivery was unsuccessful. Would you be able to check on that for me? I emailed maybe 2 weeks ago but never got a response. Thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Joleen on

      I commented on Kickstarter about a technical issue awhile back, and was told to send a message through Kickstarter. I never received a response through there, but I saw today that you had posted for backers to email instead. I just sent an email describing the issue again.

      In my last comment I mentioned how the Pocket could not even charge the watch and iPhone to 100% once. Since then, I used the Pocket for two more overnight trips - so three trips overall.

      For my second trip, I connected my watch and phone, and neither device reached 100%. For the third trip, I attempted to only charge my watch, and it only charged my watch an extra 2% before stopping. I had to take apart the whole Pocket to take out my charging cord so I could just charge my watch with a wall outlet. (So, I know it's not an issue with my cable.)

      Before all of my trips, I fully charged the Pocket. Your campaign advertised that the Pocket can get "4x Apple Watch full charge + 1 iPhone 6 full charge" simultaneously. I have not been able to achieve this, and the battery seems to be getting worse.

      Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

    38. Unity Creator on

      @Swami, Chung Siu Ling, Mike Lam

      As far as we know, we have replied all emails a few days ago, please check your spam folder in case our email ends up there.

      After our investigation, we have tracked that your shipment was in one of our delivery batches which is currently still stranded in China customs awaiting customs clearance and despite our efforts, we are unable to expedite the clearance nor retrieve the products.

      We have decided to resend the product to you and have already arranged for our logistics agent to do so. We will be emailing you a tracking number shortly.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and we are trying to resolve this and get the product to you as quickly as possible.

    39. Swami Jayaraman on

      Still have not received mine nor have I received a single reply to any of my comments or emails. This is getting ridiculous guys.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chung Siu Ling on

      Still do not receive, I sent e-mail and message to you, but no response!
      My backer no# 274, please provide the tracking no. and advise!

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Lam on

      Hi Im from Hong Kong. when can I receive it?

    42. Tiffany L on

      Received mine and I haven't had any issues so far with the battery. I was able to fully charge my watch along with iPhone on the side. It would've been nice if the phone holders had a slot to allow the cord to feed through them. At the end of the day the holders really serve no function but otherwise it appears to be working okay for now.

    43. Jon Karlo on

      Hello, my pocket won't charge my watch continuously. The thing is, it turns off after only a minute. It wont stay on. Hope you can help me with this problem. Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      monsford bolasoc on

      I think the batt have an issue. Cant charge the i watch full! What happened?

    45. Missing avatar

      Matt Kerr on

      Donated mine to Good Will, not a functional product...

    46. Missing avatar

      Francoise Birnholz on

      I finally received it. I have to admit, and I regret it as I am a business angel on the board of a business angels' platform, that this is what makes you distrust crowdfunding. THIS IS A PIECE OF ILL CONCIEVED C... The instructions in traditional Chinese would be clearer, a video with slow motion please. My watch is the large Hermes one with the special armband, it simply does not fit and it wobbles. My big iPhone does not fit even when removing the case. The plastic attachment does not attach properly. The included charger cable is way too short. Well, this is dis-proof of concept. A soft zip pocket containing my cables is simpler to take with me when I travel nod at home, it does not work. Well, I have spent money more stupidly before and probably will again. This is still a prototype not ready for market and get an assembly video !
      Try again.

    47. Unity Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      If you have any issues with your pocket, please send us an email to with the email subject header Technical with a description of your problem, pictures and videos and we will get a member of our technical team to assist you. We need more information from you to identify the difficulties that you have and we can assist you accordingly.

      If you have not received a tracking number from us, please email us as well at with the email subject header Logistics. We have sent out all products quite awhile ago. However, we are currently working with our logistics agent to investigate and track a delivery batch that was sent out to Asia. If we can't locate it, we will send out replacement units to you next week. Please contact us by email as we are unable to message you on kickstarter and we do not wish to disclose any of your private information on the public comments board.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Best regards,

      The Unity Team

    48. Linda Wolpert on

      Can't get the button to do anything.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jessica Williams-Carson on

      After a 5-month delay from promised delivery date....I have had my pocket now for 6 days, and each and every time I use it, it is completely unreliable in charging my watch. Let alone the poor design which I will go into detail further down.
      This item does NOT perform as advertised, and I want a REFUND. you can have it back. I'll spend my money on an item that actually works.

      Charging issue, for example, tonight my watch was at 6% so I put it on the Pocket to charge. An hour later my watch was at 51% but was no longer charging. I re-seated the watch to make sure I had a good connection, and the Pocket was sitting on my dining room table. I pressed the button to initiate charging again, and 30 minutes later it was still at 51% and not charging. This has happened EVERY day. Frequently I also get a error message on my watch that states "accessory not supported" which according to Apple's support page indicates a defective charging accessory. Each and every time this occurs an dI press the button, it shows my battery pack as 4 light bars still. It seems that the battery pack is defective or the lights aren't indicating the correct remaining battery.

      As far as design, it is clear that the extra piece of rubber "dock extender" is because you realized that the dock wasn't deep enough to accommodate the phone and also the lightning cord without completely bending the lightning cord. And carrying an extra random piece of rubber is cumbersome.
      The well for the watch band is also not deep enough and frequently the watch becomes un-seated, especially when trying to tilt the display for viewing as indicated in your video tutorial. That in addition to the loose flimsy way the watch charging head just flops around loosely.
      The space made for the iPhone dock is very narrow and barely accommodates an iPhone 6 without a case, and most definitely will not accommodate even a slim case or an iPhone SE.
      The included micro-USB cord is only 5-6in long, and I don't know a single person that has an outlet only 6ins from their desk or bed. So I'm forced to buy a separate micro-USB if the Pocket is to remain stationary.

      Lastly, the instructions included were a joke. While I was able to figure out how to assemble it on my own, there wasn't any information on use/function of the button or how-to have normal operation.

      I am no longer going to use this and promptly going to head to an Apple store and get something that will work.

      Please tell me where to send this back, and issue a refund.

    50. Rufus Davis on

      The good news,. I received the charger today. The bad news, totally dislike it. It does not function as advertised. The round cup that the watch sits on is flimsy. I have a 42mm watch with the large watch band,. it will not tuck under for charging ,. The well underneath is to shallow.
      Is there any chance of a refund?

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